I’m done TODAY!!! All things must come to an end

Hello everyone of Club Penguin and it’s other affiliations, this is Jcapp.

I know if you just joined you may not know me. I am a very old soldier to armies. Some other armies may know me, some may not. But today, I have a duty to do in both fake life and real life. Today, here is the biggest day. An autistic little boy, who really loves the communication, the friends, the battles, with one hell of a great personality, never wanting to leave, is going to RETIRE.
I know you’re all in shock, just like with the sudden death of Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. I had a recent encounter of the computer I’m not proud of. I don’t want to go into any details, and if you ask me, I will get really angry. Don’t ask. All you need to know is that it is a personal reason of why I’m retiring.
I just want to give the slightest short story autobiography. Here it is:
I was an 11 year old kid, YouTube interested me at the time. I somehow came accross ACP vs. UMA and I just wanted to be part of ACP. I joined in Oagalthorp’s term. Then I saw that you could join! Boy, This sounded really cool to me at the time. I really liked warfare, and yet, doesn’t every eleven year old boy? I e-mailed him, and recieved Corporal. It didn’t matter what rank I got. If you’re new, you just want to get ranked. Speak to any corporal, private, whatever the lowest rank is.
Oagalthorp had great rules, a great chat, everything. He had great leadership…
I’m too lazy to put it all up. I will write a little each day.
Here are my acknowledgements
Boomer 20- Thank you for being a great friend
Shaboomboom- We had our times, but thanks
Saint1119- Great leader, first ACP Girl leader.
Stev712- A person who kept his temper.Thanks for the memories
Seanhawk- From the begining I knew you. You should be the next ACP leader.
Dryvit- I think you have the best leadership
Clintos007- Thanks soldier, a great friend
Thebest22- You truly are The Best.
Foxtails0- Hope you and Boomer make it all the way.
Cooltiger413- I bequeath to you friendship. Thanks Friend
Noka 11- Hope you go better than me, old-timer
Jediseth- Have a good time
Thomas0270- Same name as my dad
Tomtwelve- Same with thomas. Good luck TomT
Jingle Jay- CP news may be difficult. Keep me on buddy
Person535- Nachos, ACP, They’re everywhere
Baloon451- You’re a great person.
Bluey92123- I’ll finish up with SSACP, then I’ll leave. See you friend
Casiusbrutus- A born leader
Feephill- Good luck with DW
Lucario98765- Have a good time lovin Fort XD
Coleslaw7175- I’m only a certain hundred miles away
Dr Nono Jr- I’ll check up every while Doctor
Leoblue33- Greatest guy
Oberst535- Thanks, I.. sry, I was laughing.
Saiyaman- Nice friend
Orcacam- Have a nice life
Cristiano50- You may take my ambassador rank in SSACP
Sgt Jor- One of the first ACP I met. I will miss you the most
A Dawg4- Thank you friend. I’ll see you on chats and all.
Adile 4055- Adile, If ACP allows, you can have my rank.
Andrewf2- Thank you for a great time
Mixing Red- A good person in heart
To new recruits and future recruits: you’re the heart of ACP


Since we have gotten many new recruits in the last couple of days, I will be training you all for the Practice Battle with the Nachos on Saturday. What I will be looking for in the training is our quickness, concentration, confidence, strength and much more. Practice Battles are a great way to get ready for a real war since we never know when one might just blow up in front of our face. Plus this is a good opportunity for us to get back in shape since we haven’t had anything real to do in some time. In addition to this, I will be timing how many people can get into the assigned servers of their divisions. I will be seeing how fast you can get in and pay attention. Of course I will not be able to be on all 3 servers at once, so I will be looking for some help in training the other divisions on the other servers. Do not ask me who, I will pick 2 others who are attent and are doing a good job. Also, I will not be setting up any times or dates for the training I will only list the servers which will be Fjord, Northern Lights, and Outback. So be very attent and careful, when you least expect it I will call out the training session. Good Luck 😉 .

~Stev712, ACP 3rd In Command.