CP News

If anyone has any nice title ideas, I’m all ears <.< (I don’t know what that face means.)

GOOD NEWS! And bad news. I figured out (Or, rather, Shab figured out) the picture problem! Apparently contributors can’t post pics… so sad…

Tomorrow, July 10, Ruby and the Ruby will be at the Stage. Please, people, email CP requesting some new plays, because I’ve seen Ruby about six bajillion times…

On the 17th, my personal favorite party, the Music Jam, will hit Club Penguin! Have I bragged to you yet about my 265-song playlist?

Also on the 17th, a new pin and a new catalog will be out! Maybe there’ll be an igloo shaped like a guitar….

That’s all for now, peepsicles! (I love saying that word. Peepsicles, peepsicles…) Byeeee peepsicles!