The retirement of Wicket

Well I must retire sooner then I hoped.  It has been a some what interesting expierence and it sure was fun.

People to thank:

Meat a.k.a. Seanehawk/Fugu Ninja/Pc Engine My BFF.  You helped me the most in my whole army career.  We had a lot in common.  Good Luck

Axevolution- One of the first people I met on chat.  We talked a lot on chat.  He learned some of my famous sayings.  If you dont know them just ask him.

The Gumdrop Very nice person.  You will never be forgoten.  Too bad you went missing so we were never able to talk again.  All the intersting times we had together, I will never forget them. Forever Fornever R.I.P.

Foxtails- One of the nicest people in my earlier days.  You are funny to watch on chat.

Snowy/ Klimster- Very funny , perverted, and a good leader.  You never got much done but when you get serious you are a real good leader.  If you never met him hes a pure inspiration.  Also join BB today!

Nate95000- The creator of the first official army I joined.  He taught me a lot and was nice to me.  You are very funny when people get to know you.

Ennbay- A good friend and very helpful.

Sordman- An intersting person.  I took advantage of you sometimes , but you were a good friend.

Shaboomboom- I was afraid of you when I first joined , but not anymore.

Boomer20- A nice person and good leader.

Eddie- We had a long history together.  You are a good leader.

Ankita- You were funny and smart.  Helped me a lot when I first joined.

Thomas- We used to be friends during the CPC time period, then we were enimes.  Then we became friends again, then enimies again, then we became friends AGAIN.

Davy- You were…an interesting person.  I never knew what exactly happened to you but you were cool.

Guy with Surfing Pikachu that I met on some random chat that The Gumdrop was on- You were a funny person.  You shall be missed.

Blueswill- We were friends then enimies then we became friends again and now I think we are enimies yet again.

Redblast- We joined the USCP together then we went our separte ways.  We were friends.

Pippy- We never talked to but we always considered eachother friends.

Kj Bulldogs- Good luck with you goals.

Johnhancoff- An interesting charachter.

Kurama3- Sorry, your not a real person….


Abercrombe29- Nice person.

Kg007- Nice person.

Fort57- Another nice person.

Fresca39- We were friends but you were a little bit unstable.

Iceyboy- Did you ever find that demon puffle? Good luck

Batin- Good luck in your army career.

Hammie- A friend in BB.

Miroos/Zamros- You like to be added to these.

Ganondorf- A good friend.

Loveless- A fellow Hondaist.  You were never in cp armies and I think you were well over the age limit but we were still friends.

Packer- We never talked to much at first but you always gave me an update about what was going on chat.

Waaffles- You were entertaing and funny.

Adav- Good luck.

Each person under named will recieve a present from me on chat:





Gumdrop Memorial Foundation




The Gumdrop Section:

“Hello?” that was the first words I heard her say.  After a long conversation we had finally became friends.  We were both in a small little army that ended up becoming RFW.  After a while she started to date the leader of that army.  I was speechless.  We still continued to talk however.  One day her boyfriend dissapeared.  His last words were posted on the bottom of the chat. Its too hard for me to say them right now.

After we got over the loss of our missing leader the Gumdrop changed somehow.  She was missing her usual charm and she began to come on less and less.  Soon she began to go missing.  Then came the day one of her friends told me shocking news.  “Gumdrop is going to die , you know?!”  I was mad, sad, and confused.  All of this seemed so sudden.  The friend told me she had a type of cancer that was hard to treat and she only had a couple of months to live.  She was too scared and sad to tell me, she didn’t want me to feel sad.

Leader Section:

Saint:E tuhd ghuf frana oui fahd fnuhk.  Oui ymfyoc veht uid fru y bancuh naymmo ec uhla drao ryja bufan.  E ruba drehkc tuhd fung uid vun oui.

Dryvit:Edc rynt du fneda ruf silr E tecmega oui.  E zicd ruba E lyh caa oui secanypma uha tyo. :)

Seanehawk: Dno hud du pa duu caneuic. g ug. ( You are a good friend, good luck.)

Stev: E zicd tuhd mega oui. Oui sicd ryja paah cilgehk ib naym kuut du kad y cbud mega dryd palyica oui fana hajan yldeja.

You could say, the end?~Sir Hamiel Wicket ~ACP Legend

The Retirement of Dj Layzie

Hey looks like its the end of a Long Year for me here in ACP 90% of you who are reading this post don’t even know me or never heard of me well either

A. You can just not listen to my Memoirs and skip the Story Section and look for your name which you might not find


B. You can read my true thoughts I had over he past months in this army
My Story.
Well I was bored one day and was looking for something I can do in my spare time over the summer since it was alte at night
and I was thinking of joining something fun. So I googled up “blue gang army clubpenguin” first interesting thing I found was
a site of my Old Friend Knight521 well I clicked and suggested on helping him out and I also clicked on the blogroll and went straight to ACP
Site first thing I thought was “Wow never knew there were so many Green People” so I joined that night June 20th. Next Morning
I clicked on the chat link and the only people I recognize who still go on cht today where Sheila, FortBy that time I was already Corporal
I noticed how fast Shab became Co-Leader a week after I joined and I thought it might take about a few months just to become near leadership
of ACP so I put time into ACP I would always go on try to succeed but to me I thought they did not think I was good enough for a promo.
Then 2-4 weeks later the biggest “OMFG Are you Serious” Moment came along.. Fort retired his position. It was hectic on ACP chat
everyones like “Why did Fort leave!?!?” and also “I knew Fort was gonna do this” well then there was the Issue who was gonna be leader
like Rapidy and Nono lots of people wheren’t satisfied with those 2 so they where thinking of revolution suddenly something rose from the Darkest Depths
the Curse of Oagals Past :O! He wanted to intervene and choose the leader to be Rapidy and blah blah blah then later on we kicked Oagal back into his hole
and  we had elections for ACP Leader and we chose.. KG! Yeah by that time I was still a Lieutenant and I still had that lust and Zeal to become leader of ACP and during his term
he finally made me a mod rank I felt so happy at that time then I invented the “DJ Roll” for those who remember it but by the time Boomers Leadership
rolled around I don’t know why but I went from Major General to Brigadier and I was stuck member for awhile and by February I was starting to think..
“Hey I’ve almost been here for a year and I went from mod to member so I wasted all that time trying to prove myself for that” so I started thinking I should quit
but every attempt I just couldn’t do it. Then over long times of uncertainty I had spent 1 year in ACP, Still a Member, Still barely recognized and still thought of
by most people a noob… So then I was talking to Bread later that day encouraging me to stay. I was hoping I can stay longer but I just couldnt
well now we are at the present. So now Im leaving this army Farewell

People who Impacted my Time Here.

(Not In Order)

Knight521: My first army friend we had been best friends for the past year hopefully you can get your army back in order
but until sometime this is goodbye and Im gonna add you on A CF 🙂

Kg: You where probably one of the most smartest people on this chat
and hopefully people would change but for now your just gonna have to deal
with a majority of the bad mod(s) and Owner(s)

Fort: I used to look up to you in my army career and your a good friend I hope people can understand
why you have rtired from ACP maybe people can just think about it and I will miss all those times
we had shared in this army

Jason Bronco: Like I said with Knight Old friend and to bad you quit CP farewell.

Clintos: I remember when we first met and we tried to make “Kangaroo Klub” that was funny
but Fiddyy was being a major Butthole

Sheila: I remember how you thought how I was a girl and Saint was laughing like crazy
and hopefully we can hang out on AC CF later :O but until then bye.

Nono: Even though you tried to keep me from leaving well to baad it didnt work
hopefully you can try to succeed after all this time. and Hopefully one day
someone will spray you down with Cold Butter when you get a little Toasty xD

Seane: I remember when AFM Bot came on chat about taking over the world with Weegees
and your old pic was cheesecake xD I will miss reminscing with you about old games such as SA and
SA2B and how we love playing Original Games.