Official ACP War Veteran Day

The title pretty much explains the post. I am declaring Tuesday July 14, 2009 the Official ACP War Veteran Day. This day will be dedicated to all of the soldiers who helped make ACP what it is today. Without the soldiers we wouldn’t be where we are today because the soldiers are what make the army, they are what make The Democratic Republic Army of Club Penguin. So as I said, this tuesday will be dedicated to all the soldiers who have ever been a part of ACP. It is an all-day party and anyone is welcome, ACP or not, but this party is especially for ACP 😉 . I would personally like to thank everyone who is reading this post at this moment, because you, wether you have been in ACP or not, have helped make ACP what it is today and I thank you for that, if you want to accept it or not. Here is the date and time:

When: Tuesday July 14, 2009

Where: Snow Forts (We will be starting at Town) and ending at Snow Forts)

Time: All Day Long!

Comment if you can make it!

~Stev712, ACP 3rd In Command, єηєму σƒ ѕσ¢ιєтy

Debate of the Week 7/12/09

Welcome to the 3rd ever Debate of the Week


What is Debate of the Week?

An interactive feature that lets veryone be apart of the Army of Club Penguin Congress.

How does Debate of the Week work?

Two congressment showcase their sides to an argument or debate.  After the soldiers read both of their sides they vote in a poll for the one they agree with.  The decision made in this poll will be taken into great consideration at the next ACP Congress meeting.


The Argument

Should the ACP Divisions be renamed Army, Navy, and Air Force instead of Alpha, Echo, and Delta?

Now, our two senators will present their sides to this argument below.


The ACP Divisions SHOULD Be Renamed To Army, Air Force, and Navy (Packer’s Side)

I think we should make our divisions names Army, Navy, and Air Force. I think this would give the ACP more of a military feel. And I know some of you think, “We are the ARMY of club penguin,”, but these ranks would feel more realistic and people are more familiar with it. I mean, just changing our divisions to those names doesn’t make us the “Army/Navy/Air Force of Club Penguin”. Just like the Nachos aren’t the “Nachos Army/Navy/Air Force of club penguin.” We are a CP army, and those divisions would help us with patrolling. Like, not that it should be like, but I’m recommending it, we could have the Navy do any Nautical areas on Club Penguin, while Amy could do level ground, and AF could do any high leveled ground. Or Navy could do patrol any servers that have to do with water, and AF could do any high areas, while army did leveled ground. I think these divisions would help and easily sort out the work from each division.


The ACP Divisions Should NOT Be Renamed To Army, Air Force, and Navy (Zdoger’s Side)

I, Zdoger, ACP Lieutenant General, am opposed to the making of divisions in the form of Army, Navy, Marines, Etc.

For starters, as ACP, we are already an army, a nation, a union etc etc. Not only would adding divisions in the form of Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Army be redundant, it is also highly unessecary and unreccomended.  Carrying on from here, another point is that we have tried this several times in the past and yet we failed miserably. The sites were not kept active, soilder did not know theyre ranks or division, and different uniforms caused a rebellion thinking the marines were rouge acp. A civil war was on the brink of happening. Finally, concluding the topic, we already have organized and highly proficent divisions that have allowed us to split up yet work together. It is a tactic crucially benefical to us in war. So leave the divisions in said mannor and we will continue to thrive without fault or confusion.


Now that you’ve read both of their sides, its time for you to vote!  Should the ACP Divisions be renamed to Navy, Army, and Air Force.  Cast your vote by clicking on the link below.


Thank you for participating in this week’s Debate of the Week!