A Letter To All Armies

Stev’s Own Edit: Everyone, if you have an extra penguin account. Please email me the penguins name to stev712@armyofclubpenguin.com as soon as possible with your current CP name so I can know who you are. Also if you dont have one, please make another penguin then email me the name. Thank You.

Oagals Edit #2: I want as many soldiers as possible to report the Walruses to the FBI. When you report them (REPORT to FBI) make a reference to THIS (illegal hacking and harassment).

Boomer’s Edit: UMA’s Mass Recruiting post, keep this post on top for a bit, and hey Oagal 😀

Hello, as you are all aware these bots are becoming more and more agressive and with it..more dangerous. These bots have been able to hack penguin accounts and have them banned forever. Also this is not the work of Flappy, for those of you who don’t know yet, because as Person stated earlier Flappy was not around during The Collective’s Activity which took place in July-November 2008. Seeing as how in these times the bots are advancing more and more with technology and now their possible relations with the walrus, I propose that all of us armies, big or small, Major or not, to set aside our differences and stand arms in arms against them. They can be huge, yes, but they can not outnumber all of us if we work together. Some armies will deny this proposal, I understand if you turn it down. But think about how this will affect all of us, not just one, but all. These bots can develop, sooner or later you never know if they might start making themselves armies (even though they are controlled by one person, but a one man army filled with duplicates). If they convert themselves in to armies, they could lure in people on CP, if they haven’t already. This could lead their recruits to becoming “hackers” themselves, then more and more. I know some will say that I or whoever is siding with me are overeacting, but we have to prepare ourselves and think about the future. CP allows a maximum of 80 (?) I think. Either way if we joined forces they can’t stand against all of us. I also advise everyone who is reading this to change their penguin passwords and any CP or CP army related passwords, because you never know what could happen. If we don’t act now, this can turn in to a “Club Penguin Epidemic” as I like to call it. Army leaders, if you agree with this, then please, post this post on your site, letting us, the people who want to join arms in arms to retaliate against these bots, know that we can confide in you to do the right thing and let bygones be bygones. Remember that this post is to all small to major armies. Rallan, if you are reading this, please contact an army leader of any major or medium army, we could really use your help. Thank You.

P.S To ACP: Please leave this post up for a whole day for the other armies to see. Thank You. If something else is urgent, then you can post.

~Stev712, ACP 3rd In Command.

Oagalthorp’s Edit: For those of you who don’t know me, I am the creator of the ACP, and led it for two successful years through the largest and most devastating conflicts in CP history, so I think I know what I’m talking about. Just follow these instructions for surviving the Bot Pandemic:

  1. First and foremost, be careful. Donnot thoughtlessly provoke bots, because their leader is a hacker, and could be a dangerous hacker. We don’t want any ACP solders or allies to have their accounts or websites hacked. Read the next few rules for how to deal with them.
  2. As previously mentioned, change your passwords ever week or so. This will prevent 90% of account hacking.
  3. Create a secondary, non-member account. If we battle bots, we may want to use these, so we can protect our real accounts from being hacked or exploited. A good idea is you name your account (variation of actual account name) + (something ACP related). For example, mine might be “Oagal ACP,” or something like that. I recommend adding “ACP” so we can identify our soldiers on the battlefield.
  4. Patrol suspected Infected Servers, or “Bot Hives”. If bots, hackers, or Walruses are spotted, report them immediately and proceed to attack them–it is recommendedthat you attack with your back-up account. When fighting, you should call in back-up from the ACP Chat.
  5. Follow the ACP motto: Defend freedom, preserve justice. What separates us from the hackers and the Walruses if our code of honor and morality. We must never lose sight of this. I expect ACP soldiers and allies to fight a fight worth fighting for.

P.S. I’ll equip you with specific anti-bot fighting tactics later on.

PSS. Just a friendly letter to our friends in the hacking community . . .

In the likely case that the Walruses donnot know basic history, let me remind them of one inescapable fact in life. The evil–those who don’t follow the moral code of society–lose. Let me repeat that in lay-man’s terms: Walruses, you will LOSE.

Hitler’s Germany lost.

Saddam Hussein lost.

The pinko commy bastards lost.

And don’t think for one minute that you’re the exceptions to the rule. We’ll have the FBI on your trail in the blink of an eye if you so much as make a single step towards disrupting the safety of the soldiers opposed to you and the very children of Club Penguin who those soldiers aim to defend.

Now you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: Do you feel lucky? Because I sure as hell wouldn’t if I were in your miserable position.

–With warm regards,



Stev’s 2nd Edit: I would like to thank the ACP in patroling all of our servers successfully, we found some and fought against and reported them. I would also like to thank the ACP in supporting and fighting and defending for the Nachos on White House at this moment. I know we arent exactly the greatest allies, but we helped the Nachos and put our differences aside. Also message to the Tacos: If you walk in Breeze again and try to recruit for yourselves, then we will declare war on you. You have been warned. Thank You.

Stev’s Edit: Rallan if you are reading this post, please come to ACP Chat as soon as possible and talk to an owner, thank you.

Everyone I am starting Code RED! Earlier today I saw a Nacho post about these bots that are possibly related to the walruses. So I decided to go on ACP chat and check out Mammoth. You know what I found?! Bots clouding the whole Mammoth Town COMPLETELY. It was like just covered, Im dead serious, COVERED in the bots and what they were saying, which was ” ACP STINKS” and “TESTING TESTING TESTING” This is serious, mostly due to the fact that they were obviously HUGE and that they could be related to the Walruses, the walruses are not to be taken for granted. I am ordering an ALL DAY PATROL every day! I want to see ACP soldiers and recruits on all of our servers no matter how many are on. If you see one, report it IMMEDIATLY to the chat! Be careful out there soldiers, be very careful. Even if we go on CP and try to fight them we may not win. Earlier today I received 3-4 PC’s that some penguins had been banned forever! BANNED FOREVER! Because of these bots getting in to some penguins or “hacking” them. Divisions, please, please work harder! We need divisions on all day! Also, we need to increase our size some more if we are to fight these bots! So I am ordering a recruiting session which will be followed by a drill session so we can add to our size and be more equipped and trained. Here is the schedule:

When: Sunday July 19, 2009

Time: 2:00 PST, 3:00 MST, 4:00 Central, 5:00 EST, 10:00 UK (Sorry)

Where: Breeze or the next biggest server.

Comment if you can make it! And remember the information of this post! Very urgent!

~Stev712, ACP 3rd In Command.

Retirement of Feephil

Meat: Remeber to sign this petition http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/Clubpenguindojo/

Ok,I decided to quit Club Penguin beacause im too old for cp.Theres more things in life to do instead of bieng on cp and im taking that route.I had good times in Club Penguin making friends,having fun and much more.Also I had fun in DW,UMA,ACP,WW,IW and others.I have thank all the troops who are in CP armies.I have learn alot of skills and this couple of years here in Cp Armies.I want to stay but I have gotten a life.I graduated and i have plans to do in my summer vacation.Im sick of addiction and those wars.Enemies I thank you for getting DW in wars because DW will practice and practice up.Win every battle and I will miss you.Like isaid I quitted xatand now Club Penguin.I thank you for supporting me.

~History of Feephill

Hi im Feephill aka BlackGamer.I started my Club Penguin Life in Sleet (Home Server) in June 10 with my penguin name ”Blackgamer”.From that start I was started to become friends with some people on CLub Penguin.I was naked :lol: So i heard that if you want clothes you need to buy Membership.Right Away I got my credit card and bought membership.Now i have clothes :-) One Day passing by Mammoth I saw a war Green vs Red and Black in that time i didnt know the names.Of them shouting Green shouted ACP so i know it was ACP (army of cp) vs UMA (underground Mafias) Oagal Thorp was the leader at tht time and pink Mafias leading UMA two creators fighting.UMA was owning ACP It was incredible.UMA all over Dojo I was like ”OMG”.So I remain Neutral just watching the war.I asked to join UMA and Pink Mafias responded ”Sure” So I dressed my self as UMA and fighted.January 2008 I Joined CP Armies from me searching UMA.Like 2 weeks ago I was fired by Pink Mafias for spying on UMA.I joined ACP then I quit cuz they were bieng harsh to me so i didnt know what to do.Then I Finish playing CP and then I came back.Like 12 hours ago I wanted to log onto CP and some message appeared ”This Account is banned Forever” and I was ”wtf” I knew it was my brother going on CP.I emailed Club penguin of why ban my penguin.They Responded ”This account is banned forever for hacking” .I didnt had no penguin but my Brother has one but he doesnt have saved.His Penguin name was Feephill.I asked my mom if I could borrow my Brother’s Penguin ”Feephill’; and she said sure.Of me seeing my brother playing club penguin He was saying he was ACP Leader and I said wtf.I saw a mob saying Ur not ACP Leader.From that I showed my Brother that his not ACP Leader or Ninja King cuz there were an ACP SITE and Boomer was currently Leader.Later on I joined ACP with penguin Feephill.I worked hard in ACP to get to Mod ranks.From there I saw a post saying that Ice Warriors was deleted by Dan and his army the Golds.From there I said Golds were evil.My army that I made CPEQ (medium sized Army) very active army.Shab offered me that CPEQ should merge into Golds and i responded ‘’sure”.So I became in Golds as Merge Leader,CoLeader and now leader.Amb Returned and made Golds turn into DW.Im here as DW leader

~I Wanna Thank to all these people~

Khole: Good Leader and i know we had issues in the past but now were good friends.Thanks for bieng my friend.

Dream: Very nice guy and sometimes he gets pissed off and swears.Also we had issues in the past.

Dan: Fanstatic Leader in Golds very loyal to Dw .I thank you for bieng my friend.

TinyFinn: Your my best friend on Xat.

Debbie: Will miss you =[

Angela: Thanks for bieng by friend :-)

Saint Thanks for the good advices.

Booma Boy: Good ACP Leader you always moltivate the aCP soldiers when you retired I will miss you :-(

Shab:When I needed help you were there for me.Thank You

Lots Of Pie: Good Friend to have in Xat and we sometimes talk.Thanks

Commando717:Phm Pwnz Commando Corp

Person: Funny Guy even tho we fighted in thr past.

Commando993: Good luck with ST to reach that goal.

Icem3n: Thanks for biung my friend.

A Dawg:Good Friend of mine

Mixing Red: Thanks for your support and thanks for everything u have gave to me.

Andrew24:Great Friend.

Orange:Thanks for bieng my friend.

Jingle Jay:I thank you too

Meat: Great Leader.

Dryvit: I haven’t talk to you in a while but will miss you

If i didnt add you please leave a comment on this post and I will edit with my answer.

My Leadership will be remembered here in DW and will miss ya.You might not see me or neversee me ever again.I will give myleader spot to someone that is a God Soldier here in DW and gave me advices.I will tell you under this post.

To All DW!

Show the best you got in wars.Work in teamwork,respect each other,succeed DW vs IW as it was in the past keep ,beating armies Last of all DO IT FORDW.




I Want Tiny Finn to take my DW Leader Spot.


My Last Good Bye

Last time Leading,and other ranks :-(

We die with our bandana on ;-)

~Feephill Retired DW Leader,ACP Major General,WW (idkrank),Uma(idkrank)

Edit: All Army Leaders if you want to copy this thats fine

Retirement of Js Thgrourhg

Remember to read the post below if you haven’t already!

Ive been in acp for a good while now And Ive had some great times with some friends of acp but some of the reasons im retiring is cause and what not latley now ive been seeing acp members that ive watched join and become my rank in the blink of an eye and my family is in tense situatiions cause of divorce so i feel i need too be with them .sadly i think this is the end of my road in acp.from the point that i joined ive had great times in battles and what not but i just feel i have no reason too be in acp any longer i’d like too stay a mod in chat and i will still be on chat well mabye not as often i just feel i probobly need too take family first soo um that wraps it up….

I’d Like too thank some of these people…
meat:you were always a good friend and helped me out
kg:you helped me out in some hard times i’d like too thank you …… even through the poloticial debates
hatt:you were a cool dude and a good friend
ankita:you always helped me out in my career
noka:you were definantly one of my best friends in acp….thank you.

white:good friend and good times on ps3

fox:i never knew you very well but you were a good friend

other people i’d liek too thank boomer,saint,dryvit,divotoo(sorry if i spelled it wrong,fort,shab,and sol

And thank you too all the people ive forotten in this

and god bless America :)

-Js Thgrourhg-