One Hell Of A Vet Day./Letter to the Walrus.

Oagal: I want as many soldiers as possible to report the Walruses to the FBI. When you report them (REPORT to FBI) make a reference to THIS (illegal hacking and harassment). And no, the FBI WON’T show up at your house and interrogate you. 🙄

P.S. I’ll be giving inspirational fight-speeches on the chat every so often. Stay tuned! :mrgreen:

Boomer:This situation complicates things, but if you’ve got some free time, UMA’s Mass Recruiting is at 1 PST and I’m sure they would appreciate some help.  Server is Mammoth unless full, then use Frozen.  The post is HERE.

The title is self explanatory. Because that was what today was. Hell. I had ordered a cease fire for today so we could go out to Snow Forts and have a party to remember and honor all of our great soldiers who had fought long and hard to make this army what it is today. Instead of that, after 8 hours of school and 1 hour to get home, I find myself in the middle of the gates of hell. I go to CP to check what all the commotion is about. What do I find? Chaos. Pure Chaos. Theres an old saying “Without Order Nothing Exists, Without Chaos Nothing Evolves” Well… something evolved alright. The bots evolved. Now instead of just being able to be together and say things at once, they can now use teleportation. Teleportation, for christs sakes. This Walrus guy is really Today I received endless PC’s. But you know what those PC’s said? “STEV EVACUATE THE SOLDIERS NOW NOW NOW!!! WERE GOING TO LOSE JUST FACE IT HOLY GOD!!” No. I will never give up. Not once will I ever throw in the towel. You all showed what you have learned from my drill sessions. For that, I thank you. I told you all, when the unexpected were to arrive, they would come and handy and they did. Bots and Walrus. Bring it. We are not intimidated by thugs, loelives, stalkers, child molestors, etc. We are not afraid of you. Go ahead, hack us. Because in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve paid REAL MONEY ON THIS VERY OWN SITE. Meaning if you do something to us. BAM. You gone. Finished. Destroyed. PWNED. Plus we have the Copyright claim to our site. So if you mess with anything and I mean ANYTHING, then your not only in trouble with us, you will also be personally inviting the US government in to your system FOOLS. We can just easily report you to whomever is in charge of your government, because you can be charged with a BUNCH of things. Thats right, this thing can also be taken in to court. You can be charged and fined with 1. Hacking. 2. Child Molestation. 3. Stalking. 4. Disturbing the peace. 5. Illegal advertising. 6. Destruction of property. 7. Violation.

Ha. Not to mention what Disney and Club Penguin could sue you for 😛 . Plus we also have back ups. You touch one word. Just one word on this site, and I will personally break hell on you effers. Don’t think I won’t. Try me. I’ll send you a nice freaking postcard at your county jail. Oh and as for those marvelous post cards you sent us? Why thank you. All the more to use against you you stupid dimwits. I don’t think Disney or Club Penguin will take very kindly to your molestation against their very own signed celebrities. Oh wow, you know what I just realized? Haha It’s kind of funny. What if the celebrities personally get involved? 😆 Oh wow, your going to get it so bad. What? Your laughing at this post eh? Your probably thinking “Oh stupid idiot, thinks he can intimidate me? The Walrus. Pfft, Im unstopable. You can’t intimidate me. All the more reason to hack you.” Same goes for us you stupid retards. You know this is kind of like the movie The Matrix. When they arrest that one guy for hacking in to systems. Oh wow, I’d love to see that happen to you. We’ve left eternal scars on the face of Club Penguin. If you can delete this site we will just rebuild. I go by the 4 R’s: Recruit Resist Rebuild Retaliate. The 4th one is my favorite. Retaliate. I love that word. You don’t want to mess with the latitude of the strength of the army community. Today we were unstopabble. The ACP and Nachos can total up together to about 200+ people alone on a scheduled battle. The ACP has 475+ active soldiers. The Nachos have about the same. You? Pfft, 40 Bots. Ha. Just Ha. Your so pathetic you can’t even build your own army. Bring your bots, It’s the middle of the summer, were all on vacation (except for me 😆 ) we got nothing to do, were waiting for something to happen, bring it. We WANTwar. We love it. That’s the reason this army and the other armies are/is built. To fight. Were built for war, we fight for war, we retire for war. We are war. You don’t respect us? We won’t respect you back. Period. You think your soo big and bad because you can teleport to places and say the same thing at once? Ha. You can’t even fight. Just go to show how pathetic you are. But I love you. I really love you. You know why? Because I love screw ups like you who probably dropped out of high school and give us, the kids who are actually making something of themselves, learn more and be more equipped with knowledge. I’m sure your going to ignore this letter like you ignore the law. I don’t care. We want you here, We need you here. What would we do without you? Go back to throwing snow balls at ourselves? No. No. You complete us. Your only as bad as CP will allow you to be. We’ll show you. When the chips are down, we’ll be back up in a matter of minutes. You can’t screw with us. We got everything. Bring it. We want a war. The War has already begun. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, The Clone Wars. We won today, we will win always.

~Stev712, ACP 3rd In Command.

Retirement of Bluey:

Hello fellow ACP soldiers and whoever else may be reading this, my day has come and i never thought it would happen, the reason i am retiring is for the sole reason is b/c what i saw pained me. when i was on acp chat the walrus wiki had come up, i had read it and it frightened me, not for my own safety but for the safety of the p[pl posted on that site, a page had come to my attention and i had read it, the page was called ruin life tactics and what i saw disturbed me, as it had very personal info and very detailed information on ways to ruin ppl’s life in REAL life. as i had addressed this problem on chat it seemed no one had cared, all they had cared about was what cp would say about the bots or the bots do this, wel this is real life and as i had risked my computer getting pics of this page i had realized no one cared exept a rare few. and for this sole reason i am retiring, call it what u want, call me retarded for retiring over this, call me a quitter, IDC b/c i believe   if i can help someone it is pay enough but alot of u dont feel that same way, now i am writing this in tears b/c i am actually writing this post and ik i will forget about 100 ppl who had helped me through my army career and i am very sorry but these are who i remember

Yanksrule14: man u were one of the funnest ppl i ever met and always had a great sence of humor

Meat aka seanehawk: u were always one of my favorite generals and always treated me well no matter my rank i thank u for this

Batintrench: u were a great spy and always a crack up on chat

Bobcatboy10: u are a very good person and a good friend

TyloV5: u are a really nice guy and i wish u luck with the ACPTR

Dr. Nono Jr: LOL sorry for annoying u and not letting u enjoy those 36 hours of u as leader xD i just really wanted to know my rank and see if i could get a promo. but u were also one of the ppl tyhat cared and i ty

Mazchester: man if it wasnt for u i wouldnt be leader of this awesome spy agency and u were also a funny person on chat i will always remember u

Fort57:: man were u fun to hang around with u are also a great person and a good friend

Kg007: u were always fun to hand around with on chat and also a funny person and a good friend

theorginalme12: same as Kg

Ennbay0: man u always had a good sence of humor and were always fun toi hang around on chat with

TheBest22: same with enn

oagalthorp: Although i never knew u well if it wasnt for u none of the acp would be here today

stev712: TY for treating me as a leader and a soldier

Dragon720: man were u fun to hang around and when i come on chat we can still do that raiding couples thing XD

Saint1119: good luck with leader of acp i hope u enjoy it and dont get to stressed out

Dryvit: i never thought i could meet another smart alec on chat then u came along XD. but anyway u were a good friend and i hope u do good as 2ic

pnttheskygry: pls try and come up with another spy name and not use MOOOOOOOOOOOOO again XD

Divotoo: good luck with ur army career

Thomas0207:are a very friendly person and a good friend

Adavo1: :D one of the friendliest ppl ive ever met

Robin888: very eager person and very willing u are a very friendly person

Coolguy12: good luck with ur army career and u r a great friend

Jcapp64: TY for trying to help ssacp out of retirment and for giving me my first ssacp rank

Tigers Class: if it wasnt for u i wouldnt have rejoined good luck with green gaurds

Person1233: man were u a crack up good luck with the nachos

Zzztops: u r a great person  and a great friend good luck with nachos

Late Me: although we met in the weirdest way u are still my friend

Rebel: another good friend from RFW we also met in the weirdest way

Xelaro: why are all my friends from RFW always met in the weirdest way XD

Boomer20: u are a great leader and i consider u a friend

Shaboomboom: u were also a good leader and i consider u a friend

Axevolution: sorry for banning u all those times when u were on a diff account i didnt know it was u hehe (swt)

Clintos007: man are u a good general ECHO BRIGADE FOREVER

Casisubrutus: we were always friends even throught the arguments akthough i could never figure out what they were
about XD

Peguin21795: u were a good friend hope u have fun in china

Packer1 Nfl: man u were a funny kid HURRY UP WITH BOOK 2 😥 XD

Magic077: u were never noticed b/c u never tallked much but i always noticed u. u are a great friend

Ktman: good luck with senate

Foxtails: i hope u dont go through with that nose pericing O_O XD

Chapa23: good luck with UMA youngester

Adile4055: although ssacp was supposed to go to u when i retire ill let the leaders decide and u were also a good friend

Ganger90: i could never figure out how we met but u were always a good friend

123nico6: u were a good friend but ur avatar lagged me so badly

Gjhdhgfgkutf: TY for working hard to get me into ice warriors and im sorry ill have to retire

Iceyfeet1234: same with Gj

Mitch formerly know as Blue Speed: lol u were funny at times and a good friend

and for all of u i forgot im sorry.

UMA’s Mass Recruiting

UMA is next in line for mass recruiting, so here’s their post.  ACP and most other major armies already agreed to help, so hopefully everyone can make it.

When: Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Servers: Frozen, Mammoth – ACP go to Mammoth, if full go to Frozen

Room(s): Start at town, if full dock.


1:00 pm PST

2:00 pm Mountain

3:00 pm Central

4:00 pm EST

9:00 pm U.K.


Ok but for these armys, we want you to all start in that server. Be in UMA uniform and recruit. We dont all want to be in the same server.

UMA– Frozen

ACP– MammothIf full for you, go to Frozen


FW– Mammoth



DW- Frozen


ST- Frozen

Romans- Mammoth

(those are the only armies that were registered for mass recruiting)

Hopefully those times are good for each army. Please be there to help support UMA.

Other leaders feel free to edit.