A Solution for the ACP but an apology to the Nachos.

Hello fellow ACP Soldiers. It is with great sadness that I declare a cease fire on the walruses. I am truly sorry. If I were leader I would continue the fight, but I am not and people are being hurt and their penguins are being banned. We will be staying out of this Bot War until further notice. I am truly sorry for those of you who wanted to fight. I am proud at each and everyone of you who have helped in the determination to destroy these bots. I came up with the idea yesterday for everyone to make an extra penguin account to use in combat so that way their original penguins would’nt be banned. The majority followed that rule, while others didn’t. I also wish to apologize to the Nachos, we have tried our best to be great allies and helping protect and defend our fellow allies. We are truly sorry. A lot of you saw my earlier post the other day about fighting them head on. That post is gone, but it is not my work. I will explain reasons later. For now we shall wait for Saint to return and we shall wait for her decision. Armies who wish to fight in this war to help end these fiends, please, be careful, use an extra penguin account, change your passwords, do not let anyone suspicious on your chat, be careful who you mod or talk to, be careful what words you say. Also, be careful on the battlefield, they can now teleport and send vulgar postcards. It truly saddens me how much things have changed and what they have led to, It truly this.

With warm regards,

~Stev712, ACP 3rd In Command.

Chat Reset

Saint: Sorry I was gone, trip to Michigan. The only thing I could think of while I was gone is “Something is going to happen while im gone…” and a couple other things too. It seems as though our Co-Leaders/3IC took care of the problem. I’m very proud of how they worked together and got through this mess, and I’m very sorry I couldn’t be here to help.

For the registered Xat name here are the steps you take to get one.

  1. Click your name
  2. Then a box should pop up that has an area where you can change your name and picture
  3. Click “Register…” in the bottem left area of that box
  4. Fill out the information needed to get a Registerd Xat Name

For the Xat names, you do not have to have your exact CP username. For exampe: “Saint1119LikesPie”, is fine.

Again, sorry I wasn’t here, I feel bad I couldn’t be here to help you guys out.


Edit: Read the post below.

Since everyone moved to another chat since walruses membered themselves or something I reset the chat and the pass. Both myself and Meat have the new password and we will give it to Saint when she gets on.

I propose a temporary chat rule: Anyone who would like to be membered must be registered. The registered name must have the same name that is on the ranks somewhere inside of it. Example: ShaboomboomRules. We prefer that you just have your ranked name without extra words so it would look like this: Shaboomboom.

Mods and Owners please do not member anyone who is not registered or not reconized by major army leaders if they are not ranked in Acp.


PS: Saint if you could editor me I would appreciate it greatly.