Congress Meeting 7/20/09

To discuss the latest news, debates, and arguments, we have come to yet another congress meeting!  After the member sof congress talk, anyone can come and talk to the congressmen/women in the open-forum section whcih will take place after the private part of the meeting.

Date: 7/20/2009,  Monday

Time: 4:00 PM Penguin Standard Time (Sorry for those in the United Kingdom, this is the only time I can possibly make on my vacation.)


I hope everyone can come and particpate in this important event!

NOTE: Because I will be on vacation from tommorow to next Saturday, I will not be on as much.  i will have computer acsess though so I will be able toget on sometimes.  If I can not make the congress meeting, Meat will run it.


Debate of the Week Results

Packer has forfeited himself from this debate and his idea, so Zdoger wins with the awnser of No.


3 DAY WAR! ~Strategy Post~




As you know, the Ice Warriors are hosting a massive 3-day-long battle against the Tacos. As you can see in the incredibly simplified battle map, we have a plan.

  1. The Tacos are positioned in isolated areas: Their only possible location for for fluid movement is the Mountain.
  2. The ACP will move through the Allied Snow Forts and cover the Town. From here, we can cut off Taco movement throughout half of the map. Plus its a great recruitment zone.

Town Strategy

Town Strategy

Here is what would ideally happen:

  1. ACP moves into Town
  2. ACP recruits at the lower half of the map
  3. Tacos move in
  4. Tacos can’t attack from below, so move to the top
  5. Tacos assume battle position
  6. Since the ACP has better ground, we proceed with Emote Bombs and charges

Debate of the Week 7/17/09



 Welcome to the 4th ever Debate of the Week




What is Debate of the Week?

An interactive feature that lets veryone be apart of the Army of Club Penguin Congress.

How does Debate of the Week work?

Two congressmen or women showcase their sides to an argument or debate.  After the soldiers read both of their sides they vote in a poll for the one they agree with.  The decision made in this poll will be taken into great consideration at the next ACP Congress meeting.


The Argument

When a congressmen or women retires, should Congress appoint their replacement or should there be an election?

Now, our two congressmen will present their sides to this argument below.


 There Should Be An Election When A Congressman/Women Retires (Edwadu’s Side)

An election would be the best because it would be fair.  Whoever ACP soldier who wants to become a congressman/woman would become one instead of congress picking who should be in.  The, theres no arguments.


Congress Should Appoint A New Congressman/Women When One Retires (Packer’s Side)

NOTE: Packer requested he could use an idea similar to this one but with a few variation, so expect to see these.

I think that if a senator retires that the replacement should be anointed. There could be two possible ways of this working. The first way would be if the runner up in that retired senator’s poll would be chosen to go after them. This would be probably the fairest way, yet it might take a while to look back to see who was in the poll. The other way is if Saint and/or all the leaders made an agreement on one exceptionally well soldier that could handle being a senator. That would be a way of probing yourself to the leaders. And if more than one leader is involved in that choosing, there won’t be favoritism. This is how I think a replacement should be chosen.

Mr. Deedledoos’s Side

NOTE: Dee wrote his side with the traditional idea in mind so his side will he presented too.  Packer and Dee’s side though will be counted as one side because it is the same general idea.


I believe we should just replace these people. Sometimes, it takes too long for elections and it’s there are times when we really need someone – but they haven’t been elected yet. I say that it could be optional. It depends on what you’re running for. If the predecessor wants someone to replace him, he can. Just as long as the successor is approved by the leaders and has the right standards. -Dee


Now that you’ve read both of their sides, its time for you to vote!  Whena  congressmen/women retires, should their replacment be appointed by congress or decided in an elction?  Cast your vote by clicking on the link below.





Thank you for participating in this week’s Debate of the Week!