Retirement of BigPeng

Hello, ACP, I am Bigpeng92 saying I am retiring. It has been a good 2 years with you guys but I gotta go life has choices so I don’t want to waste it. ACP has been a great experience and I joined as a sergeant. Ever since then I learned a lot and today I’m gonna retire as master general. I’m not gonna make this very long since I know it’s tiring reading. If ever there is a point where we are losing remember to listen to the leader and all that XD and I would like to thank my friends

Seanehawk: Always pimping one of my first friend

Magic777: Never wear the girl jacket again XD
Stev712: keep up the good work

Shaboomboom: always acting like a wrestler XD
Feephill: good luck leading

Zdoger: always one of the best in squads

Noka: stay tall

Matthew: hope you don’t run around like a maniac

Ironkid: You are the ironman

Foxtails: have fun with Boomer

Boomer20: one of the best leaders

… if I’m missing anyone I have a lot of friends so I can’t remember all but good luck.

Here is my final song