Top 10 Armies

This list takes into account battle attendence, chat attendence, and site views/comments.  I hope for this to be used as motivation if you think I ranked you low, or as encouragement for working hard if you are listed towards the top.  I’m thinking about doing this every Monday and seeing how the different armies are doing.

The rating after the army shows how the army’s positioning has changed from the last one (May 20).  If I update these every week, we will get a better sense of how each army is doing.

  1. ACP (Army of Club Penguin)  [N/A]
  2. Nachos  [N/A]
  3. IW (Ice Warriors)  [+1]
  4. FW (Fire Warriors)  [+1]
  5. WW (Watex Warriors)  [-2]
  6. DW (Dark Warriors)*  [N/A]
  7. BP (Black Panthers)  [+4]
  8. UMA (Underground Mafias Army)  [-1]
  9. RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation)  [-1]
  10. ST (Shadow Troops)  [-1]


11. BB (Black Bandits)  [-1]

*Listed as Golds in previous list


BP, otherwise known as the Black Panthers, has long been an under-recognized army.  They were listed recently on a Nacho list or two, but they are still growing.  Their chat regularly numbers over 10 soldiers and up to over 15 at times.  Their chat may be the 4th most active army chat.  They had a reported 26 soldiers at their last battle, however based on a few previous battles, between 10 and 15 on Club Penguin and over 15 on chat is a more accurate measurement of their size.  Keep an eye on this army as they attempt to work their way up the list.

How to Get Recognized:

  • Make sure you get on Club Penguin frequently, and take a lot of pics
  • Post the best ones on your site so people appreciate your size
  • Get a Whos.Among.Us widget for your site so you and others can keep track of how many viewers your site gets at any one time, or over a period of time
  • Make a habit of entering your army in tournaments or attending battles as an ally so other major armies get used to seeing you around Club Penguin

Any more questions, talk to me on chat.



Shab: I have a question. Aren’t Nachos on our side for the 3 day war? If so then why did Aka have Nachos attack Acp and why did Nachos and Iw gang up against Acp when they are suppose to attack the other armies like the Tacos

Boomer’s Edit: Version 2 of the Army listings has been released.  This one only takes into account your sites views.  Check it out HERE.

Army of the Week: Black Panthers

You ppl are getting lazy so I posted this for you[Saint: I posted about it then Oagal posted about it later, Shab.]. As for the random title…..ignore it.

oooo Iceyfeet of Ice Warriors talked to Riffy888 and scheduled a mass 3 day war! I think this will be a great thing to get involved with. Here is the info…

Where: Outback

When: July 21 Tuesday, July 22 Wednesday, July 23 Thurseday


Starts: 12:00 P.M. EASTERN, July 21 Tuesday

Ends 10:00 P.M. EASTERN, July 23 Thurseday

I made an unofficial battle map. Hopefully the armies in it can come.

practice battle map


Blue- Ice Warriors
Green- ACP
Yellow/Orange- Nachos
Red /Black- UMA
Red- Fire Warriors
Orange- Watex Warriors
Black- Dark Warriors
Brown- Other Armies
Purple- Tacos/ Riffy Fans
Town- Neutral/ Recruiting


I don’t think that we will all fit in the Soccer Pitch so here are Division Details.

Alpha and Delta: Soccer Pitch

Echo: Mine

I want EVERYONE to try to get there at some time, I know that I personally wont be there the whole time (lasts 3 days). I have a bunch of Softball games etc (sorry I have a life :D ). <—–Saints comment