With a Heavy Heart…..

I announce the new leadership of ACP. With saints pending retirement and Stevs retirement, the following decisions were made.

The new leader upon Saints untimely retirement on August 9th , 2009 will be Dryvit.

Co-leaders/2ic will be SeaneHawk (Meat) and KTman

3ic will be TheBest22(TB) and Matthewmsh

I hope all of ACP realizes what we are losing in Saint and Stev. While we cannot replace them, we can try to make them and all of ACP proud. Promos will be done on July 31. This will be for all ranks do to the hack threat postponing the mid month promos. I want to thank everyone on advance for all their support during this transition.



Stevs Retiring

Stev retired today. Most of us will miss him. He said he will not be on Acp chat or chats again but hopefully he will be on another chat once in a while if not on acp chat. He is not going to make a retirement post but he said his goodbyes to anyone on chat. The only person he wished to say goodbye to who was not there was Hattrick.

A post for stev: http://foxcpnews.wordpress.com/2009/07/23/a-letter-to-stev/

My words to stev: Goodbye bro…good luck in life and don’t take this too seriously.

Don’t take life too seriously; you won’t survive it anyway. – Roy Lent


Top 10 Armies Version 2

On a normal day, this would be included with the previous listing, but I didn’t think about it until after I posted it.  In addition to the previous list, which incorporates a lot of different factors into the size of an army, this one is strictly based on site viewership.  There’s no arguing statistics, but please note, you can be a good army and get lower hits, or vice versa.

If you want your army to be listed here, make sure you have a Whos.Among.Us widget on your site, and then give me your site’s link.  I will add you to the list.

Here is the list so far (the first number is the average number of viewers at one time [average throughout the day] over the span of a week, the second number is the average maximum number of viewers the site had during the day over the span of a week):

  1. ACP (Army of Club Penguin)  |  11.9  |  32.4
  2. Nachos*  |  N/A  |  N/A
  3. IW (Ice Warriors)  |  2.7  |  11.6
  4. FW (Fire Warriors)  |  2.1  |  8.7
  5. WW (Watex Warriors)  |  1.9  |  8.6
  6. ST (Shadow Troops)  |  1.7  |  10.4
  7. RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation)*  |  N/A  |  N/A
  8. DW (Dark Warriors)  |  1.0  |  7.9
  9. IMAF (Impossible Mission Army Force)  |  1.0  |  7.6
  10. CPRA (Club Penguin Rulers Army)  |  1.0  |  6.7
  11. BB (Black Bandits)  |  0.9  |  6.4

*Estimated Position due to widget displaying hits from other sites in addition to their own, inaccurate data

Larger armies without widgets (in order by estimated hits count):

  1. UMA (Underground Mafias Army)
  2. BP (Black Panthers)
  3. Romans

To be added to this list, you must have an accurate Whos.Among.Us widget on your site, and then provide me with your site’s link.

How to Install a Whos.Among.Us. Widget:

  • To get a Whos.Among.Us. widget, click HERE
  • You must then click the tab “Non-Javascript” below the peach-colored box
  • Copy the code within the box
  • Go to your site (you must be an Admin) and add a text widget (WP-Admin | Appearance | Widgets | Text)
  • Title the widget whatever you want, and then copy the code into the body of the text box

In addition to this list, you can view the all encompassing Top 10 Army list HERE.