Congress Vice President Aplications

Since I am moving up to the rank of Second In Command, we need a new Congress VP.  Though this will not be the complete influence on our final choice, Meat and I would like to get to know any person who would possibly want this job a little bit more personally.  Below I have included a form in which every person of the rank Major General or above can fill out to apply to be the new Congress VP.  Being the Congress VP you must hold Congress elections every 6 months, plan Congress meetings, and show up at said meetings to host them.  You can also optionally continue Debate of the Week.

1. What is your Club Penguin name?

2. What is your ACP rank?

3. Why do you want this position?

4. Why are you the best for this position?

5. Will you always stay loyal to the ACP and ACP Congress?


I Need Some Help…

Being this will be the first time I attempt to do promos, I find myself in need of some help. We have so many great soldiers at Warrant officer and below that I find myself lost in a sea of names. What I would like from every soldier ranked Warrant officer and below is a brief comment on why you deserve a promotion. Just include your ACP name, current rank and a very brief reason why. I want to be fair to all and this will be a great way to do that. Also any high ranking soldier that knows of any Warrant officer or below, that you feel deserves a promotion, please feel free to comment on them here. Thank you in advance for your help.