Summer School: Governments

Shab: Boomer and I updated the nations page and it is back on the site.

UMA made a post about ACP being a “dictatorship” (and the winner for least-original post goes to Crazyboy 😐 ), so I thought I would explain something about government.

ACP was created as a Democratic Republic, but Congress never had the power of a typical republican government. Once ACP had more than one leader under Fort (TomY), it wasn’t a Democratic Republic, it was an Oligarchy (a democratic Oligarchy), a government run by a group of leaders. ACP is currently an Oligarchy with a Congress, making it a Congressional Oligarchy. A Dictatorship would require a single leader with all the power, and since every major army I can think of has Co-Leaders, all armies are oligarchies, not dictatorships.

If you can’t follow that, here it is in bullet form:

  • Dictatorship = one leader with all the power, all major armies have Co-Leaders, in other words, no dictatorships
  • All major armies have Co-Leaders, so all major armies are Oligarchies
  • If you have a Congress in addition, that’s a Congressional Oligarchy (ACP)
  • Unless Congress makes all your laws and the people elect all your leaders, you are not a democracy
  • If the previous is true, you are a Democratic Oligarchy (still a Democracy)

And Kyle, you are a legend, but not all legends are mods, and you’ve proven that you can’t handle the responsibility countless times by abusing your powers and then writing accusatory posts every time you get punished.  Maybe you will be given another chance at some point, but the constant complaining doesn’t help your argument any…