Soldier Of The Month

Shab: Dryvit check the new post in the drafts and decide if it can be posted or not.

Dryvit: Shab that is Saint’s decision

Well it seems it is that time again to announce the Soldier Of The Month award. Ok so I am a little late. I was on vacation. The recipient of this months award like Adav, last months winner, is an outstanding soldier. In my opinion and that of his peers. This soldier has more recommendations for a promotion from all ranks of soldiers then anyone before. He has left quite an impression on his fellow soldiers. Therefore, I am proud to award the Soldier Of  The Month to …..

CHASE50!!!! Step up here and get your award Chase.  Along with the title of S.O.M in your chat name, you will be modded for 24 hours of your choosing. When you see Chase50 on chat or on CP, give him a pat on the back, he earned and deserves it. Congrats Chase!!

The reasons kyle wants/What NGA is now

Kyle here are your reasons why elections are bad:

1. There is no way to make an only Acp poll so the vote would be influenced by non-acp which just ruins the whole concept. Democracy is giving the citizens of a country a say in the way the government is run. This means that non-citizens have no say because they are non-citizens. Until someone can show me a way that can guareentee that the votes are 100% of Acp’s then there can be no true elections. Comment contests cant be corrupted by people commenting twice with different ip addresses. Password protected comments can be corrupted by a non-acp person getting the password and giving it out.

2. Elections pick the most popular candidate, not the best candidate. I’m going to use Commando’s opinions of Kg for an example. An election picked Kg as leader of Acp. According to Commando, Kg was a horrible leader for Acp yet Commando’s current campain says that elections pick the best leader. I don’t remember elections picking Boomer yet he was one of Acp’s best leaders.

3. If you cared about Acp you wouldn’t be continuing to split Acp apart. If you had really wanted to have an election you would have spoken to dry or saint and asked for a congress meeting about it. You wouldn’t have created a whole new site for it and you wouldn’t use a whole new chat. You aren’t an idea, your a movement created by someone who just wants to take over Acp. His close friend Kyle even said that they only want 1 election meaning just so Commando can take over:

If you are against dictatorships then go after Nachos, WW, Uma, BB, IW, and FW too because they all don’t use elections to pick their leaders.


Btw if kyle spent this much energy on RPF maybe it wouldnt be so small.

Why I’m Retiring

The reason I am retiring is because I don’t have the “kick” of leadership like I had before. If i continue being leader I feel like the ACP will fall and I cannot do that to you. I’m lazy, I will not do anything to help. I cannot get passed myself to help ACP any longer. I wish I was the old Saint, but I am not. The reason I’m writing this post is because of the rebellion.

If you must start this rebellion against Dryvit, then I will continue being leader. Thus the downfall of ACP will come. Dryvit can pick us up and save us from… me. Dryvit has the leadership skills of Seanehawk. The brain to lead of Boomer. The kindness of… the old Saint, if anyone can remember her. Now I sit here with tears breaching the brim of my eye and I tell you that Dryvit is the next leader. But alas, he will not be for I will continue to lead this army due to the rebellion, and due to me continuing leading, it will fall. But if this rebellion stops and accepts Dryvit as the new leader then I can resign and ACP will be back to full glory.

Back to the Boomer age, the Golden Age of the Army of Club Penguin.

Now it is your choice fellow army men and women of the rebellion, choose the downfall, or choose the glory. It’s in your hands.

I cannot lead this army no further for I do not have the will to lead it. I want ACP to rise, but my heart says no. Every time I enter the chat room I become saddened with grief, for I am indeed a loser. I can no longer bring you to the top, fight every battle and win every single one fought, for I do not have the will power to do so.

I am no longer happy in ACP, I am depressed.

Yes that too is another reason I am leaving, I am not happy, and I do not like being depressed. When I announced my retirement it felt like a huge boulder was being lifted from my shoulders (rhyme) and a huge smile surged from my body. I was finally happy. But as i write this post, knowing my, and ACP’s, fate hangs in the hands of the rebellion just shatters what’s left of my will, my… heart for the ACP. I was hoping I could make this post at least half the length of Boomer’s Retirement post but i see that is impossible.

Farewell, or Good Morning Sunshine

*~*Saint1119 ACP Something*~*

I would like to welcome…

Ktman as the new 3ic of the ACP

Why the Next-Gen Acp is doing what they are doing….

Edit: The NGA wanted to get all armies to declare war on Acp. They wanted to invade our servers early in the morning…..around 4:00 am eastern but Commando wanted to wait until there were more people in NGA. Yes commando I was spying on NGA. You shouldn’t have let me in XD.

The New-Gen Acp isn’t really having their rebellion to help acp. Here are the top people’s reasons:

Commando: He once had a big army with a lot of power but now its just starting to get out of 2nd to last place in the army rankings. He strives for power and by becoming leader of Acp he will be the most powerful person in Cp armies according to Boomer’s Army Rankings. He doesn’t completely care if Acp lives or dies. It is just all about the power.

Kyle Cease: He wants the modship. He knows he has abused it a little bit and doesn’t like the powerless feeling he gets from being a member. He also expects some kind of power for him to come out of Commando being leader of Acp.

Rapidy: Rap was picked by Oagal to become leader and then impeached 2 weeks later. This gave him a bad image and also the disappearance caused by his brother’s mistakes made many of the current soldiers forget who rap was other than knowing about the impeachment. He wants to become co-leader again to regain his image. Rap seriously, your hurting your image more by participating in Next-Gen Acp.

Hattrick: You have been passed over many times when it comes to picking leaders and this is why your in next-gen acp. You have quit so many times just to come back. I wish I could give you what you want but its not my decision.

Stev: You are pissed about how you were treated when you left and I don’t blame you. But Next-Gen Acp won’t help improve your image or how those who treated you badly will see you as. Stev join Nachos and get back at Acp that way by fighting them.

Kj: You just hate Acp and because of which your banned on chat forever again and I request that Dryvit fires you from Acp forever.

Trick: I have no idea what you doing in NGA (Not National Gun Association :D) but your suppose to be Acp advisor. Thats not being a good advisor…….maybe you should consider resigning so you can keep your dignity ;).

Mazachster: Your just being Maz. Keep having fun.

Amit: Your just sucking up to Commando. Stop being a follower.

The rest of the supporters: Your either sucking up to Commando, you hope to get a better rank doing this, or you hate Acp all together. There is not one of you that actually care what Acp is as long as it benefits you. If you work towards a better rank you will get it. Being in Acp for 5 months and doing nothing except go on chat does not make you deserve a promo.


I suggest that there be a certain number of senate members that are picked by the Leader or the President to give some of the older soldiers a little bit more power because of their experience.

Tylo you did a great job defending Acp. I give you a golden star 😀


~Don’t take life too seriously, you won’t survive it anyway~