Dryvit Edit:  I have carefully reviewed each and every rank complaint comment. As I said I made some mistakes and those were corrected. Some were over looked and I apologize for that, and have promoted them. Others received a promotion and still felt the need to complain. Those soldiers I do not understand. I feel those people will never be happy with any promotion. To the very high ranks that did not get promoted, I apologize. There is very little room to move up once you reach the high ranks. If you missed this month, you will not miss next month unless it is by your choice. Please review your ranks and I hope everyone, ( but 1 or 2 ) will be happy.  Promotions are now closed for the month. Thanks.


Well ACP here they are. The promotions. This was my first time ever doing the promotions and I tried very hard to be fair and balanced with all the ranks. I requested all Warrant officer and below to comment on why they deserved a promotion, and all who commented were promoted. The higher ranks were very difficult. So many good active soldiers for so few spots. I did the best I could but I am sure I made some errors. All I ask is you give me a chance to correct them before you feel you were slighted. Just comment below this post and explain your reason for deserving a promotion. I cannot promise all who comment will get their wish , but I do promise to consider each comment before deciding. That is all I can do. Out of 1500 plus soldiers, with over 500 active, I cannot make everyone happy, I truly hope the soldiers understand that. Without further ado, you will already find the ranks page updated with the new ranks. Congrats to all who earned their promotion.


ACPTR July Graduates

2nd Response: What does making fun of Tylo have to do with bringing democracy to acp?

Response to Omega and the other dim headed people: Dryvit does not choose if there is an election for the next leader. Saint does. It is not that hard of a concept to understand for someone who claims to be so smart.

Dryvit has nothing to do with your whole campain because he has no control over how the next leader is picked. Saint just announced him to be the next leader when she retires so stop directing all posts and comments against him.

I would like to take this time to congratulate our July ACPTR  graduates. You Should be very proud of yourselves. You proved worthy of your new ranks due out July 31, 2009. In no particular order here are the Grads!





All 0

Again, congrats guys. We also need to acknowledge Tylov5. He runs the training center and quietly and without fanfare, trains our new recruits to be great soldiers and ranking officers in the ACP. As always Tylo, great job and thank you. Congratulate the new grads and officers on chat or cp when you see them. And be sure to thank Tylov5 and his team for doing a great job for ACP.

Congress Vice President Announcement

After sorting through dozens of entires and many conversations, Meat and I have come to a decision of who should be the next ACP Congress Vice President.  Our pick is Dr Nono Jr!  Congratulations!  Also, thank you to everyone who signed up.

Nono, please PC me or Meat on chat for further instructions on your new position.


To The Soldiers

My first post as 3rd In Command of this great army is not about me nor is it about the leaders.  It is about you, the soldiers.

Most of the time, it is the leaders and our enemies that get talked about on posts and in some ways, even our enemies, are given all the glory.  But without the soldiers, none of this would be possible.  No one would receive any glory if it weren’t for you backing them up.

You come to every battle, practice or real, to fight for this army and Club Penguin.  You come to every drill session to practice our various skills and strategies.  You comment on every post, showing your support or opinion.  You come on chat and make this whole experience what it really needs to be, fun.

But what amazes me most is what happens recently, the fact that all of you have been able to resist the bribes of the evil ACP Next Generation rebellion.  This organization is disguised as a group of people trying to get the ACP to bring back the elections of old, but is obviously just an organization of soldiers and leaders looking for a quick and easy rise to power.

But no matter how much propaganda and lies are spread, you remain true and faithful.  You remain caring of your fellow man.  You prove that you care more about the better of Club Penguin and this army and this group of people and friends then of power and greed.

So this post is to the soldiers who have remained true to this army thick and thin.  To the soldiers who have never backed down from a challenge.  To the soldiers who care more for others then themselves.  To the soldiers who are truly soldiers of the Army of Club Penguin.

Because if you are apart of the Next generation, you are no longer a true soldier of this army.

To the soldiers.  To you.