The Story of Mr. Bear

Chapter 1
One day a mysterious bear wandered into Acp chat and decided that he liked it there and he stayed there and made it his home. The first person he saw was a soldier named Dr Nono Jr. Mr. Bear was hungry so he ate Nono. A soldier named Fox saw Mr. Bear eat Nono and started yelling so Mr. Bear ate Fox too. Then he went to his guest owner cave and fell asleep.

Chapter 2

Mr. Bear heard a racket outside of his guest owner cave so he trotted out to see who woke him up. When he came out he found out that it was Commando making a big fuss over nothing. He was burning down the forest and blaming Meat for it. Mr. Bear pounced on Commando, clawed his eyes out, and then ate him. When Mr. Bear was done he noticed that Meat was yelling at another soldier. Since Mr. Bear wanted to go back to sleep he when and ate Meat. Because he ate Meat the soldiers putting out the fires started cheering so Mr. Bear ate them too. Then there was finally silence so he stumbled back to his guest owner cave and fell back asleep.

Chapter 3

By this time Acp Leader Saint had heard about Mr. Bear eating her co-leader. She decided to send Dryvit with a pact of peace so that no one else was eaten. One of Mr. Bear’s favorite things about the pact was that acp soldiers would deliver him food so he didn’t have to go out and hunt. When Dryvit first came to the cave he brought with him Draggy, the first person assigned to bring food. Draggy had gotten hungry on the way and had decided to eat all the food that she had been carrying. When Mr. Bear saw this he decided to eat Dryvit but Dryvit didn’t taste good so he ate Draggy too. Then he set off to go find the Acp leader himself to seal the pact.

Chapter 4

On the way he met several other Acp memebers and even some soldiers from other armies and because the walk made him hungry, he ate them all. These soldiers included Fiasco, Axe, Jediseth, Ankita, Wii Mountain, Spacey, Acp Luc, WW Luc, and Wurburt. At last he got to the great castle of the Acp Leader Saint. Guarding the doors was Ktman, Matt, and TB. Mr. Bear snuck up behind of TB and killed him easily. He was almost able to knock Matt out too when Ktman spotted Mr. Bear and yelled to Matt. Matt turned around and started to walk backwards trying to escape from Mr. Bear but tripped over a rock. Because the ground was hard Matt knocked himself out when his head hit it. That left Ktman and Mr. Bear. Ktman and Mr. Bear had an epic battle but then Mr. Bear threw up a bomb which Jediseth had been trying to use to blow a hole out of Mr. Bear’s stomach so he could escape. The bomb exploded knocking Ktman off his feet. Mr. Bear used that advantage to jump onto Ktman and kill him. After that was done Mr. Bear ate all 3 of the people and continued inside to find Saint.

Chapter 5

Mr. Bear saw Saint in the big room at the end of the hall and started to run towards her. He was almost there when he was attacked by a little creature. Mr. Bear rawred at the creature and was going to attack it when the creature held up both its hands to show peace. The creature introduced himself as Dobby aka Tylo and he said that he was Saint’s protector. Dobby then let Mr. Bear thru to talk to Saint. Saint had not heard that Dryvit or Draggy or Ktman had been eaten because Mr. Bear had eaten Rapidy and Stev, the two messengers. When Mr. Bear told Saint about all he had done Saint got angry and ripped up the pact. This made Mr. Bear very angry so he ate Saint. Dobby, being Saint’s protector, started to pull at his ears and beat himself as punishment before turning on Mr. Bear. Mr. Bear then threw up saint’s body onto of Dobby. Dobby, being so mad at himself for letting Saint be eaten threw himself out of the window where he was impaled on one of the fence posts. Mr. Bear was just leaving when he saw the calender hanging on the wall. He looked at it and saw that in just 5 mins there would be a entire acp practice battle. Thats when Mr. Bear got an idea.

Chapter 6

Mr. Bear saw that the practice battle was red vs blue. He decided that if he was gonna get a meal today that he had to create his own site, the green side. He quickly found a sad penguin wearing green in the Pizza Parlor. The penguin tried to tell Mr. Bear that he was sad that his pizza hadn’t come but Mr. Bear didn’t care. He just quickly knocked the penguin out and stole his clothes. Then he threw the penguin in that oven will all the cookies that no one ever eats. Just then Disney came in and like Disney does, tried to stop any fun for anyone but the members. They brought Hanna Montana who started singing “Why can’t we be friends.” Mr. Bear couldn’t stand the sound of her singing so he quickly put an end to her and the rest of the fun-sucking Disney team. All the penguin eating had the :O face on and were looking at Mr. Bear with terror so he quickly ate them to prevent a scene. After putting on the green clothes Mr. Bear went to the snow forts and started an epic battle.

Chapter 7

Once the soldiers realized that Mr. Bear from the green team was trying to eat the Acp soldiers and not just throw snowballs at them, they formed up together. Weapons of all sorts were used against Mr. Bear. Some penguins used hockey sticks, some used guitars, some used plastic pumkin baskets, and some even used their puffles. The fight was brutal, both sides lost many men….actually the loses were all on Acp’s side. Mr. Bear used his claws to quickly get the upper hand in the fight. Shields and facemasks and helms were no match for his razor sharp claws. Finally Mr. Bear was the only person standing in the snow forts. He had eaten all of Acp but he was still hungry. Now, with his stomach still not full he headed towards the 2nd largest army in CP, the nachos……


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Part 2:

Server Wide Practice War

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Ps: The 2nd Part of the Mr. Bear story will be out tonight or tomorrow 😀

For the first time in a long time, I would like to announce a new Practice War!  The battle will be Echo vs. Delta vs. Alpha ina  server wide battle on Klondike.  Each division will start in a room (base).  When the battle begins the divisions will be able to move around the server and battle their fellow divisions.  Judges (all of the leaders who can make it) will be around the server giving points to teams who are using strategies and skills that count for points.  At the end of the battle (the battle will be a half hour long) whichever division with the most points wins.  For times and more info, read the next section of this post below.

Date: August 1st

Time: 2:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

Server: Klondike

Alpha Base: Ski Village

Delta Base: Town

Echo Base: Cove

NOTE: Each Division leader must give commands from their own division chat.  Also, the 1st and 2nd Generals will be leading this battle.

I hope everyone can make it to this exciting upcoming event!


The Return of Ice Berg

In the early days of CP warfare, the legend holds that ACP took possession of the server Ice Berg by less then honorable ways. Since that time, the original and guess you could say true owners have wanted it back. Do to our sheer size, they had no way to reclaim it the honorable way, the way we should have claimed it. Much later, we still have a great size advantage over the true owner. They approached us with a deal to trade 2 of their servers just to get Ice Berg back. I discussed this with Saint, our Leader, and we agreed they deserve to reclaim Ice Berg and not have to sacrifice  2 of their servers to do so. So ACP hereby rescinds all claims to the server Ice Berg, and returns it to it’s rightful owner. THE WATEX WARRIORS. I know WW will keep it safe and use it well. If ACP had any land grants out on Ice Berg, I am sure WW will honor those if you contact,  Green, Tone or Luc, the WW leaders.