Mass Recruiting

Sorry if I’m “abusing my power”, but nobody really posts about these mass recruitment things anymore.  So if I don’t , nobody will…

Okay, here are the dates for the next two mass recruitments, which are the last two that have been scheduled (these are copied from the CP Army Council site):

6. ST – 8/1/09

7. BP – 8/5/09

Now, the ST’s is on the same day as our practice battle.  However, after checking the ST site, it appears that they’re at war with us or something…  Again, not my thing to deal with. 

Well, that’s all for now.  And by the way, if you don’t see chapter 11 of Packer’s story out soon, it’s because chapter 11 was deleted, and he would appreciate it if nobody asks him “Where’s the next chapter?” on chat.

Well, keep on keepin’ on!

Dobby, OUT!

TyloV5 (That was two catch-phrases for ya)

A New Era In ACP


Mr. Bear’s Story Part 2 is now out here. There is also a contest going on. The link is on top of the Part 2 post.

During the next 6-8 weeks, a new nations page will be written. A new government will emerge from this document. Here are the big major changes coming to ACP. Nearing the conclusion of my 6-8  month term as the leader of ACP, I will announce the election for the leader of ACP. A safe and legitimate election for the leader of ACP will occur.  At this time all soldiers ranked general and above will be eligible to run for the leadership spot if they so chose.  Only members of ACP may run and or vote for the position and cannot be a retired, fired or suspended member. Saint has agreed  to work on, and with  Boomers help we will forge a new way to insure a fair and safe electorial system for the elections. Once the new leader is elected, he or she will then select the new co-leaders for his or her  6-8 month term. Before the transfer of leadership, and after the election of the new leader, the current leader will over see the election of the new senate. We will be electing 8 members of the senate, plus a vice president. You may not run for both senate and vice president of the senate, so choose your battle wisely. There will not be 8 blocks of nominees, but 1 block of all nominees, with the top 8 winning  a seat in the senate. The Senate VP will also be decided in the same elections with the same rules. Once the new Senate has been elected, the new leader will then have the ability to select one ACP member to be seated in the senate. This will provide some relief from losing the ability to select the VP. As always the President of the senate shall be the leader unless he or she  designates another for the position. Once the old leaders term is complete, the new leader and senate will assume their positions and begin their 6-8  month term, (length decided by the leader),  untill the cycle begins anew. The Senate will be using the protocol to be laid out by Dr. Nono jr. The senate will decide all functions of the DRACP with the leader having final say unless vetoed by a 3/4 majority of the full senate. There will be no Senate decisions pertaining to the Army, I.E….War, Demotions, firings, suspensions or  promosions, to include promotions to moderaters on chat, or the addition of any leadership spots. There will be tight provisions for impeachment of the Leader, to be determined by the senate in coming meetings. As any past or present leader can attest to, many decisions are made on a split second, and the advantage of hindsight becomes inherently unfair. No leader shall be forced to govern under the stress of fearing a coup or impeachment. He or she must be allowed to lead with the betterment and saftey of ACP first and formost in his or her  decisions.  If at any time, a problem arises that has not been provided for in the new ACP government, the leader shall first endevour to resolve it to the majoritys satisfaction, failing that, the senate shall vote and will have the binding word, only after the leader has turned the matter over to the senate VP. This new government shall begin the transition upon Saints retirement, and be fully functioning upon Dryvits retirement in 6-8  months from that date, or earlier if decided upon by the leader/senate. The retiring leader may not run for re-election to the leadership spot of ACP, how ever if selected and chooses to do so, may serve as a co leader or be elected to the senate provided he or she has not retired. No leader shall be afforded a vote in the election to succeed him or her.

Mass Recruiting!

TyloV5 Edit: Well, we had GREAT numbers for such short notice (parshally because I was yelling what was going on on ACP chat, but hey, whatever works).  I’m glad we got to help out the Romans, and thank everyone who was there!

Hey, it’s TyloV5.  Well, I know it’s the leader’s job to post this stuff, but I guess they didn’t know about it.  So:

There is mass recruiting for the Romans today!  Here’s the info that I copied from the RPF site, which was copied from the Roman’s site:

Where: ACP report to plaza, check romans site for correct uniform.

Server: Ice burg (note to Acp, more to saint and co leader, I have two servers to offer in exchange for ice burg, since oagal took it from us with no invasion, and its better than us invading.)

Rooms: Town, Docks, Plaza, Cove, Beach and Forest


Day: 7/29/09, Wednesday


2:00 pm Pst and Pacific

3:00 pm Mountain

4:00 pm Central

5:00 pm Eastern

Now, this leads me to believe that, unless they’re lying, we gave ice berg to the wrong army…  I’ll let Dryvit sort this one out…

Also, to the ACP leaders, you guys (and me too) can only be there for thirty minutes, unless you decided that you don’t want to go the the meeting with the next gen leaders.

Okay, there you have it.  Be sure to check the posts below (they’re all important, besides Shab’s, but that’s still funny), and I already told Dryvit, but I’ll be gone from the thirtieth of July to the second of August, so try not to have too much fun without me!

Dobby, OUT!  (How’s that for a catch-phrase?)