Mr. Bear’s Story Part 2

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Part 2

Chapter 8

When Mr. Bear got to Nacho World he saw that many of the soldiers were dirty meat. He decided that he should look for another group of people to eat before coming back to Nacho World. Thats when he saw that there was someone spamming an advertisement for another army called Ice Warriors. He decided to go to Ice Warrior World to find out if they were any bigger. They weren’t but Mr. Bear had never tried these blue people before so he made up his mind that he would try one and see if they were any good.

Chapter 9

The blue people were okay….not as good as the green people….but not as bad as the soldier Commando had tasted. Mr. Bear had found some blue people worshiping this orange person named Mimo. He ate all of the blue people and decided that this orange person tasted so badly that he spit him out and then clawed him to pieces for tasting so bad. He then snuck into the Castle of Icey and found Icey unguarded. Easily Mr. Bear grabbed Icey and pushed him into an empty room. Then he forced Icey to schedule a big IW rally in front of the Castle of Icey. After Icey made the announcement Mr. Bear of course ate him because that is what Mr. Bear does. Then he strolled thru the castle to the courtyard to get more food.

Chapter 10

When Mr. Bear got to the courtyard he noticed that there were no guards. It was going to be a very easy meal for him. He started walking towards the gates to close them to trap all the blue people inside when out of nowhere comes another creature that attacks him and they both roll out of the courtyard and into the woods. It was Hattrick that had attacked Mr. Bear. Hatt had not been able to go to the big practice battle because he was taking a jog (Inside joke to Hatt). Mr. Bear thought that Hatt would be no match for him because claws beat fists anytime but thats when Hatt changed. Hatt transformed into a Wolf :O. Hatt then told Mr.Bear that he was hungry and he would like to join with Mr. Bear and help him get food. Mr. Bear thought about it and agreed since the fighting made him even hungrier and he was starting to get his claws dirty. Mr. Bear gave Hatt the name Mr. Wolf and they set off back to the Castle of Icey to go get some food.

Note: Chapter 11 and after instead of typing out Mr. Bear and Mr. Wolf, MB is Mr. Bear and MW is Mr. Wolf.

Chapter 11

When Mr. Bear and Mr. Wolf, now named MB and MW, got back to the castle they found out that the alarms had been rung. But when they stepped into the courtyard, they found no guards, no army. No one even had a weapon. The blue people were all smiling and cheering. MB and MW were confused until they saw a blue creature coming towards them. This creature was small, about the size of a mushroom, and he was blue all over. He was very friendly so MW and MB did not think that they had anything to worry about. This creature introduced himself as Mr. Smurf. He asked them to leave the blue people alone and when MB and MW refused, he started to grow. He grew to be 200x bigger than he originally was. This might seem like he grew very big, but he didn’t. 200x the size of a mushroom is about the size of a golden retriever at most. MB and MW started laughing at how puny their opponent was when Mr. Smurf got a huge mushroom and swung it at MB. MB was knocked down but MW clawed at the mushroom club and sliced it to pieces before Mr. Smurf could swing it again. The fight went on for a few minutes like this. MB or MW got knocked down, the one still standing knocked Mr. Smurf down. Both got up and it started again. Finally MB knocked Mr. Smurf down before he knocked MB down. While Mr. Smurf was down, MW grabbed his legs and started spinning him around. After getting some pretty decent speed MW let Mr. Smurf go. He flew and flew…..and then hit the side of a mountain. He bounced off the side of the moutain and fell until being impaled onto a rock. For the third time today MB walked towards the blue people ready to eat them.

Chapter 12

Mr. Bear and Mr. Wolf had a lovely picnic. There was no resistance, the cooks even got all the ingredients they requested. It seems that loosing their leader Icey and loosing their protector Mr. Smurf had made them lose all hope. MB and MW thought that it was a shame that there hadn’t been more fighting because the fight with Mr. Smurf was kind of a disappointment. After they were done eating all the people of Ice Warrior World, they headed towards Nacho World ready for more food.

To Be Continued in Part 3




Part 3:

32 Responses

  1. Lovin it Shab

  2. Being Eatan by Mr Bear wasnt pleastent 8I

  3. Btw I had no Idea IW owned a Smurf…

  4. NOOOOO MIMO!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5

  6. I’m meant 8

  7. 7th roflmao! “the green people tasted better than the blue people but the blue people where not as bad a commando.’ -or something like that either way lol


  8. Make Mr Bear puke out Hannah Montana’s bones and blood! And make all 50 of Hannah Montana’s clones get eaten too!

    In the previous story, Mr Bear ate Hannah Montana! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Please dont kill UMA world o_o

  10. Awesome part 2, Shab! XD Why didnt he eat the Nachos second, after ACP? Cuz Nachos taste good! Lol. The story’s fine how it is.

  11. I want to get eaten! PLEASE make MB or MW eat me! Oh and maybe you could make a third one named Mr. Lion.

  12. W00T! I get to eat people! 8)

  13. I’mma read it laterz, it’s lunch time now xD

  14. Ummm… Very creative

  15. You murder xD

  16. not bad

  17. Two man animals going on dates…. homo’s hehe

  18. STILL FUNNY!!!

  19. nachos should have tanks and fighter planes and a huge epic battle with MB and MW

  20. Shab,

    Do you know how cheesy this is.

    A funeral is more intressting then half of this

    1. Theres less crying in this one
    2. You still read it
    3. You were suppose to have disappeared yet this is the first post u comment on it a while. Seems like it caught your attention.

  21. i know how to kill MB and MW!!!! with a cheesey joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. MB IM YOUR BIGGEST #1 FAN!!!!!!!

  23. woot i bet i taste good to MR.Bear

    iw 4ic


  24. Shab, make MB/MW eat RPF next.

  25. i still say i should come back to life (D)

  26. cool


  28. MB AND MW BETTER FORGET ABOUT THE NACHOS if they try to attack person i’ll EAT THEM
    P.S. say that i did that in part 3 my penguin’s name is Antneecb

  29. llooooll love this.this should be a movie! or a book!

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