Practice War: ACP Delta Vs. ST

The leaders of the ACP and ST have planned a Practice War between the ACP and the ST!  We could only choose one diviison due to size issues and randomly Delta was chosen.  At the time below, Delta will battle the ACP in this exciting practice war!

Date: August 2nd

Time: 2:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

Server: Southern Lights

Room: Mine

Lets all wish Delta good luck!


35 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. OH YEAH!!!

  3. 3rd or w/e

  4. woooooo hooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!


  6. woohoo!!! 😀
    Go DELTA!too bad i ain’t a member anymore xD

  7. Why does everything have to be on my birthday?

  8. No! Crap! I probably won’t be able to make it. I might be able to if Sunday isn’t all crazy, I’m coming back from my vacation then. This would be a good time to tell you I’ll be gone from tomorrow to Sunday, huh? 😆

    Good luck to Delta if I can’t make it, and happy early birthday Dry 😀


  9. I’m in Echo. 😦

  10. yay AWESOME ILL be there

  11. uh, thank you sir for this great honner of representing acp in this battle?

  12. I sincerely apologize for my2 week long inactivity, iwas at a family get together in myrtle beach south carolina. I promise i will make it up by attending the practice battle.

  13. WOO HOO! Im in Delta and I will try my best (Salute)!

  14. Good luck ACP Delta, good luck ST!

    (Better luck, ACP Delta :D)

  15. Good Luck Delta! Too bad i’m in echo


  16. Althoug I have no division and no rank, I will o to battle against the rpf. Pease be toboggan!

  17. i might make it i prob will

  18. im in delta im cristiano50

  19. GO DELTA!! best wishes

  20. Shame that only one division could go.
    KTMAN your my general as i’m in the second Alpha division.

  21. Happy birthday Dryvit. Hopefully it’s a great one 🙂 😉

  22. SF (the sensi fighters) are this new army on mamouth we should put them on our enemies list and the SAP (stop acp penguins) also hates us dearly the name says it. put them on our enimes list too none of them have websites though.

  23. Ok, bad news. I think all our back-ups are gonna be away Sunday. Noka’s at a family reunion, I might be on vacation or unpacking, and Pack’s on vaca too. Lemme check Delta ranks, I know Pack updated them recently.
    What?!? Since when am I second gen?!? Ok I really gotta be more active in Delta (ONO) Ok, so Draggy and Div should be able to take care of it if I’m not back.


  24. Back-ups as in back-ups for leader** I have a habit of using terms only I’ll understand.

  25. we need a navy division for the party on the fourteenth

  26. ill command it too ok?

  27. yes i can come

  28. i would be able to come but im in awesome Alpha.

  29. lol my first GOOD war but i prob not gonna be ther i gonna be at MO for two weeks without computer. =(

  30. yes could make it.

  31. yes i will be able to make it

  32. yo its yould anyway yeah for this battle the ppl like me in uk may not be there cause it is a 10pm our time

  33. Delte go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. i am here to tell you of the SAP we are fighting acp and i just want to give you a head start your in for some war

    Midflame222 SAP leader AKA ANTI ACP

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