More ACP movie!

Boomer’s Edit: We have now had 100,000+ hits for 7 straight months!  We need to get more active on CP though, we’ve been losing size while getting only slightly fewer hits, which means it’s more due to inactivity than lack of soldiers.  Even if nothing gets scheduled, leaders, Generals, etc. should try to get the soldiers on chat on CP at least once a day.  Keep up the good work!

Ktman: New senate times!  Check old post!

Hey guys im sorry the first scene filming didnt work out i didnt know i was gonna be somewhere. So here is the new info.
Where:ACP chat
Time: 2:00 PM PST (sorry if u cant make it)
People Who Need to Be There: Sonic and Meat.
Also guys im gonna pc a random person to play someone during this. its gonna be like a raffel i guese. The part will be an fbi agent. I will explain what to do when were there.

A Message From Sheila

Hello, ACP Soliders!

This is your new Ambassador Sheila! You  may know me as Sheila Gally or Little Gally, but I hope you can call me Sheila!

So, I had emailed Dryv a while ago proposing to help the ACP as an Ambassador. He accepted, and here I am! This is what I plan to do as Ambassador:

– Train using our tactics
– Make new allies
– And to improve ACP!

So, thanks for everyone that supported me! This’ll be an awesome experience!

Love Sheila ❤ ^-^

Fox: Congrats Sheila!! I pulled some old tactics from Oagal’s edit and added my own (hope that’s okay):

Heart: Regroup at the bottom of the screen

Joystick: Follow the ACP leader (Leader as in whoever is currently leading the battle)

Coffee: Surround the enemy

Mad Face: Make a HORIZONTAL (side to side) line

Sick Face: Make a VERTICAL (up and down) line

Clover: Charge the enemy

Flower: Spread throughout the room

Puffle: Make a circle (Circles are sometimes used for victory pics, this does not mean surround the enemy, just make a circle)

I’m having fun with this whole emotes-for-tactics thing so you can expect me to be your new least favorite leader from now on! Take that Meat! Hehe ^_^ Jk ^_^ (Okay yeah that was kinda mean..)


Also, please ONLY LISTEN TO WHOEVER IS LEADING. I’m tired of noobs trying to take command. It’s like “HELLO, I’M ACP 3IC, AND YOU ARE ACP CORPORAL. PLEASE SHUT UP.”

Maybe when we’re scheduling battles we should have “Leader: Dryvit, Seanehawk/Pc Engine, Ktman, etc.”

Ok I’ve made a long edit and done my 3ic duty for the day =D

Ktman: Maybe you could actually do some ranks. XD

Fox: I just did a huge chunk the other day! D:<

IMPORTANT—Senate Meeting And Alpha Ranks

Ktman: CLub Penguin Fantasy Football League Draft is tonight at 5:45 PST.

Ennbay here! I have decided that, as most of the leaders and senators have pointed out to me, that we need another senate meeting! Although, I couldn’t have one while I was in Israel. Now that I am back, I decided to schedule one!

Date: Wednesday, September 2nd

1:00 PST

2:00 Mountain

3:00 Central

4:00 EST

9:00 GMT

11:00 Jerusalem


Why: It’s about time we had another one! Also, we have some things to discuss.

Leaders and Congressman please comment saying if you can make this or not. If we do not get at least around 8-10 people, the date and time of the meeting may change.

Note: If you are not a leader or a Congressman, DO NOT go to this meeting. You WILL be guested and banned forever.


Alright, on to topic number two. I have updated the first half of Alpha Ranks to the ACP Site Ranks page. If you are in Alpha Division, please read and comment on the top post.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO LEADERS: I would like to talk about the ranks, as there have been many complaints of names being removed for no reason. This affects all of the Division ranks, too, and I do not like having people kicked out of ACP because errors were made.

Dryvit’s edit. No one was kicked out of ACP. I put an active active soldiers post and and an active officers post up for 3 weeks asking all active members to comment. If they did not check the site and comment for 3 weeks, they were cleared off the ranks as inactive. No mistakes made, no one fired.


Thanks For Your Time,


Army of Club Penguin Chat Moderator, Army of Club Penguin Alpha Division First Division General, Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin Vice President, Red Raiders of Club Penguin Legend, Army of Club Penguin Legend, Former Army Of Club Penguin n00b rank, Two Time Former Army Of Club Penguin Senator, Former Red Raiders of Club Penguin Leader, Creator of The American Yankees Army (changed name to The Armed Fighters Army), and Club Penguin Armies Veteran Soldier from Late October of 2007

— I love mah long title! 😛 —


Fox: Gladly 😛

ACP Movie update

Time to film the first scene in the acp movie. this scene is on acp chat not club penguin. I will explain what to do when everyone is there. also if your not in the acp movie u can come but u have to follow what we are doing.
So this is the info
Date: Tommorow
Time: 2 PM PST (srry if this is a bad time for u)
Hope to see u all there. (also coment if u have the robot cousteum on cp)

Practice War for Echo

Hey Echo,

Batin has decided to have a major practice On Saturday September 5th!


1st General:  Thomas0270

  • General: Matthewmsh1
  • Master General: Batintrenche, Coolguy12348
  • Lt. General:  Klug1234
  • Major General:   Wurburt45348, Snowballpink
  • Sergeant Major General: Noseycjr, Pinkgirl1114, Coollove152, Starlorb3
  • Brigadier General: Jcd484, Shadows549,  Starwars5467, Apocolypse66, Dommo3
  • Colonel: Bighead2496, Dddd99410, Han Solo12, Seancastle, Vetsd, Wildnavy99, 44dog44, Dirk41nash
  • Lt. Colonel: Doohicky23, Love4life5,  Wasabiix, Skoolperis, Terimea345
  • Major:  11jb22, Adioboard, Daiuf,  Jet The Hawk, Warriorii, Bumpy1234
  • Captain: Bobby662676, Igdogjr916,  Ninja4778, Pimplego2287,   Spacersdude, 3yell, Soccer793, Mrchips10, Randomness9, Blackyoshi, Anirko11, Xhuntercorey, Takashiemeko
  • Lieutenant: 1run, 4444fluffy, Anchor Lad,  Devandsean, Djmarvin, Golacorn, Hamie111,  Mrcj7, Osapenguin, Ron547, Slappy3333,Thunder562, Wemmington, Vio786
  • Warrant Officer: Hsw98, Mega Pikle1, Pongo496,  Trinakat600,  Blue Nev1, Charliem21, Chuckisthe2, Lincoln31543
  • Sergeant: 1wildwind3, Beaverflute, Hedgehog32, Gadunka345, Leaderbird,  Rafipenguin, Sean441, Stton, Lee394, Littlebunse5, Narutorock14
  • Corporal: buzzm279, Waterboyz228, Hasanb123, FrostyKing49, Fifth Door


2nd General:Jediseth

  • General:
  • Master General:  Bfan212
  • Lt. General: Sonic The 1, Totaln00b
  • Major General:  Saiyaman Xc, Clintos007
  • Sergeant major General: HiYellowHi, Johny4, Khalgar1
  • Brigadier General:  Black Icer, Icem3n, Nodear, Pete852,  Rider4429, Swat Bandit, Wolvetone
  • Colonel: Frostbeetle8, Lillie Rose, Pman elite, Rugrat93, Shuffle360, Soxpitcher, Tex9m, Wambo871, Matre10, Itunesgeek1, Astropilot1
  • Lt. Colonel: Apedwards,  Austin8310, Gtracer, Icefactorx, Small Troubl,  Wojanna2, , Robin888, Astrowby, Lucky888
  • Major: Jojo48545,  Sillysparkie, Cooldude7401, Andrewf2, Hi Hi byebye
  • Captain: Beddall, Dan Popper, Exblade315,  Icey Cold27, Kuro Wolf,Magoo98, Mariofire99, Saphiira845, Ibarreche, Rspct Green, Kiopyt, Stumpy Narf
  • Lieutenant: Ajk 89, Daneswan36, Elifb123, Jason Mcg, Maxsue, Nattrick, Pink23art,  Yankees1398, Danthemanr1, Reeceb, Rogueunit10
  • Warrant Officer: Axxeor, Bubblyboo100, Cab8, Edge126,  Rockinator1, Silver2253, Super Bat Bo, Anirko11
  • Sergeant: Espeon Rox, Fliperboy7, Lil Dude52, Luketrus, Meyers1313, Moon Man Two,   Tarheel26, Nacho892, Danny9632, Sasuke714
  • Specialist: Nixter500
  • Corporal: Etac14, Kaliebron, Sef220, Michshark,  Captain pie3, Jumbo1201, Pengopopper

Batin will reward points to each team


Only three charges allowed (any charges more then more than three for a team result in point loss)(in charges use joke bomb enemy cannot counter with more joke bombs  and must getaway and reroup from charge), no spamming, make sure snowballs are thrown, use lines, and have fun.

Time(s): 12:00 pst, 1:00 mt, 2:oo cst, 3:00 est, 6:oo Britain

Judge: Batintrenche

Where: Snow Fort, Snowforts

Advice: Thom and Jedi I’d make a seperate chat just for this PB so you can give seperate orders and People wont get confused

Thanks, comment if you’ll be there :-D

ACPTR Graduates!

Dryvit’s Edit: Congrats to all the recent graduates. Your ranks have been updated. Once again, great job to Tylo and his fellow cadre. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Hola Ladies and Gentlemen of the ACP!  It is my honor to present this months graduates from the ACP Training Regiment, and the ranks they should recieve!  So I ask that Dryvit or any other leaders update the ranks accordingly.

Thanks to all the ACPTR staff who helped out this month, and special thanks to Matre10 for setting up the graduation, and writing the graduates list that I shall be using in this post!

Disclaimer> If your actual Rank is higher than the one you currently have you stay with the higher rank you had

Blue Team Graduated Cadets

Danny9632     A+ Gets the Rank Captain on ACP!

Leaderbird     A+ Gets the Rank Captain on ACP!

Green Team graduated Cadets

Srgt Flame     A+ Gets the Rank Captain on ACP!

Red Team:

Red Team Graduated Cadets

Walewaf     B Gets the Rank 2nd Lieutenant on ACP!

Sown Man     A Gets the Rank 1st Lieutenant on ACP!

FredFred Bur     A+ Gets the Rank Captain on ACP!

Black Team graduated cadets

Scruffy516     B+ Gets the Rank 2nd Lieutenant on ACP!

Tomphas     A Gets the Rank 1st Lieutenant on ACP!

Okay then, moving on!

Now, to everyone who may think that my War Server idea has just died, it has not.  The WSO (War Server Organization) now has a site:

It isn’t anything fancy, and still needs some work.  But this site will now be our “base of operations”.  If you would like to join the WSO, pc me on chat.  Spots are limited, so keep that in mind!

Alright, that’s all I have to say right now.  Oh, here’s a catch-phrase:

“Oh, and Squidward.  You don’t wear pants.”  -Spongebob Squarepants


War On Ice Ninjas *AND TACTICS*

UPDATE: Since MCP defeated CP Ice Ninjas yesterday and claimed Glacier, Delta will now be invading Grizzly for the purpose of claiming it. Due to circumstances beyond my control (Parents) I cannot attend the the invasion. I have faith in our leaders and feel victory is all but assured.
Ok, so some nOOb army called the CP Ice Ninjas have declared war on ACP. They have it scheduled for Sept 5, 2009. I say why wait! Lets go to war now. So ACP officially has declared war on the CP Ice Ninjas. We will invade their 3 servers at once on Sunday, August 30, at 2:pm Eastern time. The invasion will last exactly 30 minutes. The servers will then be donated to needy armies.  The following are the server assignments. Lets show them what ACP has to offer!!! WOOT!!!

Alpha: Crystal @ Snow Forts

Delta: Grizzly @ Snow Forts

Echo: Avalanche @ Snow Fort

If you are not in a division, pick a server to help invade.

Oagal: (notice how I put it at the bottom ;))

A few “people” are under the impression that the ACP has no tactics. Well, let me go over some of the ancient strategies we had back in my day :mrgreen:

After the leader gives an order, every soldier should either repeat the emote or type it. For example, if the leader orders a charge, everyone should either make the Clover emote or just say “charge.” That way even the noobs know what to do.
I suggest Dryvit holds a training session so all of you get some practice with these commands.
Heart = Regroup at the bottom of the screen
Heart = Regroup at the bottom of the screen
Joystick = Follow the ACP leader
Joystick = Follow the ACP leader
Coffee = Surround the enemy
Coffee = Surround the enemy
Mad Face: Stand in a horizontal (side-to-side) line
Mad Face = Stand in a horizontal (side-to-side) line
Sick Face: Stand in a vertical (up and down) line
Sick Face = Stand in a vertical (up and down) line
Clover = Charge the enemy
Clover = Charge the enemy

Fox: *cough cough* Apo *cough*


Nono: Sorry for editing. Just wanted to remind everybody of 2 things:

1. Only Dry does promos! Don’t bother any other leaders about it. In fact, don’t even bother Dry.

2. No asking for promos on chat! Complain all that you want (unless it gets seriously annoying), but DO NOT PC the owners with “WER R MUH PROMOSHUN? I CAN HAZ PORMO? IR ACTIV!!!!!1113345234”. Just comment.

Dryvit’s Edit: Ok this is getting old on comments. You need to actually look on the ranks before complaining you did not get a promotion. One comment complained about no promotion when in fact they recieved a double promotion. One of just a few to do so. The active soldier and active officer posts were up for 3 weeks, do not say you check the site every day if you never made a active comment. You will not be promoted. Thank you.

Hello ACP ! It would appear it is promotion time again. I tried to be fair and hope I succeeded. If not, please leave a comment here with your Name, Rank and why you deserved a promotion. Keep in mind, the active soldier and active officer posts were up for 3 weeks. Congratulations to all who were promoted, you earned it! You will find your rank on the already updated RANKS page.

Movie Meeting Results

DISCLAIMER: I know nothing about the movie, so don’t PC me about it. I’m just reporting the information that Speeder gave me. Here are the results:

  • Some of the people playing themselves may be asked to change parts and play someone else due to the limited number of them who are actually characters in the movie.
  • People participating in the movie must be more active.
  • If you have music suggestions, comment with a link to a video of the song. The video must have a download link.
  • The next meeting will be in 3-4 days.

Rock on!

-!<~Dr Nono Jr~>!-

Retirement of Cody765

Hello ACP soldiers this is Cody765 ACP Captain and i am sorry to say that i am retiring………I am not retiring because of anythign in ACP its becuz i had my 1st day of 6th grade today and it was a lot of fun!!But however i came home and it felt like my legs were gonna fall off from walking from period to period so i will also be loaded with homework this year and it will be hard to stay active on chat and come to battles with all my homework  and i think school is more important than a made up army for Club Penguin XD but i am sorry for those hwo dont want me to go but if i dont my grades oculd drop and i just cant keep up with it all…… But anyways here are the people i would like to thank in my career….
Flipper6998, you were my best friend we know each other in real life but we went to different middle schools good luck with your life.
Danthemanr1, another great ACP friend good luck with everything
Danny9632, i am  sorry if i spelled ur name wrong the numbers were hard to remember lol but anyways MY APPRENTICE  how could i forget you? good luck with all
Meat aka seane hawk, you were always nice to me and you never let me get my hopes down your a good friend and dont change for anyone good luck with everything
Nilesoatman, not in ACP but we were the best of friends when u were in that car wreck and could have died i was on every night to make sure you were ok good luck dude ill miss ya
Adav, suportive and cool good sense of style and funny good luck with all Adav
Thom, thom my good friend you are awesome cool dude out going and talks to everyone good luck with your sister
Dryvit, Dry i could say many good thingss about you but to make a long story short you were a good friend and are awesome good luck in your life dude
Fox, a cool girl always hangs with the guys and is sneaky and devious ha ha ha good luck with everything fox
Sand aka lillie rose, ha ha ha i tried to get many secrets from you but you wouldnt tell best of luck lillie
Mr.chips10, you were my friend and a cool dude thanks for everything
Lincoln, another good friend thank you also
Everyone in ACP that i missed i am sorry if i missed you, go far in the ranks for me and do your best stay loyal to ACP forever and never give up!!!!