Thanks for the nightmares, Shabby 🙄

Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

Look below for whats going on today in Acp. Tonight when your going trick or treating…..don’t go to the houses without lights. If you do you might find someone who looks like this:
Melting Man

I personally would think it would be pretty cool…..after I run away screaming of course.

Well anyways eat lots of candy because NO SCHOOL SUNDAY!!! means that your mom can’t say “don’t eat too much or you will get sick and miss school”



ACP WAR!: Un/Planned Battles

Fox: Whee it’s underlined…. Anyway, Meat PCed me today && apparently it WAS NOT HIM impersonating Tommy yesterday. I apologize for my mistake. Meat has his eyes on me, apparently. I find this funny because how is that any different… and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Boomer: I’m semi-grounded, so promos will either be tonight or tomorrow, whenever I’m allowed on.  I apologize for the delay, I know you were looking forward to them, but they will be coming soon.

TyloV5 Edit: I know that the first battle interferes with Trick or Treating for some people, and that the last battle falls on a Monday for the people in the UK.  So, in all due fairness, missing the first and last battle wont hurt you personally.  But please do tell us if you’re going to miss the second one.

Tommorow the first day of the ACP WAR will begin.  Unlike our last attempt, there will be three planned battles each taking place on one of the three servers.  Divisions will still have the option to invade whenever they like but in addition to that there will be these battles.

The Battle of Ice Breaker

Day: October 31st

Time: 4:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

The Battle of Klondike

Day: November 1st

Time: 4:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

The Battle of Snow Globe

Day: November 1st

Time: 7:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

Each battle will last about an hour and be decided on a combination of size and points.  Note, at midnight tonight any invasions can start and will be counted, thoguh these are the planned battles.


Retirement of Coollove152…

Retirement of Coollove152

Hey everyone. I never thought this day would come soon but there is a lot of things going on. School starting, much homework, etc. I am never able to get on because my family is on ALL the time. They also kick me off so I can’t say bye on chat a lot. I would like to say some thank yous.

Batintrenche: I think you are one of the greats in ACP history. Loved my career with you. Hope the Oilers do well.

Sonic the 1: Good friend. Funny dude too.

Boomer 20: To start and end my career this year. Cya later!

Dryvit and Div: Some other Georgian boys. Funny people. GO BRAVES AND THRASHERS!

Clintos: Hope your Canadiens do well. Ever going on hockey.tk?

Bighead2496: Remember me? I was that dude that joined the police thingy.

Bigpeng92: Hope you do well old friend. And new still.

LillieRose: Nice friend. I voted for you. J

Snowballpink: Hiya Pinky!!!!! How ye doin’? XD

Coolguy12348: Haven’t talked to you as much. Have a good career.

If I forgot you, I’m sorry, I’m trying to read the whole ranks!

Here’s my retirement song.

Everything by Lifehouse

I will still be on chat. Might come back next year.

Former ACP Major General

Hear Yee, Hear Yee!!

Dryvit’s edit: Just to clear up a misconception about the ranks, ALL division generals are EQUAL in rank. No division general outranks another one. If you are listed first on your division, that does not mean you outrank anyone. Division generals will share authority and responsibility equally. And never get too comfortable, you never know when those ranks might get shaken up or swapped to get things motivated.

It is time for another senate meeting. Senators bring forth your ideas for ACP on Sunday, November 1st at 4pm Eastern time, 3pm Central time, 1 pm Pacific time. It is imperative that all senators be there. Any ideas or bills will be presented and voted on. Following the official business, the meeting will be open for any ideas from the soldiers and citizens. Everyone’s  ideas will be heard and if merited a vote, will be voted on. We will not be voting or entertaining ideas or bills on any ongoing bans or firings. Those are determined and subjected by Boomer20. All others are valid. So bring your ideas and your best behavior to help keep ACP the greatest army on CP.

Fox: Hey y’all, I don’t feel the need to make a new post for my Halloween party. I’m thinking all day tomorrow on the server Snow Shoe we’ll just.. oh I don’t know, party our penguin butts off.

The retirement of Hasanb

Well here I go guys, I think that the time has come for me to retire and I will. I’m not going to write a huge speech or anything like that so I think I should go on to the thanks.

Houndy: A great friend and good luck in MFW and life.

Packer: Same as houndy but are you coming back.

Obi: Another great friend good luck in life and ACP.

Miroos/Zamros: I think I know that you like to be added to these :D

Clintos: Wow what can I say the best mate I have ever had, good luck in life

Boomer: You are a great leader and keep it up.

Dry: Well what can I say another great leader and good luck in life.

Ias aka The Rowdy Irish Guy: Good luck in life and Rugby

Johny4: My first bff you will do well, mr typo

ST1: I still don’t believe your ST1

Dan Popper: Good luck in ACP and MFW

Pippy: Good luck on your internet and your phone

Axe: Another BFF well done on your internet

Rapidy: I doubt you remember me but I was your “kicker”

Ads: Good luck in MFW and Nachos

Aka: Hope to see you online on Cod: Mw2

Bluey: My best enemy and a best mate of mine.

All the people I forgot: Thank you all for making this a very brilliant experience for me.

I would like to be remembered on the legends page and I think that these people deserve a promo;

Johny 4.

Dan Popper.

¬Hasanb123 “the n00b”

ACP WAR!: Choose A Commander

A conflict has broken out through the three divisions and war draws closer to this army everyday!  There is barley anytime, all divisions must start to prepare immediatley.

For two days this weekend conflict will be upon this army.  It will be a non-stop brawl with the sole purpose of capturing the server’s of your enemies.  Whoever has the most at the end of the war will be the winner.  Here is a guide to each division’s server.

Echo: Ice Breaker

Alpha: Klondike

Delta: Snow Globe

But first, you must choose a commander.  The commander will lead your division and will make all decisions about it and must be smart and very active.  Choose wisely and quickly, because I would like your division’s decision in 24 hours.

Good luck, and may this ACP WAR! be much more sucsessful.


  NOTE: Unlike last time, the commnader is the only position in this war besides simply being a soldier.  The amount of positions we had last time screwed up the war.


Where are we heading?

Recently I, as many others have noticed, our beloved chat is becoming more and more unrecognizable as the ACP chat. What was always the mainstay of chat is slowly eroding into something I am not proud of. ACP has always been the number one army in the CP community , and this is for several reasons, the biggest being the leadership and our safe, friendly chat. But that is becoming a bragging point of the past.

The past few weeks chat has become more adult oriented and less CP friendly. We recruit as THEE ARMY OF CLUB PENGUIN, we represent all that is good with CP. We are not the Nacho’s with their lawless society they call chat. We are not UMA or IW where cursing is expected and encouraged. We are the ACP. We do things differently and it shows. We garner many recruits because they know they can come to our chat room and not worry that their parents are looking over their shoulder, it’s a comfort not found on other armies chats. But lately we have been sliding down a muddy, dirty slope. This has to stop, and it has to stop from the top down. I know there will be those who argue chat is no place for the younger ones, if that is true, why do we even recruit on CP? Why do we call our selves the ACP? If your hormones cannot be kept in check, there are plenty of chats where you can go until you can control them. I am tired of leaving chat because a few decide their fun must over ride that of the majority. I am tired of seeing Divotoo having to leave chat because others decide the rules no longer apply.

This will stop today.If our current mods cannot control themselves or others, new ones will be found who can. Same goes for our leaders, myself included. The ACP will not become just another perverted chat room on the sliding scale of right and wrong. ACP will always stand on the side of right, it is who we are and always will be. If anyone has a problem with this moral obligation, I invite them to visit the other chats with your parents, and see which they prefer you participate in. Lets see if we can’t make ACP chat the best chat for all of CP again. Thanks. And long live the ACP!

Dryvit  2ic.

Boomer’s Edit: Thank you Dry, I believe it is time to tighten up the rules again.  The problem starts with the fact that the mods, who are responsible for keeping chat under control, are being inappropriate, and even those who aren’t are not enforcing the rules enough.  This is going to change.

Random Poll

Oagal’s#2 edit: I think either Fox or Cort is jealous, because someone keeps deleting my ad campaign to be the father (or mother, idk) of Boomer’s child. Not cool. 😕


Boomer: Fox was ahead by a lot for most of the time but Court closed it out at the end after advertising a lot on other chats.  Advertising was allowed so it wasn’t cheating, but I’m still not sure it was a fair race, so I would say either call it a tie or redo the poll O_O

Uhh… I’m being forced to post this and it seemed wrong to put it on Enn’s retirement post so…

Here you go

People are actually advertising this





London Bridge Is Falling Down

Enn’s Edit: For those of you who were betting on how many times I retired, it’s now 10 times. Milestone! xP

London Bridge is Falling Down,
Falling Down,
Falling Down,
London Bridge is Falling Down,
My fair lady.

You must be thinking a few things. One might be “LOL WTF IS THIS?” Another might be “Uhhhh okay…” and another one would be “Is Enn ok?”

Well, time to get on with it. Here are a few things I want you guys to know, just so everyone knows the truth, not what Harv has given you.

1. Harv would not give me the UMA Chat Password, even though we were both equal leaders. Therefore, that’s not fair…

2. Batista1822 was allowed to cuss me out on UMA Chat without punishment.

3. I was treated like crap. You can ask Jd and Viper if this is true, because it is.

4. The password of UMA chat was something immature about me.

5. When they finally told me the password, Harv changed it.

6. I was already getting fired, my chance to help rebuild UMA gone before I even had it.

Yeah, so now you should know the real truth, not the crap that Harv gives you.

So, I’m leaving. Nobody should have to deal with the crap that I was given.

Some people who I liked:

Itachi6dark: Without you, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be writing this. I wouldn’t have known anyone on xat. For this, I thank you. See ya in homeroom!

Purpur5222: A great friend. You have always been hilarious and will do well in life.

Benu2: You, too, have been a great friend, ever since we met in the Red Raiders. I wish you luck with UMA, although I know you will do fine without it.

Crazyboy86: You, just like Benu, have been a great friend ever since we met in RR. I know that you too will do great in UMA.

11Jb22: I’ve seen you on more lately, luckily! I still remember you from RR. You are and always have been a great fran. Good luck in CP Armies and life, pal!

Thebest22: You were my first BFF. I do not know what happened, all I know is that you had to leave. Good luck in life, if you are reading this.

Yanksrule14: My second BFF. Well, buddy, good luck in ACP and in life.

Yoitspablo/Tostipotatoe: Haven’t seen you on as much. Thanks for being my fran. Good luck in life.

Trevor/Toe: I know you’re probably not reading this. I thank you for you’re franship. Good luck in life.

Kevin/Kg007: A former ACP leader. Boy, do I wish I could have been you. You’re a great fran. Good luck in life and good luck with ‘Nessa!

Vanessa/Saint1119: Also a former ACP Leader. You were a great fran, too. Good luck in life and good luck with Kevin!

Fort57/Phorty: You quit xat D= Well, you were a great fran, good luck in life.

Abercrombe29: I know you hate me. I know you hate ACP. I know ACP hates you. But, you were my fran. Good luck in life.

Oagalthorp: You don’t remember me much. Thanks for creating ACP. Good luck in life. Meat probably thinks you need it.

Iceyfeet1234: A good friend on chat. You are a great leader, IW is lucky. Good luck in the rest of ur army career (h/e long that may last O_O) and in life.

Josh/Person1233: A great friend on chat. You were a good leader. The Nachos were lucky to have you. I’m joining you in retirement. Good luck in life!

Eric/Boomer20: You too are a great friend, and were a great leader. Now, you’re back to help ACP. Good luck in ACP and life.

TomYellow: You were a great legend of ACP. Good luck in life.

Dr. Nono Jr: You’ve been here a while. Good luck trying to get up to leader in ACP a SECOND time! Good luck in life, too.

Rapidy: We have had our ups and downs too. I still call you a friend. Good luck in Nachos and life.

Shaboomboom: We’re kind of friends. Good luck in life.

Ankita/Jedimaster17: We’ve been great friends, and always will be. You were a good co-leader of ACP. Good luck in life!

Dryvit: You had a short term as leader. You were a great soldier of ACP. We’re friends, and I wish you the best in life. Welcome back as 2ic, by the way.

Seanehawk/Meat: Well, what can I say? I know you’re hated, but you’re still kind of my friend. Good luck in life.

Ktman: We have been friends for so long. I know that one day you will be ACP Leader. Good luck in ACP and in life!

Matthewmsh1: We aren’t exactly “Bff’s.” I know that if you work hard, you will achieve your goals. Good luck.

Dragon720: The new 3ic of ACP! Imagine that. We’ve been BFF’s forever. Good luck in ACP, life, and with larry. Larry’s lucky. Ily!!!

Adav: One of my besties! I’ll never forget you. Good luck in ACP, life, and with ur bf. He’s very lucky. Ily.

Foxtails: We’ve had ups and downs. Although, we’re still frans. Good luck in life. And remember… luv sucks!

Shedinja/Victor: You’re awesome. Good luck with life and court and errr anything else.

Jojofishy: Haven’t seen you in so long. You were a great soldier of ACP, and a great friend. Good luck in life.

Kid Robot: You come on from time to time. You were one of the best. Good luck in life, man.

Mitch/Bluespeed7: You have been a great friend. Good luck in life.

Solraida: One of my old friends, kinda. Good luck.

Sheila: One of the best ever. You have been a great friend. Cya around. Good luck in life, although I know that you don’t need it.

Stev712: You were one of my best pals. And I hope you’re reading this, even though you are “dead.”

Thomas0270: Still one of my frans, although we have had ups and downs lately. Good luck in ACP and life, even though you don’t need it.

Tomtwelve: Kinda a friend. Seen you on chat lately. Good luck in life.

Shad: One of mah besties. Good luck with everything. I know that if you set your mind to it, you will accomplish all of your goals.

Peguin21795: I didn’t forget you this time! :lol: Good luck in life, pal.

Nate950000: Good luck in life. Haven’t seen you lately.

Nodear: An old ACP great. Good luck with everything you do.

Mazachester: Another old ACP great. Good luck with everything you do, too.

Nakib: OMG, ANOTHER OLD ACP GREAT!!! Good luck with anything and everything you will do, friend.

Mr Random1: Yea, you retired. Good luck in life.

Meggis: Seen you a bit lately. Good luck in anything you ever do.

Motor20: We aren’t the best of friends. Good luck in ACP and in life.

Divotoo: Good luck in ACP and life, funny friend! (hehe, two F’s! And I didn’t even say firetruck! :lol: )

Uno148: Great friend. Good luck in everything.

Bluey92123: Got the name right! Good luck in life.

Klug: Idk your numbers. Good luck in ACP and life.

Clintos007: Well bud, time sure has flied. Good luck with everything you do, and remember, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Jediseth: Bye pal. WORK ON XAT ANIMATORS! And remember, life sucks!

Noka: Cya pal. Good luck in ACP and everything else you ever do.

Bfan212: Same with you. Good luck with everything you do, ACP related or not.

Ganondorf: Known you for a while nao. Good luck in ACP and everything. I know you’ll be fine.

Amitc87: Same with yuu. Known you for a while, pal. Good luck in UMA or anything else.

Bp98: Idc what people say, YOU AREN’T A NOOB! Good luck with everything!

Capncook: Cya. Good luck in life.

Chris (The Member): Ur kinda mah pal. Good luck in life.

Matre10: Good luck in ACP.

Rock71: Good luck in ACP.

Kenneth1000: Good luck in ACP.

Zzztops: Good luck in Nachos. Good luck in life.

Commando: Almost forgot about ya. Good luck in life, pal, even though you were against ACP.

Pinki: A good friend. Good luck in ACP.

Pinky: Another good pink friend. Good luck in ACP.

Oberst: You’ve been a good friend overall. Good luck with anything you decide to do.

Akabob: You’re a nice guy, and many people don’t realize that. You’ve done so much for the Nachos, and I think some people should appreciate that like I do.

Flapjack: A funny guy! Good luck with whatever! :-D

Tuxy: You’re a great friend, a great soldier, and a funny person. Good luck in ACP and anything else, pal!

Meadow Sue: Don’t really know ya, but you’re cool.

Videogamer7: Good luck in Nachos. You’re a great guy and a great leader.

Gwami: Good luck in Nachos. You’re great with graphics and all that stuff, so I know you’ll be fine in life.

Wurbur: You’re good with that stuff too, and you’re a great friend. Good luck in whatever you do!

Fallingtail: You’ve always been a great and funny friend! Good luck with anything you decide to do, taoh! :lol:

Fiasco: A funny and nice guy. Good luck in life!

Houndy: You’re a funny friend. Good luck in ACP.

Sky Warrior: You’re a nice and funny friend, too. Good luck in ACP.

DJ Layzie: You’re really funny. Good luck in whatever you decide to do in life.

Dj(then a lot of other letters): Can’t remember your full name. You’re nice, and I hope you have a nice life.

Sonic: I hope you really are the chosen one, pal. Good luck in ACP and life.

Mr Icefin: You’re cool. Good luck in life pal.

Apocolypse66: Not many people know you, but I do. You’re a great friend. Good luck in ACP and life.

Twilicat: All that I have to say is: HAPPY CATURDAY! Lol, you’re a good friend =)

Maxthepen: You’re too funny. Good luck in ACP and life.

Iasgae: You’re funny too. Good luck in ACP and life, I know you’ll be fine =]

Spaceybirdy: You’re probably not reading this post. You were a great friend. Good luck in life. I now join you in retirement…again xD

Omega90: You’re cool. Good luck in life and ACP.

Wafflemaster/Addy: You’re also cool. Good luck in ACP and life.

Some people who I do not like so much:

Batista1822: I thought you were nice. Then you do all this crap against me. Still, good luck in life. I hope you don’t need it.

Harv: Yeah, I thought you were my friend too. I hope you do terrible in UMA. Tell your “adviser” I say bye. Good luck in life, you’ll need it.

Trickster: Thought you were my friend, but you’re just like Bat. Instead of just insulting me for no reason, get on with your life.


P.S. I’ll come on xat sometimes, but not as much as I used to.

Also, If you want someone to blame for me leaving, here’s the people to blame:

Harv, Trickster and Batista1822

I’ve Been Lazy

Boomer’s Edit: Cuz Icey made me

If you can’t make this tactic session or just feel like attending another one to really get a handle on the tactics stuff, please help me and RPF out by going to their’s HERE.  It would be great if you would join RPF too (I’m also RPF Leader)

I think my initial goal when I came back was to get you guys active again, and I’m not sure I’ve done a great job.  Compared to other armies, I think we’re well ahead, but I’ve never been one to accept just “good”, we need to strive for “great” and beyond.  My hope is, this upcoming week, we will have an organized event on Club Penguin every day.

Tomorrow will be our first organized tactic session.  Here is the info:

When: Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Snow Forts

Chat: ACP Chat


12:00 pm PST

1:00 pm MST

2:00 pm CST

3:00 pm EST

8:00 pm U.K.


About Tactic Sessions:

  • Commands are given entirely on Club Penguin, so checking chat isn’t really worth it.  Being able to give commands solely on CP makes us able to move much quicker than our opponents.
  • To make the first part work, you must be silent at all times unless told to speak.  Soldiers must be able to see my commands, and if you are spamming overtop of me, it becomes very hard to give orders.
  • Spread out at all times.  If you notice you are standing on top of or very close to another soldier, move to the nearest open area.  This will make us look larger in battle.
  • Do not group around me, you’ll make it difficult for soldiers to see me and to receive my orders.
  • Carry out the tactics as they are given to you.
  • Do not ask to be my buddy during a practice, you need to focus on learning the tactics.  As a note, yes my buddy list is full (sorry), but if I added everyone who asked, I would have well over 1,000 buddies by now (ACP used to have over 3,000 ranked), and seeing as how CP only allows 100, I’m kinda stuck there…



  • Spreading Out – If you notice you are standing on top of or very close to another soldier, move to the nearest open area.  This will make us look larger in battle.  Varying degrees of this include shoulder to shoulder (for when there are multiple armies to a side), and then a full body length apart, making sure that no one is being overlapped by anyone else.
  • Charging – Watch for my signal (on CP), and then charge to the location I tell you.  Make sure you stop spamming once the charge is over so you can see my commands.

Types of Charges:

  • Spam Charge – Spam ACP over and over during the charge
  • Clover Charge – Use the clover emote while charging
  • Joke Charge – Spam jokes while you charge


  • Regrouping – Watch for the signal to regroup after a charge.  It could just mean spread out, or move to a new location in the room, and then spread out.
  • Lines – There are two lines, horizontal and vertical.  If I call for a horizontal line where I am standing, you make one left to right in the room.  If I call for a vertical line, you make one up and down.  Horizontal = Left/Right  |  Vertical = Up/Down.  Make sure you don’t stand on top of other soldiers in the line, move to an opening.
  • Scatter – This tactic is for facing armies who spam a lot.  Spread out all over the room, so they can’t spam over all of our soldiers.  Make sure you are not standing anywhere near the other soldiers around you so that we are truly spread apart.
  • Circle – I may ask for a circle if I think we have the size for it.  For a circle, you must spread out all over the room.  This takes some time, and it is key, if you are in an area of the circle with a lot of soldiers, make sure you move to an area with less soldiers (there are almost always open areas).

We will be moving throughout Club Penguin once we have mastered certain tactics in the Snow Forts.

Comment if you have read and understand all the tactic info and also if you can make the tactic session!