The Origins of the Watex Warriors

Batin Edit: Nice post Boomer! 😆 I thought I’d tell you guys that about this site; this was Watex’s old cheats site. Click Here to view it and then tell me what you see thats different. Thats right! The sites back up and running! So maybe Watex wasn’t just checking in on everybody, eh? So what do you guys think? I sure hope he’s back ‘cuz I’ve never met him yet! xD

Boomer: Yeah he left a comment on this site a few days ago saying he was back lol

This was a message I received from Watex himself which provided me with some surprising knowledge about the origins of the Watex Warriors’ name!  Watex left this in a comment on the WW site, and I have decided to post it because it relates to ACP as well.

Hey Boomer,
I made this comment on WW’s site: Not sure if they’re gonna read it or do anything but it’s 100% true. IT’s a good comment so I thought I might show it to you. Do with it what you will, show it to the other army leaders, put it in a Army history page, whatever:

Hey Luc,
Just wanted to give you some history about WW. I think it would be good if you added it to your site somewhere (you can even just quote it directly): the name Watex Warriors for the army was named by … not me but Oagalthorp of ACP! I had all these plans for my army, including names, etc. but I ended up not wanting to label my group as a full out army, so I left the name blank. The first time I scheduled a practice ‘meeting/fight’ with Oagal’s army. Oagal ended up posting about my army on his site and naming them … the Watex Warriors! I ended up going along with the name. So next time, when you hear the army name dont think of it as vain for me to name it after myself … blame Oagalthorp of ACP. lol.  As for the orange color and uniform.. Orange had been the theme of my clothing and costumes for a long time, so I went along with that.  I give you permission now to alter the uniform to make it more stylish as much as you want if you want.


I thought that was kinda cool 😛  Welcome back Watex!


Acp Training Regiment November 2009 Graduates

Hey ACP!

Most of you may know me as the CP Cheats poster,I’m also the Leader of the Army Of Club Penguin Training Regiment (A.k.a Boot Camp) . There,2nd Lieutenants and Below Soldiers Register as Cadets,and during all the month they learn History,Tactics,Formations,Leading & much more. They are awarded grades from F to A+,at the end of the month those with high grades are awarded a Promotion in ACP.

Now,For the graduations…

Blue Team:

4996ddexter C ……………….. Gets rank of Warrant Officer!

Green Team:

Adamster97 B ……………….. Gets rank of 2nd Lieutenant!

Red Team:

 Bombby B ……………….. Gets Rank of 2nd Lieutenant!

Black Team:

Boie5 A+ ……………….. Gets Rank of 1st Lieutenant!

This was an awesome Month at the ACPTR,along with a lot of Soldiers as new Staff,we updated a lot of things. If you are Ranked 2nd Lieutenant and below,you can join the ACPTR on December to be like this month’s cadets too! 😀

Click Here to go To The ACPTR Join Page!!


Epic Win

Boomer: Leaders please don’t add any more soldiers to the ranks today, I need to keep them the way they are until promos are done.  Thanks.

The practice battle with the Nachos was AMAZING.  We had close to 65 soldiers on Club Penguin at the peak, and the Nachos never stood a chance.  Our chat was 4th largest with 55 people as well.  And it was a MONDAY.  Guess now I know what we’re capable of when I give you 24 hours notice instead of 5 😛 .  Here are the pics:

Half an hour early we already had 35 soldiers:

Even 15 minutes beforehand, we built a massive line with over 45 soldiers:

A huge clover bomb:

Gamer saw that and decided to call it off, then had to leave:

Rapidy decided to round up the Nachos for another try, as we built a massive circle with nearly 55 soldiers (like that’s not intimidating):

Yeah let’s just say charging the Snow Forts didn’t really work…

ACP closes the circle down on the Nachos in the center:

We then regrouped and led a massive joke bomb on the Nachos at the top:

Back into a circle still with close to 55 soldiers:

A solid clover bomb on the Nachos at the top:

We then made a line along the bottom and had another huge charge at the top:

A final charge as the battle ends with ACP still having over 50 soldiers in the room (another 10 trapped at the Town):

We were tied for 4th largest chat with 55 soldiers!

Some other random pics, apparently some Nachos wanted us to stop pulling troops out 😛 :

Then some soldiers were talking about what “age” this was.  Since my last time as leader was apparently the Golden Ages, this was Platinum or something.  Meat was the Dark Ages 😆

Great job ACP!  We showed exactly why we are the strongest army in Club Penguin.  To the Nachos credit, Gamer calling it off initially hurt them, but even after 40 minutes under a new leader they never fielded more than 6 soldiers despite 15 on chat.  ACP, you should be very proud of yourselves!  The turnout for a Monday was amazing!  I bet we can do better though!  Never be satisfied with being a good army.  We must always strive to do better.  Despite many of the armies falling around us, we have proved that Club Penguin armies are not a lost cause.  We will keep fighting until we are back to the level we were at before and beyond!

Comment if you made it!


Advertising Drive

This is something I had wanted to do before I retired last time but never got around to it.  We need to get the word out on ACP even more so than we have been.  Here are some ways to do this:

  • If you don’t have a WordPress homepage, use as your homepage when you leave comments (or set it to be that on your WordPress account)
  • On chat, if you don’t have a homepage, use
  • If you own a site, add our link to the blogroll and even better, add the banner(s) (see instructions below)
  • Visit other chats (probably not army chats) and see if they are interested in joining ACP
  • Comment on other Club Penguin sites (if links show in comments, then post our link, if not just commenting and having our site as your homepage may help)
  • Anything else you can think of

How to Add Our Banners

  1. You must be an Administrator on the site you are putting the banner/button on.
  2. Email us at with your CP Name in the subject and ask us for either the banner code, the button code, or both (see below for what they look like).
  3. I will reply with the appropriate code.
  4. Go to the Dashboard of the site you are adding the banner to and scroll down to “Appearance”.
  5. Hit the tab if necessary, which should make more choices visible and choose “Widgets”.
  6. Choose the widget called “Text” and drag it into place on the sidebar.
  7. Copy and paste the code I have given you into the Text Widget
  8. Press Save, and you are done!

Here are what the two different banners look like:

ACP Banner


ACP Button

Join Today!

Any questions, come talk to me on chat.  Thanks for all your helping making ACP even better!


Recognition Long Overdue

Upon reopening the old ACP email, I discovered a message from May 6 sent by then Major General Dryvit.  This email was sent during the major war we had with the Nachos back in May.  Its contents reminded me that in my absense, Saint took over the leadership of the battles in a time of turmoil, despite being only a 3rd in Command, as other leaders failed to leading the troops through the war.

I would like to share the email as a snapshot of the moment rather than rely on my memory of what went on 6 months ago.

When Fox informed us your unfortunate banishment, we all thought, been there done that, we will survive. Then came the war. I will admit fearing the unknown without Boomer leading the way. But we had Aber, Shab, Sol and Saint to guide us through. Boy was I wrong. Aber never cared about the war but somehow managed to always be on chat, being, well, Aber. Sol declared himself neutral. How the leader of a major army can declare himself neutral in a war against everyone else is beyond me, but I guess that’s a conversation for another day. Now to why I took the time to write. Boomer I am not sure I can even do this under the rules but in case I can, I formally nominate Saint for the Medal of Honor. Saint stepped in during your absence when others chose to step away. The first few days of the war she fought for hours leading charge after charge to fend off nearly every army on CP. Chat would be full, and just a handful of us led by Saint fighting the battle. Somehow we managed to keep Snow Fort. Then came the big invasion. No one wanted to fight for us. I tried to recruit everyone on chat, even the retired members with no luck. They saw the mass of Nachos and their allys waiting. Saint took the lead and off we went. I am not saying she hit the first pitch out of the park, she fouled a few off at first. The first hour it looked hopeless to be honest. Then it changed. Saint became like Boomer Jr. She took real command, she refused to lose. And the troops responded Boomer. They followed commands, she sent patrols to find and counter the enemy forces. She divided by division, to fight on several fronts. She really made things swing our way. Boomer we both know she didn’t do it all alone. She had great generals like Stev, Meat, and Thebest, to trust with her orders and they responded. Some how a rag tag bunch of green penguins held off the world and achieved what I consider a victory in a draw. What seemed so hopeless, was suddenly a celebration. To all those who refused the call to defend ACP I say shame on them. I do not know the criteria for awarding the Medal Of Honor on ACP, but Boomer, if you asked me to write what it should take to earn it, I would simply point to Saint’s actions in your absence fighting the ACP against everyone war.

Thank you Boomer,

Dryvit. Major General ACP.

The Medal of Honor is given to all troops in the ACP that show exceptional dedication, bravery in battle, and help in any great way necessary. The ACP Medal of Honor is the greatest award in Club Penguin military.


Traditionally only awarded by Oagalthorp himself, the Medal of Honor has been the highest honor for an ACP soldier since it was first awarded to a group of loyal soldiers on February 18, 2007.

For this act of leadership when it mattered most, I am proud to award Saint1119 a long overdue Medal of Honor. With it, she joins the ranks of the finest soldiers in ACP history, names like Oagalthorp, Koolaidman7, David Shawn, Goozgooz, Gorond, Us Soilder, Lt Giovanni, Penquin Jim, Orcacam07, and Boomer 20.  Congratulations Saint, you deserved it.


Retirement of Fred317

They say the weapon makes the warrior
but in my case
its the warrior that makes the weapon as I am sure you all remember of our quest to defeat the crew
I took part in the down fall of the crew I was bravely spying spying on the crew And that day at mammoth plaza was all thanks to me for the defeat of jeeps hiring of those armies i will be here every now and again Ive worked with some of the best here Larry johnny luke boomer kitty snowballpink and pretty much everyone else no soldier could have better comrades than i had here working with the acp I bid you all fare well and when your in the thick of things remember this HIT HARD HIT FAST AND HIT OFTEN SALUTE!

Also the ones id like to thank
johnnyluke for his training
boomer for his leadership
kitty for her kindness
and everyone else for the support

You guys are probably wondering why i would quit a great army well personal matters school and my girlfriend get in the way of this wierd right and i can never be around for a battle meeting etc. i will make sure to vivsit the chat room everynow and again so just look out for me and say hey

Retirement of Clintos007

Here is the retirement post of a long-time ACP soldier, Clintos007.  He was one of the oldest soldiers left with us, having joined in February 2007.  We wish him the best.

Today, I, Clintos007, announce my temporary retirement from ACP. First off, I am getting bored with ACP because I cant do anything to help it, theres no wars to go to, practice battles don’t cut it, and barely anyone trusts me anymore, so yes, I may come back one day, and I may not, I will be on chat sometimes, so you can talk to me then.

Here is my retirement song:

Here are some people I would like to thank:

Oagalthorp: Yes, the master, the creator, in my opinion, the best guy to ever lead ACP, and without him, all of us would still be CP noobs with no idea of what real life is 😀 .

Hattrick: My partner in crime! We made so many armies together just for fun! Good times…

Mazachester: Ahh Zach, we still talk on Facebook, and you are so dead for saying I suck at hockey, but anyways, awesome guy, SSACP pwned with him.

Coollove152: my hockey bud, we had good chats, and it was good when my habs killed his thrashers on a Saturday night.

Boomer 20: The leader, the self proclaimed Pwnzor, good luck with ACP, and remember, Hattrick and I have been here longer than you 😀 .

Blueh: Teehee! nuf said.

Thebest: Oh yeah, big guy who led Echo Brigade with me, we so pwned, our succes in Echo Brigade is the reason they took them away and brought in Divisions.

That leads to…

ECHO BRIGADE SOLDIERS: You guys all pwn so bad!!!! Go kick some butt and own everyone!

Solraida: haha that guy, rememebr him? Yeah, fun times with him on chat.

Stev: hoo hoo haa haa, when you were 3IC chat was so awesome!


Tylo: Hai der bud from ACPTR, you were probably our best teacher there

Enn: How the hell did I forget you ENN!!!! You pwnz

Mitch: I cant believe I forgot him, the only guy who would accedentely say Clit and not clint without even trying every time I came on chat…

Dry: Haha I forgot you! nah jk jk, you were a good friend, and didnt try to force anyone in to things

Fort and Kg: OMG teh brothers of pwn, cookies for kg, and of course, a new robot model for Fort, the Phortatron57 V.4000 😀
And last, and certainly least…

Meat aka Seanehawk: Yeah, you and me used to be buds until you got to 3IC and turned into a greedy idiot of a dictator, then all that was left was me pwning you tons of times on chat and you banning me 3 times in a row for no reason because I was winning an argument 😀 . and look here, I did win, your not in ACP, because I was right, and I was with the good side.

Strange o_O, meat got the longest one. Oh well XD


Forever, ACP General of Echo Brigade

Practice Battle with Nachos

Thom: I hope EVERYBODY makes it! This will most defiantly prove that we dserve number 1 spot if we get a great turnout.

Larry’s Edit: Yeah its on my birthday! 🙂

Don’t forget about the second recruiting session HERE!

This was scheduled a while ago, but it was so far in advance I didn’t see a lot of point in posting yet, but here it is.  I talked with Meadow Sue, the Nachos 3rd in Command, and we got a little Practice Battle scheduled for this Monday.  This is the last event before Promotion Day so it is more important than ever that you come!

When: Monday, November 30, 2009

Who: ACP vs. Nachos

Where: Snowbound Snow Forts

Chat: ACP Chat


3:00 pm PST

4:00 pm MST

5:00 pm CST

6:00 pm EST

11:00 pm U.K.

Everyone try to get there a little bit early so we can recruit, and make sure you are on ACP Chat! Comment if you can make it!


Recruiting – New Strategy

Thom: I cannot make the first one and hopefully/might make the second one.

Larry Edit: Ugh I hear you about stupid teachers and their homework! =/

I’m going to try something somewhat new today with the knowledge that I won’t be on a lot (stupid teachers and their homework).  I am going to schedule 2 recruiting sessions for today, but in case I’m not on, I am counting on you, the soldiers, to carry them out.  This will be a good test of responsibility and dedication to ACP, and seeing as how promos are scheduled for Monday, it’s in your best interest to make the best showing you can.  I’m counting on you guys to be responsible and get on Club Penguin at the scheduled times and show me what kind of leaders you can be.  Here is the info (note that there are two of them):

Recruiting Session 1

When: Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Ski Village

Chat: ACP Chat


12:00 pm PST

1:00 pm MST

2:00 pm CST

3:00 pm EST

8:00 pm U.K.

Recruiting Session 2

When: Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Ski Village

Chat: ACP Chat


5:00 pm PST

6:00 pm MST

7:00 pm CST

8:00 pm EST

1:00 am U.K.

Comment if you can make one or both of them!

How to Recruit: Search Phrases

Type in these messages to help us get recruits!

Make sure you are talking at these recruiting sessions, you aren’t helping us if your penguin sits there doing nothing!  I want to see messages everywhere so the recruits know we are an organized group.

  • Look Up ACP Army of Club Penguin to Join
  • Join ACP Today and Protect CP Tomorrow
  • Turn Green and Join ACP
  • ACP is the Army of Club Penguin
  • We Protect CP from Harm
  • Our Color is Green and Our Leader is Boomer
  • If potential recruits ask questions, answer them!

Good luck guys, and I will do my best to join you!  Leaders take some pics so we have something interesting to look at in the next post 😛


Its a tie!

HA! Anyway, read below vvv

Boomer: As soon as I saw you on chat I was like I’m not gonna have this very long xD
Shab: And the war begins………