Complete List of Promos


Here are the promos for this month.  I apologize for the wait, I got grounded.  If you see Dry, please thank him for completing most of them, it was a huge help.

Apologies that the promos are not in bold, but please look for your name and use (ctrl+f) or (Edit+Find) and search for your name.  If you can’t find your name, ask for help on chat.

Without further ado, the complete list of promos:

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Today’s Events/Planning Ahead

First off, Da Dobby shall tell you about the battles today:

The Battle of Klondike

Day: November 1st

Time: 4:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

 And next:

The Battle of Snow Globe

Day: November 1st

Time: 7:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

Remember, the second one is pretty late for some people (or REALLY early for those in the UK) so you don’t have to make that one.  But please tell somebody if you can’t make the first battle today.

Now, for the rest of this post’s title.  I’m already planning ahead to next weekend.  You can all thank me later.

First off, on Saturday we’re going to have a tactics session.  I’m tired of people saying “The ACP have no tactics!  They’re just hugely big!”  Yeah, hugely isn’t a word.  Whatever.

Anyway, here’s the times for the tactics session:

Date: Saturday, November 2nd

Time: 1:00 p.m. PST

What: A tactics session… Duh…

Description: We will work on: Lines, spreading out, line-breakers, fast and effective charges/regrouping, and giving me all your money (It’s very important that we learn this one).  This won’t be too long, we just want to cover the basics so we’ll be ready for:

A Practice Battle.  Now, we can do two things for this one:

A. We can ask the IW or the Nachos to have a PB with us.

B. We can schedule an ACP War battle.

We’ll decide later.  For now, enjoy your candy from Halloween, All Saints Day, or the day before the Day of the Dead (I cover ALL the angles).

TyloV5 (I’m alive)

P.S. If you didn’t notice, I updated the Allies and Enemies page.  I need to talk to Boomer about this…

Promos for Brigadier General and below only….


Promos are done to Captain. If you are a 1st. Lieutenant or below and feel you deserve a promotion, please leave a comment on this post. Thanks. To all others, Brigadier and below, if you feel you were over looked for a promotion, please comment here. No angry comments, that will not get you a promotion. Thank you for your help.  Dryvit.

Edit: Please check your comment to see an update on your requests or complaints. Thanks.  Dryvit