Im Back

Hello there, stop the presses, because Dragon is back to ACP =)

~Dragon 720

A word about promotions.

As the complaints for promotions wind down, I felt it was needed to clarify what a promotion is and what it is not. And to briefly explain why certain ranks received nary a promotion. First, and this a biggie, promotions are not a gift. Promotions are earned. You do not sit on chat and earn a promotion. You do not skip patrols and practice battles and earn a promotion. You do not threaten in comments and earn a promotion. You earn a promotion by setting an example, not by having been in ACP for a year or more. You initiate patrols, you go to drills, practices, battles and yes participate on chat when and if you can. Set an example and the promotions will be there waiting for you, you will not need worry.

Second, why did Soldier X, a Brigadier General not get a promotion yet again? When you reach the rank of Brigadier General, the expectations grow with that rank. The ranks above you earned that rank, they did not spend their time having fun on chat and forgetting their duties. The top is very crowded, there are very few ranks for many soldiers, you must make yourself stand out. Lead patrols, show up to practice, show up to battles. The last battle we had, each division had 2-3 people show up!!! And this was with promotions looming. So before you ask why not? Ask yourself why? And I bet you know the answer already.

To the new troops or mid ranked troops, keep up the work, do not let up. There is no reason to look at the ranks above you and think you can’t get there, you can. We know who does what, we have pictures of practices, drills, battles. We take note of who is going on server patrols. The top ranks may be crowded, but there is always room for outstanding soldiers to be promoted, never settle for where you are, strive for the top and you will get there. Thank you to all who earned their promotions, and thank you to all who intend to earn their next one.

Dryvit 2ic