Big Changes, hold on tight…….

Larry Guy- Thank you all I will not fail you! Dryv, Boomer, and Ktman, I couldn’t of done it without the great leaders helping me along my path. And thank you for everyone who supported me… If you want your voice to be heard, PC ME! 🙂 And thank you Pack, I couldn’t of done it without you especially. Without you, I would not have gotten this far. Go ACP!

Shab: I’m gonna get you thomas

Dryvit’s edit: Larry will need to get his own xat account before he can be an owner on chat, and his own Word Press account before  he is added to the site.

Batintrenche: I thank the entire ACP for this opportunity to be the 3ic of the Army of Club Penguin, the largest army out there. I would ramble on and on and make a large speech but I’m really sick right now so I’m not going to. I might not be able to be too active in the first couple days, because of the fact I am very sick. BTW, Boomer could this be my editing colour?

Boomer: Sure Batin

Thomas0270: Thank you very much Boomer, Dry, and Ktman.  Boomer’s has informed me that my new edit color is blue!

ACP is proud to announce the following changes to the ranks from 3ic on down to Lt. General.

The newest addition to the leader ranks are as follows,

3ic. Batintrenche

3ic. Thomas0270

3ic. Larry4Guy

New division Generals

Alpha: Jediseth

Delta: lasgae56

Echo: Divotoo

New Generals


Sonic the 1

New Lt. Generals



Dr.NonoJr. -unretired

That is all.   Except please give our newly promoted a large round of applause!!!!

WAR!!! Well a fun war anyway…..

CPU is hosting a sort of a invasion tournament on Nov.7th. This is going to be mostly just for fun, and I hope to see many armies there. All armies in our top 10 are automatically invited. Comment if you would like to request an open room also this tourney is a battle tourney you can form alliances and stuff and well you are wating for the cue on the chat for the tourney to start and we will be editing this post with our chat soon so when the tourney is on we wold like everyone there to hears whats going on and other armys like FW and ACP  and wveryone else you CAN give orders on our chat or to suprise the judges do a cool order so bassicly on our trumpet cues you will be chargeing with a tactic to your next room if you dont know which room to go to just charge to any room and see what happens so on our big horn you will all be chargeing to the snowforts and have a epic battle .And also if this server belongs to anyone below dont worry you will not lose it, Its just the server that we picked randomly now it is time to talk about alliances in this tourney

So this tourney is also a ally aloud tourney for armys who might think they are too small for this tourny you can make  a alliance with 2 to 3 armys top but if you are major you can only make a army with 2 armys.


When: Saturday November 7th 2009

Where: SnowMobile

Time: 2pm est, 1pm cst, 12am mst, 11am pst,( 7pm UK)

The tournament will run from 2pm-5pm (EST times)

Map of Armies



Burnt Orange: Nachos: Snow forts


Gold: GW: Soccer Pitch: ACCPETED,CPIB(Club Penguin Ice Breakers) ACCEPTED

Black: WW: Plaza

Purple: Tacos: Forest:ACCEPTED

Red: IMAF: Beacon

Sillver: HSA: Ski Village: ACCPETED

Burnt Red: FW: IceBerg:ACCEPTED

Pink: Golds Rulers: Dojo:ACCEPTED,BW (Blaze Warriors) ACCEPTED

Light Blue: UMA: Cove: ACCEPTED

Gray: Sun Troopers:Dojo Courtyard: Accepted

  • Ski Mountain:TWA(The Warrior Alliance), CPC(Club Penguin Clownz),RBA(Red Blue Army)
  • Boiler Room : GA(Ghost Army), CPAU (Club Penguin Army Unit)
  • Mine:CPC(Club Penguin Crew)ACCEPTED, HW(Hydro Warriors)ACCEPTED,PDW (Penguin Dynamite Warriors)ACCEPTED
  • Also I forgot to mention that there can be more than 2 armys in each room to battle well they are waiting for the tourney to start f you want to sign your army up for this tourney please comment with the questions below.The judges will be Sparky will be the main judge,Saw and Panthers will be other judges and Leboto as full army commander.

    • Army?
    • Room?
    • Site?

    ~CPU Team~