A breathe of… dissapointment?

Larry: oh no im no i dont mean to get carried away! sorry if it seemed like that guys, its just i mean a whole conversation yesterday on chat was condoms :/… that shouldnt happen we should know better than that! thats all im saying 🙂

Batintrenche: Larry I like how you are taking action and all against this swearing and sexual language on chat, however I do agree with Hatt’s comment alot. Don’t get too, too carried away with this. And just to add something, there has been something concerning me alot more than the swearing and sexual talks. It has been something called respect. Or in this case, disrespect. First of all, religion is against the rules on chat, is it not? Yes, yes it is. And for the most part people have been observing that. But not always, please, please, do not talk about religion as it will offend and could eventually ruin friendships. The same goes for politics and frankly just arguments, why would you argue with people from your same army? Aren’t we supposed to be and fighrt together? Preserve justice and protect freedom? How can we do that when we’re all fighting? You tell me. And to wrap it all up, I don’t think that calling someone “so gay” is anymore acceptable than calling someone “super retarded”. Thank you guys, Seeya!

Thomas0270: First, everybody who likes baseball visit here  http://acpbaseball.wordpress.com/and sign up, pitchers, pinch runners, and coaches expecially wanted. Lastly, this is a very great post that Larry wrote. I have noticed truthally we have gotten better at this, not being as inappropriate as usual. Keep this up, and ACP could be for the most part good for young kids.

Ktman: Larry where not 2.  I agree with most of this post but not using words like butt and stupid is somsething I was told in kindergarden.  We can all still use:  Butt, jerk, stupid, crap, and hell.


As a mod i had been observing the past few months how our behavior on chat is getting worse. Sexual language and curses are like no big deal. Well now that I’m owner, I can finally change this with the help of my fellow companions. Now I don’t like to kick, but I seem to notice that im going to have to enforce it greatly. Now when I do kick people, they are like “thats not a bad word!” so in this post, im making a list of words that are accpetable and non accpetable: basically any sexual language like s*x, c*ndoms (WHICH WAS THE SUBJECT OF A CONVERSATION TODAY) are not accpetable along with any curse word. Butt, jerk, stupid, crap, and hell as in the devil’s happy hideaway (LOL) are the worst it can get.

So please, act your age and straighten up, set a good example for our younger soldiers. Remember, its not just me but the other leaders agree as well that this needs to change. Peace!

– Larry Guy 🙂



Glad To Say Hi?

Hello everybody. Thomas0270, new ACP 3ic here. I’ll just open-off with a small paragraph on my ACP history.

I joined ACP on September 4th (Proof at http://www.zippy500nachos.wordpress.com/ , check join page comment 116) and have had a great time ever since. From being the  Major at Mammoth Dojo trying to lead Colonels and under, to being the General commanding Division wars. I’m glad to be a new 3ic.

I plan to schedule a recruiting session, practice session, something fun for divisions, or a practice battle once every week or so. I won’t be a 3ic posting once every month, scheduling something every two months, and never being active. I plan to be as active as any other member of ACP and do my duties as the 3ic.

Your new leader and friend,


Great Job Guys!

Hey guys, it’s Batin!

First of all, like I said before I am so, very, very overjoyed about all this an once again would like to thank every one of you guys for this! I wish you all best of luck in your Club Penguin army careers as well.

But now, on to the real reason for the post. I’d like to bring to your guys attention that earlier today, we had a recruiting session that went really well! I have noticed soldiers, and friends of ours like Iasgae, Mchappy, Motor and quite a few others have been quite keen on doing recruiting and things recently. But it isn’t just these select people who are doing a great job for the betterment of ACP, almost all of you have now, especially our newer soldiers! As a message to anyone who has just joined recently, following the people’s example is probably the best way to get good promotions.

Okay, Seeya next time guys


My first post, and a few announcements.

Hey everyone, Larry Guy here! For my first post i wanted to make a few announcements….

First off, is the ACPTR (Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment). Now it’s been a while since any announcements has been made for this, but i think it desereves a few! ACPTR is a great way for brand new recruits to practice with their war tactics and to get to make new friends that are just as new to the army as them. I feel it’s a great way for all of our low ranked soldiers to get active!  So if you are a new recruit and you would like to join the ACPTR, you can sign up here. http://acpbootcamp.wordpress.com/

Also… not only is 3IC a gift to me, but I am also to look after the Alpha division as well, and though i already know most people in alpha, most isn’t everybody! So this Friday from 8-10 eastern , i would like to get to know all of the alpha soliders and see if they have any comments/concerns. It will be on the Alpha chat and i hope to see all Alpha Division Soldiers there!