A Post To Sign Up

If you are not in a division (check divisions page on ACP site), and want a division, below comment your username and rank. you will not get the division you ask for, so please do not ask. The 3ics will give you a division that has less people at the time. Most active members in ACP have been spread out, and active members have been spread out.

So comment below if you are wanting of a division!


A word for all 3ic’s

Here are the rules for our veteran and new 3ic’s.

The join page must be up to date every other day.

The divisions page must be caught up by doing the following,

1. Update current ranks

2. Drop those soldiers not on ranks

3. Add all soldiers to a division

4. All new joins going forward must be assigned a division, requests for specific divisions cannot be honored anymore.

These items must then be kept current, how you decide amongst yourselves to do this is fine by us.

If we find these items lagging behind, we will hold tryouts to replace our current 3ic’s with new motivated 3ic’s.

Now, go earn those gold pawns!!!

Your beloved 2ic, Dryvit : )

Misunderstanding from my Post

Larry: Thank u Batin, and nice job recruiting yourself!

Batintrenche: Once again guys, great work in recruiting, this will be a tiny little edit too insignificant for a post. We had some good fun and I have this picture from after.


The pink people were attacking a poor little sheep! Ohnoez! Seeya guys, good post Larry.

People are saying “what we cant say stupid and crap!” THATS NOT WHAT I SAID i said thats as bad as it can get! Please read the posts more clearer people who have said that. The reason for writing it was to show the mods that its not fair for them to kick members that curse if they curse as well. Okay? Oi vey! And thank those of you that read it correctly and knew what i meant.

-Larry Guy 🙂