And Now For Something Completely Different Aka The 2nd Retirement of Shaboomboom

Shab: Ktman if you put that x-mas tourn post thats about 2 months early over this one I’m gonna get you.

Everyone should have seen this coming for the last two weeks. I’m retiring again. This time hopefully forever unless meat happens to come to power again in which case I’ll come back to help “pwn” him like Boomer, Dry, and myself did last time :D. My old retirement post is here:

There are only a few additions I’d like to make.


Watch Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and read the books. They are very good. That is where I got this song.


To continue my story where I left off I will start when saint retired.

When saint retired Dryvit took over but I was already retired at the time. Once school started I stopped going on chat but kept checking the Acp site. Then I saw that Dry had stepped down for meat. I had promised to come back to Acp if this happened to prevent meat from destroying Acp.

I came back, caused many fights (FUN TIMES!!!!) and got myself banned and unownered. Dry stood up for me and also got banned. The next day Boomer started a coup and with dry’s help and my own the coup successfully took meat out of power and put Boomer into power. I returned to Acp as co-leader, did some stuff and now here I am. Jan 3rd would be my 2 yr anniversary. I might pop into chat during that week. I’m not sure right now.


Boomer: Thanks for letting me help in the coup and thanks for giving me the rank of co-leader back. I’m sorry for the computer problems and then my disappearance from chat and the skipping of my join page duties.

We kinda drifted apart but I think its better because it makes it easier to leave. If you need me you know how to contact me. The chat is yours.

Hattrick: I love you man (In a non gay way). Keep sending me your riffs. I’ll keep in touch, you have my number. I have a gift for you when you come on chat.

Dryvit: You stood up for me and really came thru. Good luck. Your a great leader/co-leader and I hope you enjoy it. I also have something for you.

Thomas: You have definitely proved yourself to be a dedicated person. Your a great leader and I hope to see you as Acp Leader one day. I also have something for you. Thanks for being a friend. Ps: I won’t kill you for taking my editing color, you can have it.

Wicket: I miss you. I really do. You and Thomas could have been a great team :(.

Maz: Send me your band’s music if they ever end up recording it.

Meat: I see you on chat. Your banned forever as a guest. Give it up, really. You lost so much respect after hacking or doing whatever you did to Boomer’s account. Learn when to fold meat and either disappear or look at IW as you looked at Acp.

I’m still deciding if I wanna give Shaboomboom to someone to take care of or to leave him be.

Div, when you retire you get the pick the next memo man.

I might do a Mr. Bear Christmas Story when it gets closer to x-mas.


“Annoy me and you die XP”

Shaboomboom aka Shab aka Memo man aka Shaboomer aka Dan



BP’s Official Retirement Post

Well yeah hello I’m Orange ( or Bp call me what you prefer ) I’m unfortunately retiring ACP just isn’t what it used to be. And as my 14th year on this earth ends so does my club penguin army career. I’m also about 2-3 to old for Club penguin I’m proud to be the n00biest person to ever come on ACP chat lots of you guys hate me a lot and stuff but I couldn’t care less bet some of you don’t really care that I’m retiring and would rather I go die in a hole so my ambition of becoming a Div Gen. never will happen or being a mod. So yeah nothing special here just a random dude leaving ACP heres to my friends

Lillie Rose: an awesome girl one of my best friends here ORANGE POWERS ACTIVATE!!! *turns into orange* remember oranges have superior dancing skills
Scruffy 516: another favorite person of mine thank you for making me senses and for the great times on chat.=) sorry the relationship didn’t work out 
Headofpolice: you gave me the head start I needed but then you became a huge jerk.
Teh Flapjack : Funneh man and awesome guy IFA FTW!! Sorry IFA had to die Maxi just had to much power
Maxi96203: should have made you contrib.
Enn: GIANTS!!! W00T I’m and total n00b at heart man no matter what you say 
Batin: totally awesome dude ALPHA FTW!!!! And thanks for posting for this
Meggis and Coleslaw: Go take a long walk off a short Pier. You anti-semitic morons
I have to move along,
My final request:
I become an official ACP n00b and I  be modded for 72 hours you don’t have to grant them.
           Dr. Phil (inside joke)

Christmas Tournament 2009

Thom: Everybody, plase sign up if you are not on ACP’s Division page here:

Today I would like to announce the third annual Christmas Tournament.  Three years ago the first tournament was announced to prove who was the best army by having the best of the best compete in a bracket style tournament.  The first year the Golds won and the second the ACP.  In this new holiday tradition anything can happen.

I will be planning the tournament this year and have decided that the top eight Club Penguin armies will compete.  As mentioned above they will complete in a bracket style tournament to prove who is the best army in Club Penguin.

I am sorry for the lack of specific information, but that will come once I have confirmed that the top eight armies will all be participating in the tournament.  I will go to each of their chats to contact the leader but it would be great if their leader could comment here so we can get the confirmations done as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more info.


11/6/09 Catalog Cheats & Pin

Hey ACP!

Today Club Penguin brought a new Style Catalog winters themed,let’s move into its cheats.

Here’s how to get “The Dizzy”

1. Open the second page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click the white puffle on the right

The Dizzy white puffle

Here’s how to get the Red Viking Helmet

1. Open the third page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click at the Dojo at the back of the Page Background

Dojo for Viking Helmet red

Here’s how to get the Blue Viking Helmet

1. Open the third page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click at the Dojo at the back of the Page Background

Dojo for viking helmet blue

Here’s how to get the Black Cape

1. Open the fourth page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click on the right blue mushroom

Right blue for black cape

Here’s how to get the black superhero mask

1. Open the sixth page of the Penguin Style catalog.
2. Click on the word “Work” from Penguins at work

Work for black superhero mask

That’s it for the catalog cheats,now, here’s how to get the newest pin on Club Penguin.

1st. Open the Map
2nd. Go to the “Ski hill” (Mountain)
3rd. Walk over the top of the sled
4th. Click yes!

Sled Pin Mountain

Cya next friday ACP!