Larry Guy- LOL BOOMER!!! Did you not read dryv’s post?

Dryvit: There has a been a huge post about it up for over a week :X

Boomer: Sorry for the edit, but…

  1. There was a tournament?
  2. Why didn’t anyone tell me
  3. Why didn’t the people who knew post it

Either way we still got 3rd even though no one knew about it xP

I am sure most of you had noticed that the ranks were recently colored and coded by division. This was done by a 3ic who thought they had a good plan and worked very hard on it. Unfortunately, it looked good in theory but undo-able in practice. Our other leaders had just worked very very hard on going thru their respective divisions and dropped the unranked, and updated the ranks and made the 3 divisions very balanced. The arbitrary color codes undid all of that work and re assigned most soldiers to divisions they did not want to be in. Although this 3ic did work hard, he undid in one motion what had taken weeks and months to do. Instead of listening to reason, he wanted to argue, not his methods merits but that he worked so hard on it so we should leave it. I hate arguments, and I hate to disappoint too. But I had too many complaints, some from leaders and div generals as well as our soldiers upset at division changes when they had been in that division since they joined. I had no choice but to reverse the color coding. I advise all our leaders, before you waste effort, ask first, check with someone, then proceed. As it stands now, the divisions are back the way they were. Everyone is still in their rightful division, the ranks and numbers are again balanced. Thanks, Dryvit 2ic.

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