I’m done..

Edit: Thom don’t edit MY retirement post. It’s mine and you can’t dictate what I put in it. So lay off.

Well i’m retiring.

This isn’t going to be a long post. The only thing I want is to,

stay mod on ACP Chat.

Here are a few people I would like to thank.

Boomer: Your a good person, hope ACP does good things with you leading.

Dryvit: At first I hated your guts but know (NOW!) your my friend. Good luck.

Shab: You’ve always been a good friend of mine. Cya around.

I can name all the people I ever known in ACP but you know who you are. Anyways the reason I am choosing to retire are these.

1. I’m inactive.

2. I got demoted to Lt.General.

3. I want to stay in only 1 CP army know (NOW!) (nachos).

Also my birthday is in 5 days, i’ll be turning 13. And be addicted to playing Modern Warfare 2 on my PS3 for weeks. Anyway’s i’ll still visit chat but won’t attend ACP events.


The Retirement of Peguin21795

As asked by Him,today, exactly 690 days after he joined ACP,its the end for his journey. Here’s what he said:

Retirement Song:

Life sucks. The sun that once shown my success of a soldier in ACP had died and now it’s time for the real goodbye.

From seeing people on the old ACP chat to seeing new people on the new ACP chat, I realized how much time had passed. First it was Tejas Vs A, who spammed constantly on ACP chat, to a person like Bluey92123, who was working to keep ACP on the move.

From arguing with Sheila to spying on the Red Alliance, the years of my career in ACP was the best.

Starting last month or so, a lot of my friends have left. They retired and did what they thought was the best. I remember chatting with Maz on PC, or making jokes about Tex9m, but those days are gone. Forever.

Good luck Boomer and your army. Please find a way to cool the tensions between you and Meat. ACP will be different if you did.

The real reason why I’m retiring?

I have mental issues. I need to calm myself down. I’ve been stressed and suicidal lately. I just need to be by myself and seek help.

My friends:

Matre10: You’re the most awesome friend someone could ever have. I enjoyed having Friday Fun with you. Good luck in ACP and in real life. I guarantee you will become leader one day.

Jcapp64: You gave me a lot of advice when I’m down in the dumps. You cared about me and others. I don’t understand why people hate you. You are a cool guy and a great friend. Good luck in life.

Shaboomboom: My first ACP friend. You used to be a great friend who talked to me everyday. Now time has passed and we aren’t as together as before. Still people should learn from you. Good luck in RL.

Boomer20: You’re a great leader, but after the coup, you bought a lot of ‘no offense’ but n00bs on chat. It’s just my opinion. Anyhow good luck in leading in ACP and your life.

Yanksrule14: Your gonna love my nuts! (xd) No seriously, you’re the funniest and greatest friend one could have. I guarantee one day you will become a 3ic. Good luck in ACP and in life.

Tuxy: A great friend who has a successful career in ACP. Good luck.

Chase50: Same to you Chase. I regret treating you badly.

Keyser: I enjoyed talking to you. You’re a great pal. Good luck in ACP and life.

Danny9632: Great kid with an open mind.

Noseycjr: Good luck pal. I hope to see you as a 3ic sometime!

Ennbay: A funny friend with a great heart. Good luck pal.

Bluey92123: Same to you. I regret fighting with you back in July. Best wishes to you buddy.

Batintrenche: Get that BatCam rolling. You will be successful as a 3ic. You work hard and you’re a kind and humorous guy. Good luck pal.

Klug1234: Great friend. Best wishes.

Miroos: One of my first friends back in 2008. Good luck in Nachos and in life!

Larry Guy 4: You’re a highly minded guy. You deserve the 3ic spot. You are the man. Good luck!

Stev71: I missed you bud. You were an awesome guy.

Hattrick: I used to hang out with you. You have a successful life in front of you.

Houndy: Good luck with your army, once BFF friend. We should do some pranks on the Nachos again!

LillieRose: Good luck in ACP.

Cody765: Cool guy.

Kenenth100: A friend who never gave up. Good luck in ACP.

MrIcefin: Congratulations! I told you that you would soon become mod. Cool guy. Many wishes to you.

Brad448: A funny guy with an enormous mind.

Corysmig: Great friend.

Omega90: A guy who has a bright career in ACP also. Amazing guy.

Oberst: Good luck in RPF

Person1233: I remember when you got suspended from Nachos back in 08 (d)

Saint1119: Go Blue!

Kid Robot: My lost lost buddy from 2008.

Noka: Funny fellow. Good luck in ACP

Foxtails: A bright friend.

Capuzzi: My lost love.

Kg007: Classic Peg =) I love that name Kookiegawd

Tylov5: Cool guy. Good luck with life.

Bfan: A sophisticated SPY.

Capncook: Nice friend

Adamster: Good luck in life.

McHappy2: Bye friend. I’ll miss you. You have been very funny and cheerful.


John: Bye friend

Starlorb: Cool fellow.

Thomas: Good luck as 3ic.

Person535: I’ll never ban you again friend.

MeAt: Good luck with whatever your doing. Please try to find a calmer solution if you really want to come back to ACP.

Jediseth: My first Peg Cam victim. Anyways, good luck in ACP.

Uno: Funny buddy.

Axevolution: STEAK PWNCH!

Dr.Nono Jr: Good luck in ACP. Remember that you have friends who you can trust.

Clintos007: Funny fellow that says humorous stuff in PC.

Lucario564: Thanks for helping me run CPNews! Good luck in WW>

Snowballpink: Good luck in ACP.

Rogueunit10: Same to you.

Coolguy: Peace bro.

Pinki: Best wishes to you in ACP.

Ankita: Nice friend. Really helpful

Chilly: Cool friend. Tell Boomer to promote you one rank no matter what. You have been kind on chat and helpful to others.

Oagalthorp: A topminded intelligent guy! :O

Akabob22: Why’d you remove me from your buddy list pal? L

Divotoo: I loved your jokes

Dryvit: A bright future ahead of you.

Ironkid: You too man.

Motor: You three man.

Packer: Awesome stories

Rapidy: Good luck

Cas: Great Fellow.

Ias: Funny fellow

Mitch: My evil yet nice twin! :O

Ganon: Good luck in ACP.

Obiwan: You too man.

Fallingtail: You three girl.

Chapa: You 4 man. Sorry if I let you down with SCPA.

Coollove: I’ll get you one day!

Ctar: Old friend

zDoger: Same

Monsterfully: Helped me run CPNews

Isund: Him too

Candycloud: Supporter of the lost Saga.

Tex9m: Humorous friend

Other friends: Bobcat, The Jungle N, Coleslaw, Isund, Mazacster (however you spell it) and a lot more.

Haters and Enemies:

Dragon720: I don’t know why you hate me. Never call me an a word hole especially when I had a bad day. I was just joking. OKAY? Enough said. Still, wishes to your bright future.

Courtney: Yes I’m stupid. That’s why I resigned. Happy? Btw, I don’t know why you hated me the first place. You have to relax your temper. Don’t get impatient. Still, I wish you luck in life.

iRock: Calling me an S word head on chat and getting unbanned and pointing fingers at me. Man, screw you. I don’t care what you say about me. Facts overpower lies.

Sheila Gally: Thanks for ruining my site, loser.

Superhighfly: I lost 25 pounds (d)

Please never give up. The only reason I quit is because of my own problems. Its like a puzzle that’s missing 3 pieces. Once I mix them, I might rejoin. When is it? I don’t know.

For the last time