Declaration of War on the Club Penguin Crew

Larry Guy: And my post below! Happy Vets Day BTW!

Thom: Read post below

Update: Poll was taken down after being hacked, but before that it was about 85% yes, let’s continue the war 😛

Boomer’s Edit: Let me make this clear, I declared war over Jeep’s policies, not because I dislike the Crew.  I thought Droop was a great leader and CPC did great during the tournament battle, but as soon as Jeep comes back, he starts bullying around other armies again.  I think the way he handled Droop’s retirement was a disgrace and just shows what a jerk he is.

Adding to my list of reasons for war, Jeep deleted Droop’s retirement post where he rightfully chose the next leader and made himself leader again, and then makes up some BS thing about how they’re going to be helping everyone now.  Why does it take a real threat to make someone respect others?  The war is still on.

Well said, Boomzies.

Also, Cooltiger413, former ACP General, will be stopping by chat tomorrow at 5 EST!  Come stop by.  Also see Fox’s edit at the bottom.

Update: The Crew is starting to look really desperate, between pcs asking me to call this off and Jeep resigning the leader spot to become Co-Leader in an attempt to end this.  Based on the length of that list down there, I can tell how badly many of you want this war.  Do we continue forward and crush the Crew, or do we back off and pass up the opportunity of an invasion of epic proportions?  Your call.

This has been in the works for a while now and was only withdrawn once Jeep retired, but as soon as he came back, he decided to declare war on the Top 10 Armies (revised to numbers 6-10 after we threatened war).  Unfortunately for them, we have allies at 6-10.  “Operation Tiny Takedown”, a plan in which the Crew would overtake smaller armies to steal their servers, is just one of many examples of a “fan club” with no respect towards any army but their own, and their militant behavior must be stopped.  The time is now to put them in their place.

The Crew has fallen hard over the past few weeks, and with some help from ACP, were destroyed by HSA.  The Crew only numbered 15-20 during the battle, well down from their usual 30+.  The Crew is now more vulnerable than ever.  Explain to me how you won, honestly… It’s amusing how small the pics on your site are, yet you can still tell you were losing.

HSA owning in the Dock:

HSA vs Crew 1

The Crew retreats to the Beach:

HSA vs Crew 2

Where’s the green?

HSA vs Crew 3

This was at the end after the Crew LEFT and yet they claimed victory, yeah that makes sense…

HSA vs Crew 4

Jeep claiming victory at such a one-sided battle shows just how little he and the Crew know about how armies work.  It is more clear than ever that they are a fan club, because they can’t even last through a 30 minute battle without throwing in the towel.

If you want your reasons, here they are.  ACP formally declares war on the Club Penguin Crew due to the follow:

  • The Crew does not follow the rules of Club Penguin Warfare
  • They are not a true army
  • They show no respect toward any other armies who have worked hard for their position in armies
  • They planned to invade all small armies and work their way up until they own all servers in Club Penguin

The following armies have already joined us against the Crew.  Please comment to join us and help us preserve the true armies of Club Penguin and not this ridiculous fan club.

  • IW (Ice Warriors)
  • Nachos
  • GW (Golden Warriors)
  • WW (Watex Warriors)
  • FW (Fire Warriors)
  • UMA (Underground Mafias Army)
  • HSA (Hot Sauce Army)
  • BP (Black Panthers)
  • TWA (The Warriors Army)
  • CPST (Club Penguin Sun Troopers)
  • BB (Black Bandits)
  • CPC (Club Penguin Clones)
  • PH (Purple Heads)
  • CAF (Canadian Army Force)
  • CPL (Club Penguin Lightning)
  • CPU (Club Penguin Union)
  • CPAU (Club Penguin Army Unit)
  • CPWA (Club Penguin World Army)
  • Ninja Corps
  • Elite Shadows
  • GACP (Golden Army of Club Penguin)
  • CPWS (Club Penguin Warrior Squad)
  • SCP (Spartans of Club Penguin)
  • BFA (Bacon Flavored Spartans)
  • CPR (Club Penguin Rangers)
  • CPSW (Club Penguin Snow Warriors)
  • PDN (Penguin Daily News)
  • CPSG (Club Penguin Street Gang)
  • CPFT (Club Penguin Fire Troopers)
  • PPF (Penguin Patriot Force)
  • PCP (Parkas of Club Penguin)
  • BB (Blue Blazers)
  • NCPA (National Club Penguin Army)
  • The K
  • SACP (Secret Army of Club Penguin)
  • NUMA (The National Underwater and Marine Agency)
  • CA (Clan Alpha)


Jeep should have fun with this one 😆 [seriously not edited o.o ]

Jeep is Turned on by ACP and IW 2


Double Update (Not about Crew – sorry kiddies): For a looooong time now, like since Dry or Meat’s era, Fox’s xat has been messing up. Often I’m put onto chat as a random noob name and the ID number “199740063.” Tonight, I had been at least on my original ID number (sometimes I don’t bother to log in, afraid it’ll give me the noob name and guest me) and my computer froze when I tried to save a pic that Uno linked to me. (I am in no way blaming Uno for this – my comp often freezes when viewing/saving pics.) So I closed my browser and reopened it, and I came on banned. I PCed Saint to ask why I was banned, so either she turned her back and Shab banned me (I think this is unlikely – Shab was idle at the time) or my xat freaked (quite likely.) Anyway, now I’m logged out and banned and would like to be unbanned ASAP. Ty!! =)

Fox’s SECOND Update: I was wrong. It was likely.. ly.. Shab, ’cause he just unbanned and rebanned me. Jerk.

Boomer: Xat glitches like that sometimes, I watched an owner last night log out and log back in banned half a second later, so keep an eye out idk what’s going on.  Xat banned me forever when I reset the chat once, so I know it’s possible

Top Ten Large Armies and Medium Armies

Hey Thom here! Here are the top armies of the week!


  1. ACP
  2. IW
  3. Nachos
  4. WW
  5. GW
  6. Tacos
  7. HSA
  8. IMAF
  9. BP
  10. CPST


  1. FW
  2. MCP
  3. AW
  4. TWA
  5. PDW
  6. MFW
  7. CPC (Clubpenguin Clones)
  8. BW
  9. TS
  10. AT



Dryvit’s Edit: Yeah, I was going to set up a patrol but I was too busy doing 4 days worth of  join page. Yeah, 4 days worth. Larry, I swapped our days , we can start next week. Modays will no longer be good for me. So do Tuesday this week and Mondays next week. Yeah, 4 days worth, about 60 comments. Nice work 3ic’s.

Dry, like I said earlier, just tell me if you need help.


Here are the list of armies so far that will be apart of the Christmas Tournament.








 The Nachos are currently deciding if they want to join.  If they decide not to we will move to the 9th biggest army.


Make sure you read Shab’s retirement post HERE!

Also, Fox is excused for missing the Join page yesterday, I forgot to make her an Editor

For starters, I apologize for not getting anything going this past week, I’ve been extremely busy in school.  I would like to point out however, we have 6 other leaders who are capable of scheduling something as simple as a patrol, so I want to start seeing more of that.

Now for the point of this post, we will be having a patrol of Snow Fort tonight.  I may not be able to make it, in which case the next highest rank(s) will lead.  Here is the info:

When: Monday, November 9, 2009

Where: Snow Fort, Mountain

Chat: ACP Chat


4:00 pm PST

5:00 pm MST

6:00 pm CST

7:00 pm EST

12:00 am U.K.

Woj wanted me to post this 😛



P.S.~Join Page Schedule:

Sunday: Foxtails, Monday: Larry Guy 4, Tuesday: Dryvit, Wednesday: Boomer 20, Thursday: Ktman, Friday: Batintrenche, Saturday: Thomas0270