Alliance Meeting


Also read Kaisin’s retirement post HERE.  And thank you Fox and Thom for helping me with my join page day 🙂

We need to have a meeting of army leaders to discuss battle plans.  It is for all armies who will be helping us against the Crew.  The list of these armies can be seen below.  If you would like your army to be added to that list, please leave a comment on this post.  Please do your best to attend.

When: Thursday, November 12, 2009



5:00 pm PST

6:00 pm MST

7:00 pm CST

8:00 pm EST

Current Ally List [39 Armies]:

  • IW (Ice Warriors)
  • Nachos
  • GW (Golden Warriors)
  • WW (Watex Warriors)
  • FW (Fire Warriors)
  • UMA (Underground Mafias Army)
  • HSA (Hot Sauce Army)
  • BP (Black Panthers)
  • TWA (The Warriors Army)
  • CPST (Club Penguin Sun Troopers)
  • MFW (Mysterious Freedom Warriors)
  • BB (Black Bandits)
  • CPC (Club Penguin Clones)
  • PH (Purple Heads)
  • CAF (Canadian Army Force)
  • CPL (Club Penguin Lightning)
  • CPU (Club Penguin Union)
  • CPAU (Club Penguin Army Unit)
  • CPWA (Club Penguin World Army)
  • Ninja Corps
  • MCCP (Marine Corp of Club Penguin)
  • CPKA (Club Penguin Kingdom Army)
  • Elite Shadows
  • SFCP (Star Fighters of Club Penguin)
  • GACP (Golden Army of Club Penguin)
  • CPWS (Club Penguin Warrior Squad)
  • SCP (Spartans of Club Penguin)
  • BFA (Bacon Flavored Spartans)
  • CPHA (Club Penguin Hero Agency)
  • CPR (Club Penguin Rangers)
  • CPSW (Club Penguin Snow Warriors)
  • PDN (Penguin Daily News)
  • CPSG (Club Penguin Street Gang)
  • CPFT (Club Penguin Fire Troopers)
  • SCPA (Soldier Club Penguin Army)
  • Shadow Ops
  • PPF (Penguin Patriot Force)
  • PCP (Parkas of Club Penguin)
  • The Pens
  • BB (Blue Blazers)
  • NCPA (National Club Penguin Army)
  • The K
  • CCP (Chavs of Club Penguin)
  • CPPA (Club Penguin Patriot Army)
  • HW (Hydro Warriors)
  • SACP (Secret Army of Club Penguin)
  • BCP (Killer Blues of Club Penguin
  • PS6 (Penguin Storm 6)
  • NUMA (The National Underwater and Marine Agency)
  • AACP (American Army of Club Penguin)
  • CP Regiment
  • PCP (Patrol of Club Penguin)
  • AMA (Aqua Marines Army)
  • CPTF (Club Penguin Task Force)
  • CPNE (Club Penguin Ninjas Empire)
  • FT (Fire Troopers)
  • CA (Clan Alpha)

If you would like your army to be added to that list, please leave a comment on this post.

This is for leaders ONLY.  We need to meet to plan our attack, so please do your best to make it.  Thank you.


Christmas Tournament 2009 UPDATE: Nominations For 8th Army

originally, the top eight armies according to the latest list on CPA Central where going to be the 8 armies of the Christmas Tournament.  The Nachos though have declined our invitation to the tournament so we are going to get an 8th army  in a  different way.

If you are a leader of any army and think they should be in the Christmas Tournament, write in a comment the army’s name, you name, their website, and a brief description of why you believe they’d be a good choice to be in the Christmas Tournament.  Then, we will open a poll for all armies to vote in of which army should be the 8th army in the Christmas Tournament.  The poll will be out in about a week.


Kaisan’s Retirement post

Yes it is time for me to retire. I love ACP but, my penguin has been banned forever and I’m never aloud to play cp again o.e cuz of my mom.
My story:
I was at my friend’s house and he was playing some game. I asked him what it was and he said, “Clubpenguin” when I got home I got on the internet and I decided to make a penguin. I couldn’t think of a good name then I thought of Kaisin. There he was born!
So i was playing cp for awile without knowing of cp armies. Until later 2008 I saw this army that was all green. I was like 😮 then I asked them what is this thing? they said, “ACP stongest army of in clubpenguin!” So i joined [In my own mind] I was fighting the Ninjas of Mammoth and My friend Chase50 said, “search army of clubpenguin on google!” So i joined and became a sergeant.  I also, joined other armies.Later after awile I was a Liutenant and Boomer 20 retired I was so sad! Then Saint became leader and never gave me a promo. When dryvit became leader i didn’t know him well but, he gave me promo after promo! Then he resigned o 2ic and dumbutt Seanehawk. I was so happy when Boomer returned. Then a month later my penguin got banned forever and thats a reason im retireing.

I would like to thank these ppl for helping me through ACP;

Boomer20- You are the coolest leader I know and ur usually nice to me.

Dryvit- You are the coolest leader I was ever under (along with Boomer)

Larry Guy4- You were always there for me in ACP

Iasage56- You were usually cool

Jediseth- Your almost always nice to me and hillarious on chat

Sonic The 1- Your the one who helped me get so used to ACP

Snowballpink- You were there for me when I was upset!

Packer 1 Nfl- You were usually nice

Farsight- Your hillarious! lol

Aero Master- You were one of my first friends!

Mosterfully- Cool friend! 😀

Jcapp64- Eh ur ok xD

Chase50- Your my ACP n00b buddy 😛

Omega90- uhhhhh ur kinda perverted but ok i guess

Mrtchy- Yur amazingly nice to me

Robin888- ur my graduate buddy!

Rogueunit10- Your always so cool!

If i forgot you I’m sorry I have lot of friends! xD
I will still visit chat often and I hope u guys will all still be my friends! Also, was wandering if I could be mod on chat its ok if no im just asking!


P.S. I was wondering if Rogueunit10 could take my spot at Brig. Gen.


well today we were just sitting on chat, when klug got the idea to raid crews server, i though “WHAT A GREAT IDEA =O” so we went on, after waiting for crew for over 20 minutes monkeydude their 2ic came on cp, he was being a huge perv saying “look at how big the dock is” or hearting everyone so once he thought he was all cool, we heart bombed him xD. after countless lines and tons of “crew fails!” charges  we got bored of waiting for them, so about 15 acp went onto crew chat and pced everyone letting them know, i guess they were too scared because NONE came onto cp to face us. i was busy leading but we did get a few good pics.


Look at how scared he is xD

i say this was a good day, and i say we can mark that down as a victory for today.


A war update!

Hey all! Larry here, and I just wanted to let everyone know that we are definitely owning the crew. Infact, thanks to senator Motor20, we now have an idea of what the crew are thinking:

Lol thanks again Motor! Yeah they pretty much just ran around and cried for their mommy’s today. Seems like we got this war in the bag! And remember to be on the look out for any crew spies on chat. But so far looks good, And also happy veterans day to all! Until next time… Larry out!

ACP Mass Recruiting

Hey guys it’s Thom. I’m going to be scheduling ACP mass recruiting for us. But it’s not going to be on Mammoth, it’s going to be on Breeze so some Non-Members can get on. All armies are invited to come and recruit with us!

What to Wear: Wear green even if  you are not in ACP!

Room: Town and later throughout the recruiting Plaza.

Time: 1:00 PST, 2:00 MST, 3:00 CST, 4:00 EST, 9:00 UK, 10:00 Spain Time

Server: Breeze

Date: November 14th, Saturday

Comment if you can make it!!!