Batin’s Top Ten Armies

Hey guys, its Batintrenche here and I’m going to show you my opinion of the top 10 armies of CP. Please note that I am in ACP and have been since I joined CP armies and so theres no guarantee that it won’t be a LITTLE biased. But I’ll try my best anyway. So here it goes.

  1. ACP
  2. IW
  3. Nachos
  4. GW
  5. HSA
  6. Tacos
  7. WW
  8. FW
  9. UMA
  10. IMAF

So thats it, and I’d also like to mention that close on my mind were the ST or Sun Troopers and the MFW or Mysterious Freedom Warriors.

Guys please do not be afraid to comment, criticize or whatever. I’d be glad to know if I should just let Woton do the Top 10 armies :p


New CP Cheats 11/13/09

Post Includes:

New Stage Play
Dojo Fire
New Postcards


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The End of the Crew?

The Invasion is still on!  Make sure you read the post, and army leaders need to post this.  We need to continue with the invasion to make the servers officially neutral, plus it will be sweet to see all the penguins.

“The Club Penguin Crew was an achievement that will always be remembered. Not only was it the fastest growing Club Penguin Army, but it was one of the best Club Penguin armies. If the Club Penguin Crew had gone any longer, it would have grown to become huge.  But, it’s not about setting records, it’s about who you set the records with. We are the Crew and we will always be proudly thought back upon as the Crew.”

~From the CPC Site

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