Amazing, Guys!

Guys, that was great recruiting today. We had around 25-30 people plus a few troops HSA brought to help us recruit, so there were about 35 people saying “JOIN ACP!”

I got many pictures, about 14. I think Boomer got a few too, but here are mine:

Sorry that you have to click them, the other thing was not working!



Practice Session

Edit: To clarify, we will meet at the Snow Forts, then on my signal, we will move to my igloo where the practice will take place.  After we have learned the tactic, we will move back to the Snow Forts and practice for real.

Tomorrow we will have a practice session to focus on the tactic of spreading out.  We will start in my igloo where we will practice and then move to the Snow Forts and do it for real.  Here are the times:

When: Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Snow Forts

Chat: ACP Chat

Tactic: Spreading Out (See Below)


12:30 pm PST

1:30 pm MST

2:30 pm CST

3:30 pm EST

8:30 pm U.K.

Spreading Out

  • Make sure there is no one near you
  • Do not stand on/cover up another soldier
  • If there is a white space in the room, I want it covered by a soldier
  • The purpose is to look as large as possible
  • Make sure you spread out over the entire room
  • NEVER stand on top of the leader, they won’t be able to give orders

Comment if you can make it!


Thom’s Top Ten

Uhh here I go. . .

  1. ACP
  2. IW
  3. HSA
  4. Nachos
  5. GW/WW
  6. Tacos
  7. IMAF
  8. CPST/BP
  9. Golds
  10. UMA/FW

Now for Medium . . . .

  1. MCP (Marines of CP)
  2. PDW (Penguin Dynamite)
  3. AW (Aqua Warriors)
  4. MFW (Freedom Warriors)
  5. CPC (CP Clones)
  6. AT (Aqua Troops)
  7. BB (Black Bandits)
  8. BW (Blaze Warriors)
  9. TWA (The Warrior Army)
  10. TS (Thunder Storms)



Fox’s Top Ten:


1. Fox

2. Fox

3. Fox

4. Fox

5. Fox

6. Fox

7. Fox

8. ACP

9. Fox

10. Fox


Several numbers later:

452,512,992,075,785: CPC.