No Problem

Edit: ST’s proof of victory is a pic of Yobity standing alone (yet still outnumbered) on Parka.  Yeah good job Mr. Leader-with-No-Soldiers.  Epic fail.

My epic video is up!  Scroll down 😀

Icey needs help to vote for his power suggestion on xat.  To help him out:

1. Go to
2. Make sure your logged in to your xat acount. If you arnt, click log in on the left side
3. Click “vote” on the left side under the number.
4. Spread the word to your friends.

Also I regret forgetting, but I would like to recognize Fred 317 for his excellent spywork against the Crew a few days ago.  Well done Fred, you’re on your way 😉

With IW and the Nachos helping I didn’t expect to face any problems, and we really didn’t on any of the servers.  IW claims full possession of Parka, and ACP has Hibernate and Wind Chill for the moment (we probably won’t keep them).  Here is a summary of the battle:

First, a pre-battle message from the ST Leader, Yobity:


How old is he again?

Anyway, we invaded 3 servers and won all three easily.  ST never showed on Hibernate, a few came to Parka, and maybe 5 came to Wind Chill.  Should be interesting to see how they twist this to say they won… Anyway, here are the pics from Parka (I need the leaders from the other two servers to add them, and soldiers who attended those should comment any pics they took, thanks):

We started out with around 25 soldiers at the Snow Forts on Parka:

We made a line at the start of the battle, numbering just over 25:

Yobity was the only ST soldier there, so we charged and spammed him, and spent the rest of the time chasing him around pointlessly:

By 4:06 the battle was already over and Parka was claimed:

This video alone summarizes this battle.  We chased Yobity, their leader (and the only ST soldier there), around the Snow Forts for 5 minutes.  It’s actually quite funny.  Enjoy.

Overall, I really only saw Parka, but the fact that we split into three groups and were able to get 25 on one server on a weekday is very impressive.  Great job guys!

Anyone with pics please comment and tell me what server it was, and Editors please add pics from the other battles!

Comment if you made it!


59 Responses

  1. I couldn’t make it due to Fitness Club! I’m sorry, I thought I could make it 😦

  2. i made it

  3. I came.

    Boomer: You came, you saw, you conquered 😈 <<< I love that smilie

  4. 3th? woot!!!

    Boomer: WOO DRY you beat my 6nd from earlier O:

  5. I made it was so fun!



  6. I mean 6th!

  7. i made it

  8. I have pics ! View my post with them at Look for my post called “The Invasion of SF”. You can copy the pics if you want, but you don’t have to.

  9. I made it!

  10. Boomer more like we came, we saw, we saw and we kicked some….. errrm… butt 😈

  11. We pwned on wind chill (ST), that was my assigned server so i dont know about the other ones. St had like 15 people on that server. but not in ur pics, ur pics dont include winchill, cuz we pwned on that server :I

    St all the way baby!


  12. I only made it for the last part.. but I missed the good part D:<

  13. made the whole thing and got tons of pics

  14. i was there, i think im in that pile at the last pic, but im in more of the later pics becuz i was like 7 minutes late

  15. I have a whole bunch of pictures at the bottom of this post:
    Including one picture of ACP making a full circle!

  16. I came.

  17. I made it!!! 🙂 i saw boomer

  18. i couldn’t i was on a plane sorry!

  19. and i got attacked by all star! 😦


  21. Sorry I had curling

  22. they were PWNED. i know cuz i was there.

  23. Wow. Nice boomer xD. What a battle that must have been. 25 to………1. lol.

    ~Riotors (gw main leader)

  24. Guys We Won You Dident Win Because We Stayed on The Server For 30 WHOLE MINUTES And If You Look At St Site Yobity Pwn You. YOBITY VS ACP YOBITY WINS! =O And Yobity Has ACP Stalkers

  25. I was there 😀

  26. Yukon, you are too much of a noob to be granted access to the ACP site. For that I have virtually spat on you! :mrgreen:

    Your army is DEAD FAILURE. Can you get that into your head? kthxbai.

  27. Yukon=More of a noob than our noobs xD

  28. THAT VID IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!

  29. lol i made it, as shown in your vid :mrgreen:

  30. even yobity said ROFL

  31. ST is being so noobtarded, claiming they won after 30 minutes later, when really ACP had already decleared victory. The battle was OVER. In the future, don’t decleare Win until those whimps actually give up. (rollseyes) Yobity has problems admitting PHAIL.
    Also, boomer, I reccamend patrolling parka, so shadow dorks see how dead they are.

  32. I was there. LOL Yobity even knew he was being a failure, I think he said ‘ROFL’ at some point XD What a loser =P


  33. i was at parka

  34. i made it

  35. i made it, to hibernate and parka, because hibernate took 10 mins by the rules to win, otherwise we would have won it in 5 mins lol. also i will not be on wensday (the 17th) because i have basketball at school, the start of the season, ice skating nd hanging out with a friend, so i wont be able to get on today.

  36. It was fun anoying That ST

  37. I came,Here’s a pic of Echo at Wind Chill

    16 Echo Soldiers VS 4 Shadow Troops 😆


  38. lol, “I R” what? Hahaha.

  39. lol im in every pic and the video.. yobity seems 8. whos says grrrrr when theyre mad xD

  40. I wasnt available though, but I may make the next event.

  41. made it

  42. Liste, we hav troops, just not on parka. Most of our troops were on WindChille. Although i have to admit you guys won, we definetly showed medium sized army numbers. It was rough for us in te beggining but toward the end alot more people came.

  43. mender, it doesnt really matter that in “the end” more troops came. By the time more st troops came, acp had decleared victory.having more trooops come during the battle is one thing, having more troops come after you lost is another…

  44. Moks4 Warrant Officer
    OMG. Have you seen their web-site ? It looks crap. They created the other one but it was blocked because it violated Terms and something….
    Anyway; it looks like ST have completely fallen apart. They have no soldiers -> army. Looks like they are not a threat anymore… There is no ST anymore…..

  45. P.S: I came to the battle (as gentlekid121)

  46. The video almost made me fall out of my chair! When Yobity said his VROOM VROOM bit, i was lauhging so hard i was thinking what a dipstick

  47. sorry, i had skating practice. i promise to be there next time, as long as it isnt mondays at 5:00 central, wednesdays 4:00 central, or sundays, 11:00 central!

  48. Boomer, I have some pics Div told me to take, but I don’t think he’s a editor so I uploaded them. They are for the Echo battle and I probably was the only one taking pics for that battle so read my comments on “War with ST” and “Mid-term Promos”!

  49. oh shut up there were more than 15 churros there on wind chill

  50. i made it 50min late but i saw this new arm called the churruos who are they?!? the ARE TOTAL NOOBS!!!

  51. wasn’t it so fun!? we owned them =)

  52. I Missed It I Forgot To Check Site I Would Have Been There!

  53. Eyah well we “owned” you at a point.You guys just took pics of when you winning.But what i dont understand is that two of ST’s soldeirs were on chat but werent on cp. ^_^ But we still shouldve done better… -.-

  54. Heres some pics from WInd Chill Look at the titles to figure them out

  55. Spiff, be the time you “owned” us we had already claimed victory, the cp army rules are that a winning army can decleare victory, so we won.

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