Modship is a privilege, not a right. The main reason for unmodding is that you are not doing your job. There are also many other reasons. Please refer any complaints to Shaboomboom or Dryvit. Do NOT complain to Boomer.



28 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. first


  4. that was beautiful soldiers should earn their places

  5. 5th

  6. it good to know im doin my job :mrgreen:


  8. 6st? well im 8nd

  9. think of unmodding as Survivor, if members (the jury) dont like u as a mod, ur voted off the island, (the modship) think of sinbin as Exile Island,

  10. nooo now im 11rd

  11. 13th D= Such an unlucky number


  12. 23rd!!!! YAY ME

  13. 16 😀 oh yes! i win!!! 😀

  14. well i advertised on purpose for a test, 10 mods were there O_O no one kicked me…

  15. ACP defeats ST!
    Check CPArmyNews for a Battle Picture Gallery!

  16. uuh, ok……..

  17. Shab I agree 110% You rocked as a leader and I bow down to your supreme knowledge of all things mod and chat. Kisses!!!

  18. Naughty mods 😐 !

  19. The thing I want un-modded the quickest is the Cort people….

    I know that’s a weird name, but… oh well.

    It’s basicall the people that arue on sunday morning shile Boomer’s on.

    That’s Cort, Meadowsue, Rosie, and Kitty. It was horrible what they did.

    But Cort was by far the worst.


  20. Moks4 Warrant Officer
    What does modding/un-modding mean ??????

  21. I liek cookies. :3

  22. What if it’s about Dryvit and I don’t wanta talk to shaboomboom?

  23. If there will be unmodding, then I have a huge complaint about a mod. Noka banned me for supposedly linking porn a few days ago when I wasnt on. Also, it was someone who had “Adam” in their name so she automatocally assumed it was me. Then afterwards she tries to get me to confess to doing something I sure as hell didn’t do.

    Boomer: That was Adam a.k.a. Kettlecorn I believe.

  24. A complaint about a mod cuz my other comment didnt get through i dont think. Noka on sight banned me for, er, doing something i cant mention in a comment. She heard that another person with “Adam” in their name got banned, so she banned me because, “She wasnt sure if I was to be unbanned or not.” Then after she tried to get me to confess to something i definetly didnt do.

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