Christmas Tournament 2009 8th Army Poll

Its time to vote for who you thin deserves to be the 8th Army in the 2009 Christmas Tournament!  Click on the link below, vote in the poll that is on that link, and submit your votes!  Good luck to all the armies!


Wur’s Retirement

Hey all,
This is wur. Just wanted to say I’m retiring from ALL of EVERYTHING that has to do with Club Penguin.

“How is it that all the good that a person does can be destroyed by but one bad deed?”
Not sure who said that, but i know from experience that its true. Keep me in the back of your minds always and learn from my mistakes. I’m sorry i couldn’tve done more for ACP.

Here are a few of the buhzillions of people i would love to thank:

AmitC87: It truely was a pleasure knowing you. Still my BFF. Good luck learning HTML. Sorry i can’t be there to teach you myself! Its a shame I never got to say goodbye. Check IP2H. I gave you all my IP2H$. I hope you get a domain!
Benu2: I’m not sure how, but we ended up drifting apart, and i really miss old times when we were BFF’s. Another of my BFF’s. Thanks for everything
Explo: I hate you.
Uno: Great friend, first! second! third! the rest! (Beat ya)
Thomas0270: Great friend. Always there when i need you, i wish i got a chance to say goodbye on chat.
Adav: Bye sis! Among the nicest people i’ve met on chat. Nice knowin ya!
Dryvit: I know you were always really busy trying to lead an army, but you always found time to talk. I appreciate that more than you know. Never got ya to cuss. I guess i AM retiring before you say one. I will never forget you. Goodbye
Iasgae: Kinda my friend, but i couldnt think of anything to put so… bye!
Sonic: Friend. Couldnt think of anything and im NOT using your suggestion. Do well in life!
Everyone who is not listed above this but is my friend but i forgot (i’m sorry): I’m sure You were a great friend, and I truely am sorry for forgetting you. Do well in ACP and in Life!

Well that should cover everyone i think. I hope you all succeed in both ACP and life!

I may open up a website on HTML and graphic design one day, so watch out for the name “King Nothing” around the interwebs.

Retirement songs (the unforgiven, The unforgiven II, the unforgiven III)

Bye all. I’ll never see you again.


A Storm of Change is Brewing – The Takedown of the Nacho Leadership

View pics from ACP’s successful raid of Fjord HERE!

Read about the Demotion of Ktman HERE.

Update: The invasion is TODAY.

All ACP meet on White House by 3:30 PST / 6:30 EST, but try to be there 30 minutes beforehand.  If you try repeatedly and can’t get into White House, go to Snowbound.  On either server we will meet at the Snow Forts.  Make sure to be on ACP Chat for orders.  Scroll down for more info.  See you there!

Edit: Aka has decided there is no hope for the Nachos and they will not be fighting any of the battles tomorrow (I guess this way they don’t have to admit defeat 🙄 ).  We will claim their servers regardless: IW will claim Shiver, and ACP will  claim Snowbound and full possession of White House (we owned half before).

Cool! No, seriously. I approve of this so
much. Save my old Nachos =D

~Person1233, Former Nachos Leader

Enough said.

I understand now that the ACP and the IW are trying to make the Nachos better and to strengthen the alliance between these 3 armies. Not many people are happy with the leaders (sorry Aka and Jay) and they obviously aren’t getting us very far (not all of you). We can’t fight so we watch stupid videos all week, right? Well ACP and IW are going to teach us a lesson tonight. They aren’t going to destroy us either. We destroyed ourselves through bad leadership. Now we’re rebuilding, and we need new people to lead the Nachos to new achievements.

~Miroos, Nachos 3ic

I have been watching the Nacho site for weeks now and have not been able to find a single post of much relevance to the army.  Between Jayson not posting at all and Aka’s posts of some random video and message saying “Comment” the Nachos have fallen a great deal.  Not to mention the hostility Aka in particular has shown ACP in the past.  Some of us think it’s time for a change.

Aka and Jayson have been in armies longer than most of our penguins have even existed.  There is no denying what they have accomplished, but at the same time, it has become apparent neither care enough anymore to be effective leaders of the Nachos.  For this reason, Icey and I have been called in to dispose of them.

ACP and IW will be declaring unrelenting war on the Nachos until Aka and Jayson are out of power.  The first such event will take place this Wednesday.  ACP and IW will invade two separate servers simultaneously, taking out Shiver and White House.  Pack your bags soldiers, we’re off to war.


When: Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where: White House Snow Forts

Chat: ACP Chat


3:30 pm PST

4:30 pm MST

5:30 pm CST

6:30 pm EST

11:30 pm U.K.

We need all soldiers to attend, this is going to be a big war!  Do your best to get there 30 minutes early for recruiting!  Once we have claimed White House, we will proceed to Snowbound.

Comment if you can make it, and let’s take these guys out!