Epic Fail

Pouch Pouch9 just got the 100,000th comment in the history of the ACP Site!  Congrats!!~

“Nachos are a joke”

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Also check out our raid of Fjord HERE!

The three server invasion by ACP and IW went perfectly, especially considering the Nachos only had about 8 soldiers on 3 servers.  Shiver had the most resistance, but IW and UMA defeated the 3 (wow impressive) Nachos to claim the server.  ACP defeated the 2 (count ’em) Nachos to take White House, as well as Snowbound where the Nachos didn’t even show.  Here are the pics from the main ACP invasion – White House:

Nearly 25 minutes beforehand we already numbered over 20:

Less than 10 minutes to go and the Nachos had left, leaving nearly 30 ACP:

Battle starts (and ends) when the Nachos produce two soldiers who then left:

Epic fail. [Courtesy of Frostbeetle]

I think we all knew the Nachos were falling, but I honestly had no idea things were this bad.  When Person was leader, the Nachos were getting around 4,000 hits per day.  Aka’s recent post informs me that now they are only getting 1,000.  ACP gets around 2,500 on weekdays and 4,000 on weekends to put that into perspective.  At recent battles the Nachos have barely fielded 15 soldiers, sometimes even less, and seeing how 15 is the cutoff for a major army, I was almost ready to drop the tag for them.  But the fact that they couldn’t even get 10 soldiers at this battle confounds me, and I believe they have lost their position as the 3rd largest army, and realistically their title as a major army.  The Nachos are a shadow of their former selves, and it is even more imperitive than ever that they have a leader who cares enough to save this dying army.

Still we shall fight for the removal of Aka and Jayson from power in the hopes that the Nachos can rebuild under an active and committed leadership, strengthening the alliance of the Top 3 armies, ACP, IW, and the Nachos.  Icey and I have agreed that if this new leadership succeeds, we will work with them to rebuild this once great army.  For this cause, we fight, and we shall not back down until our goals have been achieved.


Raid of Fjord

ACP had a highly successful raid of Fjord, the Nacho capital, around 2:00 pm PST today.  There was little resistance, never more than 8 Nachos, and ACP showed its dominance early on.  Here are the pics:

At the start, ACP numbered over 25 soldiers to the Nachos’ 5:

A massive joke bombing traps the Nachos in the corner:

ACP makes an impressive line 25 soldiers strong:

The Nachos retreat, leaving ACP victorious on Fjord!

Great job soldiers!  Comment if you were there, and get ready for the big battle on White House TODAY!


Ktman, a friend and a good person

As you all read when you scroll down, Ktman is now demoted due to his inactiveness as 2ic. And though it is somewhat necessary, I don’t want him to leave in vein. Ktman was one of the nicest people I know. He was always such a good friend and always supported me and for that I thank him. Hopefully he won’t quit for good because Kt is very liked here and I along with others hope you don’t quit for good Kt. Thank you for your time as 2ic 🙂

Demotion of Ktman

As most of ACP knows, we had to demote Ktman from 2ic to 3ic. We regretted having to take this action but he left us no choice. For those wanting the reasons, here they are.

Ktman never once ranked a single soldier from the join page since becoming 2ic, never added a single soldier to a division since becoming 2ic, organized an inter-divisional war then skipped out on the actual battles leaving the Division Generals no clue as to the battles won or lost or even a simple schedule of who battles who. Came by chat for a few minutes once a week, missed every battle, practice or drill ACP has had since he became a 2ic.

Kt was very upset at his demotion. He wanted a poll taken to see if ACP felt he deserved a demotion, we refused on the grounds of cruelty and embarrassment to him. He could not realize that every single soldier in ACP would love to have his title and would work very hard to ensure they kept it. And each soldier expected much more from their 2ic.

As with the mods, leaders/owners is a job earned, not a right. You must constantly strive to keep that job by showing up for functions you planned, doing the basic jobs of a 2ic, showing you care by showing up for battles , drills and practices, and be on chat to hear the soldiers concerns and what they are happy about. You cannot lead in absence, and you cannot expect your fellow leaders to carry your load for you.

Kt has been told how to earn his 2ic spot back, time will tell if he cares to do just that, or be let go completely from his leadership spot.

So as we move forward, anyone who may be considered for a leadership spot, use this as an example on how to do the right job for the greatest army on CP. ACP.

Boomer, Leader

Dryvit , 2ic