Midterm Promos

If you commented for one on the earlier post, you got one.  If you missed it, there is the normal Promo Day on the 30th.  Even if you got a promo for the midterm, you can still receive another one for the regular Promo Day.  So keep working hard!

Below you can view the updated ranks from the Midterm Promos.  Check to see if you got promoted!

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CP 11/20/09 Updates

Hey ACP,

Here are the cheats for the new Furniture Catalog

Click on the bottom right of the Coffe table for the Wood Stove

Click on the top of the Snow fortress for the Icicle

Click on the right snow tower for the Fire Place

Click on the brick for the Puffle jack o lantern

Click on the window at the cottage for the Cauldron

Click the tombstone for the Goofy Jack o Lantern

Click the knob of the stove for the Fridge

Click on the Ticket booth for the Piano