Back in Green… A Tad Late

I know I’ve been back in ACP for a few weeks now, but I’m now a contributor, and this is an appropriate time to make this post. This is my umm… fourth time to be on the ACP site? Hopefully it’ll last this time! XD

I obviously lost a lot of respect when I attempted to help Meat regain his leadership. While I respect Meat and wish him well, I can no longer associate myself with him, seeing that direction that he’s headed in. So from now on, I’m just Meat’s friend. Not his associate. I’m my own person and should be treated as such. I hope that Meat and the ACP’s soldiers can respect that.

That being said, I need a new beginning. Luckily, I have regained my ownership on chat and have been added back to the site. I appreciate the support that the leaders have given me even after I attempted to assist in overthrowing them. Although this post signifies a new beginning rather than an end for me, I don’t plan on retiring for a LONG time, so I should go ahead and thank some people… well, not everyone. I don’t feel like writing out my long list of thank-yous, but I’ll thank the leaders that have had an impact on my career.

Oagalthorp – I joined under you. Thanks for giving me a start to what would become a great ACP career for me. I hate it that you removed me from my spot as leader, but I know you meant well, and I can respect you now.

Fort57 – You gave me the leader spot, giving me the confidence that still drives my ACP career.

Kg007 – I was kind of a deadbeat 2ic under you, but you were still patient and forgiving with me. Thanks!

Shaboomboom – Shab, what can I say about you? Once a great friend, then a great enemy. You’re good at both. We’ve had a rocky relationship, but in a way you kept me going to “beat you”. I hope we can truly put all that past us now and work together.

Seanehawk/Meat/Pc Engine – Once my unofficial apprentice, you soon surpassed me and grew into a pretty good leader. I’m sad to say that I can no longer support your efforts, but I still hold great respect for you.

Dryvit – You brought about my second rise to power, and who knows? Maybe you’ll bring about my third. You’ve been a pretty good friend besides our clashes following the coup.

Boomer20 – Do I believe your coup was morally right? No, not really. But you’ve done pretty good with ACP, and I appreciate how you accept me back even after I tried to overthrow you. A very forgiving person.

Sorry I only talked about leaders… Anyway, I want ACP to respect me again. I will work hard to regain this respect. Thanks for your support, and expect to see more out of me in the not-too-distant future. Rock on!

-!<~Dr Nono Jr~>!-

Christmas Tournament Poll Results.

Since Ktman quit, or retired, I guess I’ll be doing the christmas tournament update from now on. The winner is Clubpenguin Sun Troopers.

Here are the armies in the tournament:









The event will be held on December 12th- December 21st. All spots as of now are filled. The matches will be:



FW vs WW


Tacos vs IW

CPST vs Nachos.

Places and other things TBA.



Hey guys, its Batin here, and I’m gonna tell you about a PB we had earlier today against the new and DEFINATELY improved Nachos along with a few HSA and some n00bs in black =/ I’ll thank Pinky and Jcapp for pictures plus one I got myself.

In this picture, we aren’t doing so well. A few people weren’t willing to go on CP and fight.

Still not doing so well…

We’re starting to get more people… but you guys seriously need to be more willing for unscheduled events.

So, I would argue that even though they had some help from HSA, the Nachos are DEFINATELY coming back! Already! This is awesome news guys! After the battle, we went to the Night Club to party and have some epic dance-offs.

I was winning until my computer started epically lagging. 😦 cures you Pringle!

And just ‘cuz we’re all in the spirits,

Seeya next time guys,


One Year Ago…

One year ago, ACP found itself in a situation of great chaos.  We had just been humiliated at a battle for Mammoth where not even 10 soldiers remained by the end.  A near civil war situation had developed between Shaboomboom and Jedimaster17, and the reappearance of Oagalthorp had caused controversy over control of the army.  Soldiers were retiring by the day to escape the imminent collapse of the once great Army of Club Penguin.  It was then decided by the leaders at the time, along with Oagalthorp, that ACP needed a change.  They met and discussed who would be best to take over and be the future for the Army of Club Penguin.

That is how I came to power.  I remember the days leading up to this event that every soldier dreams of, and it is very clear in my mind.  I was a Co-Leader at the time, and I found it difficult to stand by and watch as ACP collapsed in front of my eyes.  Most leaders hope to come to power when the army is at its best, prepared for them to take control.  My first task was merely to prevent a complete collapse of the army, and expectations were probably pretty low.  With my first post, I wanted to send a message – that this army was not going to die at my hands.  The post I wrote still has a lot of meaning to me today, and in times of great controversy, I often quote the lines I ended with.

“The sun is rising on the Army of Club Penguin.  The dawn of a new era awaits.  Together, we will restore this army to glory.”

Within the next few days, nearly all of the soldiers who had retired rejoined, along with some veterans who had been unsatisfied with ACP’s leadership.  Within a month, I led ACP to victory in the Christmas Tournament, marking our return as the strongest army in Club Penguin.  In the months that followed, ACP saw its greatest growth in its history.  We numbered over 60 at practices and close to 90 at battles.  At an invasion of Tuxedo we exceeded 110 soldiers, and my retirement battle in June was the largest turnout of soldiers in army history, a mind blowing 170 soldiers.  Since then, ACP has fallen a bit, but my reasoning for overthrowing Seanehawk was the same as the meeting of past leaders to decide who should lead this army.  My intentions were the same, to rebuild a broken army under a stable leadership, and bring another Golden Age to the Army of Club Penguin.  I do not believe we have achieved this yet, in a time where nearly all armies are falling, but I intend to keep working until ACP is the best army it can be once again.  Thank you soldiers of the past, present, and future, for fighting alongside me all this time.  You have made ACP what it is, and on this day of great meaning to me, I salute you.

I would like to leave you with some posts from this time that have great meaning to me.

” by Oagalthorp

Well. . .” by Oagalthorp

We Need a Solution” by Boomer 20

Solutions” by Boomer 20

The Dawn of a New Era” by Boomer 20

The Dawn of a New Era was the first post I wrote as leader, and it has great meaning to me.  Looking back at the comments, I am so proud of the soldiers’ confidence in me amidst all the chaos that had been going on.  ACP was a broken army, but with this post, I believe I succeeded in bringing everyone back together, and giving new hope to the Army of Club Penguin.  I would like you all to read some of the comments in the hopes that you will see what a true soldier of the Army of Club Penguin is.  You may recognize that a few of these loyal soldiers went on to become some of the greatest soldiers of this era.


I always knew boomer would lead.

I cant wait for some peace (and war lol ) in acp again.


ACP is getting back up on it’s feet!

W00t! W00t!


Thanks you guys for finally bringing ACP back together.


All this make me want to write a story of acp, I think i might actully, it would use snowball guns for weapons and mordern vehicles aswell……yea that sounds right….And acp story…..




Jedi, Boomer, Oagal, and Shab, you have done a great job pulling this broken army back together and i commend you all for it.


oh, thank you thank you thank you! *raises ACP flag* our army, our government, and our dignity are saved. thank you, boomer, thank you.


Here’s to many more years of greatness for the Army of Club Penguin!  Long live ACP!

~Boomer 20

ACP Soldier