Meeting Sensei

I managed to find Sensei and told ACP chat, and I believe a few others made it in time to see him, but I thought I would show you the pics (and a video if it ever uploads):

I’ll add the video if/when it uploads


Club Penguin November Fire Sensei Tracker

Hey ACP!

It’s time to meet the Sensei! Here’s a pic of his Playercard:

If you find him,he will give you a Free Autographed Background!

Here are some tips to find him:

1. Sensei is using an outfit of Card Jitsu Fire

2. If you find the sensei,click on the Buddy Icon to receive his autographed background!

3. You will see the Sensei at many ninjas room,like the Fire Dojo,Ninja Hideout,Dojo or Dojo Courtyard!.

4. Sensei offen visits popular servers like Frozen, Mammoth, Blizzard, Fjord, and Sleet.

5. It is easier to know that the Sensei is always crowded by a huge ammount of Ninjas,click on the Users in Room list to click him easily.

How about we,the ACP work together to find the Sensei and get his Free Autographed Background! Leave a comment saying where you Found the Sensei so other Soldiers can see it and meet him too!

Or… use the The ACP Chatroom to talk to your fellow soldiers,have fun and go meet the Sensei!


Unscheduled Recruiting

Batin: Hey guys, Batin here and I’m going to tell you about the unscheduled recruitment session I led along with a few other soldiers and for awhile leaders.

So, we started off with just a few people there.

A few more at this point.

Not a bad clover bomb.

3o soldiers on at this point.

Joke bombing some noobs!

ACP Bomb

Some more clovers, I didn’t really get a great shot.

Pwning more noobs

And more…

Then I was getting us organized into a line, but I had to go so these are all the pictures I got. Overall, good job guys!


Boomer’s Edit: Guys just add your pics to this post to save space, we don’t need 4 posts.  Thanks.  Nice work Thom.

This morning we had an unscheduled recruiting. I only got one picture, though. We were just on for 20 minutes then we all logged off. It was a pretty good turnout for below 8:30 EST time.


Division Overhaul


Edit: All our recruiting today really paid off!  We got 25 new recruits, along with 4,612 hits, making this week our highest hits total since the week following the coup!

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Everyone needs to sign up for a Division, so make sure you read this post carefully!  Your promotion could be on the line!

Seeing as we no longer have Ktman, I will be taking over the duties of updating the Divisions Page (even though he never updated it once in nearly two months).  I will probably go ahead and add anyone who asked for a Division in the past two weeks, however I ask that all of you recomment so I can confirm you are still active in ACP.  A new page has been added to ease the process.

Divisions are used to make ACP more versatile, meaning we can split ourselves into three groups and attack multiple locations or even multiple servers at once.  It also makes patrolling easier because you will get used to patrolling with the same group of people in your Division.  It is very important for all soldiers to participate actively in a Division.

Division Registration is mandatory for all ranks Brigadier General and up (if your name is in Red on the Ranks, you need to register).  These ranks will not be permitted to receive a promotion unless they are registered in a Division.  In addition, you cannot be a mod unless you are registered.  For everyone else, it is not required, although it is highly recommended because it will give you a much greater chance of getting promoted.

How to Register for a Division:

  • Make sure you have joined ACP HERE.
  • Make sure that you have a rank HERE.
  • Fill out the following form in a comment either on this post or the Division Registration page.

1.) What is your Club Penguin name (the name of your penguin)?
2.) What is your WordPress name (the name you use in comments)?
3.) How long have you been in the ACP?
4.) What is your current rank in the ACP?
5.) Any specific preferences? (Alpha, Delta, or Echo)

Please take the time to do this, it is in ACP’s best interest, as well as your own if you sign up for one today.


Unscheduled Events

One thing I noticed from me being away yesterday is when I’m not on, people do not seem very inclined to get on Club Penguin at the request of other soldiers.  We need to change that.

Today I am putting our 3rd in Commands in charge.  You are each responsible for organizing an unscheduled event on Club Penguin.  It can be a tactic session, recruiting, patrolling, etc.  Please make sure it has some benefit to the army, so no parties (we can have one another time).  Please take some pics and get them posted, if you don’t know how, ask me or someone who knows.

These will be unscheduled, meaning there will not be a post, you must be on ACP Chat and be ready for orders.

Let’s get to work!