Division Websites for those that don’t know…

I’ve noticed that some soldiers are confused to get information on their divisions, so I am going to supply the sites for those of you that don’t know them or need to get the new division sites.

Alpha: armyofcpalpha.wordpress.com

Delta: deltadivisionofacp.wordpress.com

Echo: acpechodivision.wordpress.com

I encourage you all to visit your division’s site as often as you view the ACP site. Until then, Larry out!

Division Updates

Also, all soldiers need to read the important post HERE.

If you do not yet have a Division, sign up for one HERE!

Here are the updated Divisions.  Division leaders need to copy these ranks onto their sites.  I need Division leaders to contact me on chat with your current site and chat so I can add them to the blogroll.

We currently have 242 soldiers in Divisions!  Let’s see if we can get even more, sign up today!

**ACP** – 242

Supreme Commander: Boomer 20

Head Commander: Dryvit

Field Commander: Foxtails

Alpha Division – 82

Field Commander: Larry Guy4

Division General: Bfan212, Iasgae 56

  • General (4): Ironkid2894, Klug1234, Motor20, Tylov5
  • Lt. General (3): Hattrick, Dr Nono Jr, John16126
  • Major General (5): Aero Master, Bobcatboy10, Djgtjvgyhxgy, Monsterfully, Rapidy
  • Brigadier General (11): 143meg, Bluesockwa2, Juneau2, Kaisin1995, Maxthepen, Maxi96203, Mrnooner, Snooper1999, Soccergal688, The Flapjack, Tuxy9349
  • Colonel (5): Dueree, Flipper6998, Littleguy04, Spongie555, Ticket22
  • Lt. Colonel (8): Cars48487, Denzzill, Leaderbird, Ocean Wave11, Pengreen1234, Penguin Pen, Shadowhero99, Xbd1
  • Major (6): A Dawg4, Jakesyl, Jrobert5, Sown Man, The Maniac10, Xbox Jt1
  • Captain (5): Blackpen1234, Freddy257, Kong7, Muesxaico, Smiley8years
  • 1st Lieutenant (6): Agent Greg, Btime6, Grunty5, Hickory Tree, Notru, Walewaf
  • 2nd Lieutenant (5): Alawishis26, Frankbode, Lookydude, Purple Haste, Reeceb
  • Warrant Officer (6): Bobby3459, Dalre3, Hhgduy, Kiko 9989, Lilrj21, Mjtmaster
  • Staff Sergeant (6): Ace Ee, Boie5, Genus1, Ottoj, Robber King1, Sofia011
  • Sergeant (6): Benucicas, Blahblah1928, Chtr Bx2, Mia Belle, Mrchatterbox, Rickyguy
  • Corporal (3): Dan126, Double N3, Lovepeggy1

Delta Division – 78

Field Commander: Batintrenche

Division General: Yanksrule14, Jediseth

  • General (4): Axevolution, Ganondorf787, Noka 11, Person535
  • Lt. General (4): Capncook, Fallingtail, Obi Wan 4321, Uno148
  • Major General (5): 24keyser, Ctar17, Kenneth1000, Mr Icefin, Zdoger
  • Brigadier General (11): Candycloud19, Chase50, Cristiano50, Fresca39, Great Akoo, Happyman444, Omega90, Rkjcbo, Robotizer1, Rock71, Smsm3
  • Colonel (7): Aberacer, Clack Iii, Dopefacedbro, Freepro, Greeniedude1, Mrtchy, Tinyfinn
  • Lt. Colonel (3): 3liocon, Chekmatter, Srgt Flame
  • Major (7): As334, Chief145, Eettuuyy, Johnnyluke, Scruffy516, Soccer793, Yould
  • Captain (4): Cowbay, Jordan502, Mobius 4, Youg3
  • 1st Lieutenant (6): Dannyj22, Flip223, Keyser5, Lakerboy818, Tomphas, Zelmania
  • 2nd Lieutenant (6): 4996dexter, Aniu123, Mangis The P, Paint5278, Red Jaguar 1, Tireoin1
  • Warrant Officer (3): Aakrin, Coolroad Man, Waddlegirleg
  • Staff Sergeant (6): Arctics Son1, Gmh111, Peg12356, Penbird100, Scyther554, Silentace97
  • Sergeant (4): 27hearts28, Anniemoose98, Colebeef6424, Francisco546
  • Corporal (4): Flipper 522, Hunter4690, Mr Robotman, Yoepriglkjfd

Echo Divisio – 80

Field Commander: Thomas0270

Division General: Bluey92123, Divotoo

  • General (4): Adav01, Pinkgirl1114, Snowballpink, Sonic The 1
  • Lt. General (5): Clintos007, Coolguy12348, Lillie Rose, Matre10, Noseycjr
  • Major General (5): Chapa23, Farsight, Jcapp64, Johny 4, Twingy
  • Brigadier General (10): Corymigs2, Dan Popper, Fiasco 121, Frostbeetle8, Itunesgeek1, Mrchips10, Rider4429, Sklooperis, Totaln00b2, Vetsd, Wolvetone
  • Colonel (10): Adioboard, Cooldude7401, Crazyboy86, Danny9632, Danthemanr1, Han Solo12, Icey Cold27, Pinkgirl3919, Robin888, Trooper7890
  • Lt. Colonel (4): Ajk 89, Blupichu, Icebaer10, Rogueunit10
  • Major (5): Anirko11, Blackyoshi, Ditto230, Pte Baron, Stton
  • Captain (6): Adamster97, Andrew 1001, Archerist444, Ekpenguin9, Pengopopper, Randomness9
  • 1st Lieutenant (4): Brads 6, Bubbahanson1, Exblade315, Waldo Frost
  • 2nd Lieutenant (4): Dav45623, Martion231, Qjx2b, Soundbooth
  • Warrant Officer (5): Ace51, Bird Jay, Michshark, Sas Commando, Timmy0000
  • Staff Sergeant (5): 117coyote, Blacky90508, Con5051, Freddiesq42, Novibru
  • Sergeant (5): Bubble35657, Mikey322, Monkeyjuun, Tintin2376, Wii7191fan
  • Corporal (5): Harvy C, Magma320, Martin67804, Redflame1000, Sanderson 6

Make sure you sign up for a Division!


Surprise Success!

Hey all, Larry here and I just wanted to say that my surprise recruiting/patrol went great! For an unscheduled event on a Tuesday afternoon we had a solid group of people there that helped support it. Infact, Snowballpink, Noka, Farsight, Sonic, and Hatt all got their chances to practice leading and did a great job! But the biggest surprise of all was when Boomer came on to join us! Thanks to all of you that participated and hopefully by doing this we will gain some more soldiers to ACP!

Here are some pics: http://i970.photobucket.com/albums/ae181/larryguy4/patrol4.jpg





Again thanks to those of you that participated… and don’t forget to enter my speech contest as the deadline is tomorrrow! Until then, Larry out!

P.S. Don’t forget to go to Meadow and Boomer’s party tonight also!

Boomer and Meadow’s One Year Party!!

I recently found out my one year anniversary of becoming Leader was really close to my friend Meadow’s one year anniversary in armies, so we decided to have a combined party! 😀

When: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 **TONIGHT**

Where: Snowbound, M3adow Sue’s Igloo

Chat: xat.com/DaNightClub


5:00 pm PST

6:00 pm MST

7:00 pm CST

8:00 pm EST

Everyone come and have some fun!


Invasion of Sleet

-Invasion called off due to IW accidentally removing Sleet from the Nation page-


Unscheduled Events Part 2


Batin: I’m grounded for the day guys, infact I really shouldn’t be on right now. I’ll do my unscheduled event tomorrow. Bye guys.

Don’t forget to sign up for Divisions HERE!

Also don’t miss Meadow Sue and my One Year Anniversary Party tonight!

A few days ago we had some unscheduled events organized by our 3rd in Commands, and I thought it went very well.  Since most if not all of them were recruiting sessions, I’m going to have everyone do some patrols this time.  You can pick whatever server you want, but check the ACP Nation page to make sure we own it.  Please take some pics and get them posted, if you don’t know how, ask me or someone who knows.

These will be unscheduled, meaning there will not be a post, you must be on ACP Chat and be ready for orders.

The reason I am having the 3rd in Commands lead is so that they can get used to handling the troops, and so the troops get used to taking orders from someone other than me.  Think of 3rd in Command as a leader in training and you’ll understand what I mean.  So far, you’ve all done a great job!  Keep it up!

Here’s another interesting idea, I would really love to see some mod ranks or even lower ranks try to get everyone on Club Penguin for a recruiting session or patrol.  Brigadier General and up (anyone with a rank containing the term General) have authority over all ranks below them, meaning if they give the order to get on Club Penguin, you must carry that out.  I will start enforcing this rule starting now, so don’t let me catch you being lazy and not following orders!  Also, this does not mean ranks below Brigadier General cannot give orders either, so if a lower rank gives the order to go on Club Penguin, you should carry it out just because it would help ACP regardless of who gave the order.

If an upper rank is abusing this power and making soldiers do something they need not be doing, notify me, and collectively agree that this order should not be carried out.  Soldiers caught abusing this power multiple times will be punished with either demotion or temporary suspension.  I don’t see it becoming a problem though.

Hopefully this helps get us on Club Penguin more.  I want to see some comments saying “I pledge to carry out the orders of those who are my superior without question, and promise to be loyal to the Army of Club Penguin until the end.”