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Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there.


Have a good day, enjoy your turkey and other delicious food.

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Boomer: Comment and tell us how you plan to spend Thanksgiving!

Thom: Im not going to be on at all today because we are going to my grandma’s house at 1:00 EST and probably won’t be getting back till 7:00, but then we’re going to my neighbor’s because they invited us there.


It was a tough decision, and thanks to all of you that entered… but the winner, or should i say winners, are jediseth and snowballpink! You both tied!

Snowball’s speech:

Here is my Thanksgiving speech.    I am thankful for everything the ACP has to offer. The leaders are great, they help support the army. The soldiers, they help keep the army alive. I am thankful for all the friends I have made in my Club Penguin army career. Boomer 20, Pinkgirl1114, Larry Guy 4, Danny9632 and more. I am thankful for the ACP Training Regiment. A system that turns the new recruits of ACP, into soldiers of ACP. I am thankful that Oagalthorp created this great army, without him there would be no ACP, without him I would not be writing this. I thank everyone in ACP for the best Club Penguin career. All of you have made me what I am today. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving.   ~General, Snowballpink


Seth’s Speech:

What I’m Thankful For in The ACP   I am thankful for many things in the ACP, 
I am thankful that we have a chat to talk to each other on and to listen to orders on, I’m glad that I am in the ACP and a highrank, and I am also thankful that I have so many friends in ACP. If it weren’t for the ACP, I would probably have a dreaded and boring school year, but I can look forward to getting on ACP chat or club penguin and talking to my friends. I am also thankful that I am a division general in ACP and get to help lead a fine division like delta, I’m also glad that I can even get on the computer. I am glad for a lot of things in ACP 
    I hope you like my speech thingy xP  —

Thanks again for all that entered and have a safe and happy thanksgiving! And if you already had it or whenever you have it in other countries, have a happy thanksgiving then as well! Larry out!

How to Play & Beat Card-Jitsu Fire on Club Penguin!

Welcome Ninja to a new Adventure! Card-Jitsu Fire!

On this new Adventure,you will become a Fire Ninja by beating the Element of Fire & The Sensei. But First,you will need to accomplish some works.

How to go on the Fire Dojo

– Be a Black Belt & Mask Ninja,Beat other ninjas by playing Card Jitsu and Beat the Sensei to earn your Mask.

-Be a Member, Only they can access the Fire Dojo

-The Entrance to the Fire Dojo is Located on the Ninjas Room,which you can access at the Dojo Courtyard.









How to Play Card-Jitsu Fire

 Card-Jitsu Fire is a Game where you will Compete against one,two or three Ninjas! On this Game, Each Player is given 6 Energy Points to start. To win,you mustn’t get to Zero Energy points. The Game ends when all players except one went to Zero Energy points,or Quit.

You will be given another Set of Card to play Card-Jitsu Fire.

Here’s a detailed overview of the Game.









1. Your Energy Points,you start with 6. You loose once they go to Zero. You can win points by winning a Card Jitsu Battle (4)

2. Your cards. You will have 6 cards,everytime you use one of them,you get another one to replace the one you used.

3. The Moving Numbers,they will be upside down,you will choose one,you will get a random number from 1-6. If you get five,you can move Five blocks left or Right.

4. The card jitsu mode block,you can choose a player,or be chosen. You will play normal Card Jitsu,just 1 round. Winner gets 1 Energy point,Looser is taken away 1 Energy Point.

5. The Snow block (Also Selected by getting number 5). If you choose this block,all players will choose a Snow Card. The one who got the highest number stays with their energy points. The other Ninjas loose 1 Point.

6. The Water Block. If you choose this block,all players will choose a Water Card. The one who got the highest number stays with their energy points. The other Ninjas loose 1 Point.

7. The Fire Block. If you choose this block,all players will choose a Fire Card. The one who got the highest number stays with their energy points. The other Ninjas loose 1 Point.

8. The Free Element Choice Block. You can choose between Fire,Snow or Water to be played. The System is the same as the Element Blocks.

9. The Time. Each player has 20 seconds on a Countdown right next to their Playercard. Once the count goes to Zero,you will be Auto Selected a Move.

 How to Earn your Fire Suit

Along this Ninja Journey,you will Earn a Fire Suit. The System is just like the belts. First you earn your Boots,then the Suit,and at last,the Helmet. You earn this by playing with other Ninjas and Winning. It gets harder every  different part of the Suit. 1st Place is more points to next Item,4th place is less.








Getting your Fire Gem

After you earned your Suit,you will need to Earn your Fire Gem. To get it,you Must Defeat the Sensei on Card-Jitsu fire. Then,and Only then,you will have mastered The Element of Fire and earned the Title of Fire Ninja.


ACP Saves Christmas- The Movie

Hey ACP. It’s me Divo. You all remember the first ACP, movie right? Well Speeder and I have decided to bring it back! We are going to make a special one called ACP SAVES CHRISTMAS! That’s right ACP saves Christmas. This one will be less complicated and easier to do than the first one. There will be no auditions for this. I would like to ask if you have an kind of webcams, please comment and you may be camera man. Sonic I know YOU have webcams so can you help film it, (Don’t worry you can still have a part.. Lol). So I hope you all help us and will bring some fun to your Holidays (I see what I can do for people who celebrate Hanukkah). We hope you help and save the joy of Christmas.

-Divotoo, ACP Saves Christmas Producer

Divo’s Edit: Matre, I’ma get you for posting Card Jitsu Fire over this. (dhat)

How Not to Be a Noob For Dummies 2: How to Be a Good Soldier for Smarties

Dryvit: Wow great post Doc, Thank you

Boomer: Really good list, nice job!

The sequel is the same issue from a different viewpoint! This is positive rather than negative. Thank you, Boomer, for pointing this out.

Tip 1 – Only fight enemies if war is declared!

Pay attention to who we’re at war with. Don’t fight allies, and remind your fellow soldiers of this rule as well, even if some rogue noobs from another army fire upon you.

Tip 2 – Be patriotic and loyal!

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to defend every decision that every ACP soldier makes, but you need to be proud to be an ACP soldier! Always stand by ACP, even in tough times.

Tip 3 – Work well and play nice with others!

If you have a disagreement with someone, don’t let it distract you from your ACP business. We need to all get along to work together.

Tip 4 – Always be active and aware!

You always need to know what’s going on. I can’t stress this one enough. Check the site regularly and go on chat as much as possible.

Tip 5 – Work hard!

This one is a given. You’ll never get a promotion if you do nothing. Work hard and give it your all!

Rock on!

-!<~Dr Nono Jr~>!-


Meadow’s and my party last night was AWESOME!  We had close to 20 people from 4 major armies at the igloo party, and the chat was HUGE!  Here are the pics I took 😀

At the beginning we were on the couch 😛

It was great how both ACP and the Nachos came together for a night of fun 😀

Congrats to us :mrgreen:

Party it up 8)

We were the 7th largest chat on Xat! 😀

From both Meadow and me, thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate!  It was a lot of fun 😀


A Helping Hand

Larry: Great post boomer! It’s about time they get recognition!

Nono recently made a post titled “How to Not Be a N00b for Dummies”.  It had some good points, but it reminded me of a critical flaw in all armies, not just ACP.  The post explained everything a new recruit should not do, but didn’t really explain what they should do.  As an army, we need to reach out to the new recruits and help them get used to the army experience, not criticize their naivete.

What most armies fail to realize, is that after the leader, the recruits are the most important members of the army.  Recruits do about 3/4 of the work and get close to none of the credit.  If you went on Club Penguin after school someday, you would see a group of them on Club Penguin patrolling or recruiting for ACP.  Recruits have more motivation to work hard than anyone else, because with time comes laziness and an undeserved sense of accomplishment for higher ranking soldiers.  I recognized this when I was leader the last time, and I built an army around these recruits, using their work ethic to feed the progress of the army to levels no one had ever seen.

We as an army community have turned our backs on these oft-forgotten warriors.  We were all n00bs once.  Many of our greatest soldiers may not be where they are today if it weren’t for a few kind soldiers who showed them the way.  That is what I look for in a soldier.  Not just someone who works hard when everyone is watching, but someone who works hard when no one is watching.  That is the mentality of the recruit, which I am trying to instill in you today.  To devote everything you have to this army even when it does not benefit you.  Because lending a helping hand to a new recruit will do wonders for them, as well as for this army.

So I am asking you, as the veterans of this army, that the next time a new recruit comes on chat asking where we are on Club Penguin, join them.  When they ask when the next war is, tell them.  Because they are not trying to bother you.  They have an unbridled desire to serve the Army of Club Penguin, and it is so vivaciously expressed that it may come off as annoying at times.  Instead of banning them, kicking them, or ridiculing them, send them a PC.  Explain where they can find our servers on the site, how to get the uniform, even take them on a patrol.  Take them under your wing and teach them what you know.  Because what they really need is a mentor, someone to show them the way.  We, the veterans of this army, have the knowledge to teach them, to guide them through life in the Army of Club Penguin.

Your assignment for the next few weeks is this.  When you see a new recruit on chat, I want you to talk to them.  Introduce yourself, and get to know who they are.  Tell them how great ACP is, explain how things work, and answer their questions.  Be a mentor to them, and for the next few weeks, show them how to be a soldier.  Leave a comment on this post if you agree, and once you have met someone you would like to watch over, leave a comment, tell me their name and what you talked to them about.  If all of our soldiers did this, ACP would be a better place for everyone.  A helping hand goes a long way.


Oagal: As a quick add-on, I’d like to remind you that the ACP was founded by “recruits.” If those first few soldiers hadn’t have been so eager to serve the newly founded ACP, none of this would be here. Sure, many of them left later on, but that just goes to show that even a short burst of dedication can go a long way. You were all recruits once, and look at where you are now. Imagine if every new soldier got just a fraction of the respect that we veterans receive–hell, the ACP could go farther than ever before.

ACP: We started as noobs, but the dedication our early recruits turned us into the behemoth of an army that we are today.

UMA: At its hight, Pink Mafia’s UMA was enormous, and had very few ranked soldiers; they were nearly unstoppable because of the fervor of their recruits.

Nachos: Grows ten-fold whenever the sombrero is in the catalog. Why? Recruits.

Boomer: Well put Oagal, it is very very true.

Thanksgiving Break (For Some)

Make sure you read the Divisions post HERE and sign up for a Division today!

Hey guys, I just wanted to say with many of us off for Thanksgiving Break the next few days, we should do our best to be even more active.  Unfortunately much of today and tomorrow is gone for me between helping my mom get ready for Thanksgiving and then the actual thing, so I am counting on all of you to be self-motivated, and do your best to get a group of soldiers on Club Penguin whenever you are on.  I feel like we are making great strides in that area, starting with our 3rd in Commands, who have been doing an excellent job!  Keep up the good work soldiers.  I’ll be on as much as I can.

About 70% of you are off, so we will hopefully schedule something for Friday!

Don’t forget, stay active!


How Not to Be a Noob for Dummies

Just thought I’d throw this out here since some new recruits are flowing in (good job recruiting and keep up the good work, guys!). This post is not meant to offend anybody; it’s meant to help you. If people on chat disrespect you and call you a noob, then you obviously need to change some behavior.

Tip 1 – Check the site!

Don’t ask “When’s the next war?” If a battle is happening soon, there will be a post about it.

Tip 2 – We’re centered on ACP Chat, not CP. We should be centered on Club Penguin, although we aren’t yet.

Don’t come on and ask “Where’s ACP on CP?” Chances are, we’re nowhere, unless there’s some sort of event occurring.

Boomer: Actually, I would prefer to see them saying, “Why aren’t we on Club Penguin?”, because as soon as someone asks that, we should all be on Club Penguin.  If we all had the motivation of a new recruit, ACP would be unstoppable, and that’s what everyone fails to realize.

Tip 3 – Pay attention to powers!

If someone doesn’t have NoPC, then you can PC them. You don’t have to say on chat “PC me!” and wait for them to send you a message. You can initiate the conversation.

Tip 4 – Don’t make bogus claims!

If your name is “OMGZILUVZPIE1239801” and you don’t know who Tom Yellow was, then you’re probably not an experienced ACP soldier that’s been here for years. Be honest.

Tip 5 – Don’t recruit on chat!

Don’t PC random people asking them to join your own army. It’s really irritating.

I hope this helps! If more tips come to me, I’ll write a sequel. Rock on!

-!<~Dr Nono Jr~>!-

Fox: Nono, I am going to have a shrine in my room to you from now on.