Christmas Movie Meeeting

Hey ACP its me speeder. Before we get started HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY! Ok so most of you know we remaking ACP movie, right? This one is less complicated and will take less time. Here are the characters, and costumes will be released tomorrow at the meeting. Rudolf, Reindeer 2, Reindeer 3, Reindeer 4. Santa, Survivor Elves, (x2), Aka, Boomer, Div, Dry, Nachos (x5), Nacho Snipers (x2), Nacho Bombers (x2), Newsman, Saint, Dragon, Paint, Kg, Kt.

Day: November 27, 2009

Time: 1:00 P.M. PST


Go there to sign up for a part. As the story is made, you will be gave longer scripts at these meetings.

-Divotoo, ACP Christmas Special Producer