Snow Maze,Sports Catalog & New Sleds Cheats

Hey ACP!

Cp made a lot of updates today,so lets get started!

Today There’s a New Maze to play! But first…a Free Item for all Penguins!

The blue pompom Toque is Located at the Mountain

And now…The Great Snow Maze

Club penguin added a Maze Map if you can’t make it,but,I recommend you do it on your own! It’s way to fun,and if you find more Penguins inside team up with them to find the Exit 😀

If you win and get to the end,you will find a Yeti Cave!

The Prize for winning The Great Maze is a Yeti Costume


The new Snow & Sports catalog is out! Here are the cheats:

Click on the Green Penguin outside the Ice rink for the Green Hockey Jersey

Click on the Lime Green Penguin outside the Ice rink for the Green Goalie Gear

Click on the word “Ice” for the White Pom-Poms

There are also 3 backgrounds that all penguins can buy!


There are new Sleds you can get at the Mountain!  You will able to use them when sled Racing!

Also if you checked the Ice Rink,It’s now back for Winter!

What’s your favourite Update today?