Snow Maze,Sports Catalog & New Sleds Cheats

Hey ACP!

Cp made a lot of updates today,so lets get started!

Today There’s a New Maze to play! But first…a Free Item for all Penguins!

The blue pompom Toque is Located at the Mountain

And now…The Great Snow Maze

Club penguin added a Maze Map if you can’t make it,but,I recommend you do it on your own! It’s way to fun,and if you find more Penguins inside team up with them to find the Exit 😀

If you win and get to the end,you will find a Yeti Cave!

The Prize for winning The Great Maze is a Yeti Costume


The new Snow & Sports catalog is out! Here are the cheats:

Click on the Green Penguin outside the Ice rink for the Green Hockey Jersey

Click on the Lime Green Penguin outside the Ice rink for the Green Goalie Gear

Click on the word “Ice” for the White Pom-Poms

There are also 3 backgrounds that all penguins can buy!


There are new Sleds you can get at the Mountain!  You will able to use them when sled Racing!

Also if you checked the Ice Rink,It’s now back for Winter!

What’s your favourite Update today?


26 Responses

  1. 1st 😎


  2. Okay this is creepy remember Rex5556 he is back this is his comment on the RPF site:
    Guys you may remember me. I am the guy that start you falling from the top armies 5 months ago. I retired for 5 months so everybody would forget about me. But now I am back and ready to help you. See armies hire me out they use me to spy on other armies. ACP and Nachos used me to take down you 5 months ago.

    I have lots of dirt on many armies. I retired so ACP and Nachos would forget about me, then Nachos and ACP double crossed me by disabling my site so I could not get my news about Nachos and ACP there Master Plan. I know you guys will not betray me so I thought I could work full tome for you guys P.s can you call me C.D.S. Got this is really weird guys we got to take him down

  3. Don’t forget the new Sleds 😉 I like the Maze!!!

    Matre: The new sleds are there…

  4. Ice rink 🙂

  5. There are too many updates to pick my favorite!!!!

  6. The sleds were out yesterday already on Sub Zero lol….

  7. Rex- what the heck? um… what chat was that on?

  8. Patchy99 Is back!!

  9. I think it was on some weird cp secret omega chat or somethin

  10. thx for the hlep but i got them all already

  11. 2 things 1 is that the prizes are HERBERT 2 is that im done the maze and won 🙂

  12. change the pic mrchips10

  13. Wow! Matre, you are doing so good with this job! Keep it up!

  14. hey guys i retired a few weeks ago so u can remove me from the ranks
    Retirment speech:

  15. =O Is it for non-members too?

  16. Today me and a few other members decided to attempt to get the old Dojo back. I sent this e-mail to CP:

    Dear Club Penguin,

    I have e-mailed you previously about this. I am the leader of a Club Penguin Group, called the Nachos. There are many Club Penguin players that ONLY play Club Penguin because of these groups (also known as Armies). These ‘groups’ have websites that they use to talk to their members and get members to join them. Just recently, you blocked the word ’search’ that is a huge problem for not only you, but us as groups. Because you blocked the word search, we can not get your players to our websites. The Club Penguin groups have THOUSANDS of members on your game. If you do not return the word search, you may possibly LOSE those members. That would be sad for not only you, but for us. We love getting together and having snowball fights, playing games, and just hanging out. Back in 2007, when you had the old Dojo and countries, we were SO happy. We would go on DAILY and have playful snowball fights. What I ask today, is if you can make some MAJOR changes. I ask if you can return the old Dojo. You do not have to remove Card Jitsu. If possible, you can make a room from the dojo to a Card Jitsu ROOM. We (as Club Penguin players) were DEVESTATED that you removed the old Dojo. Half of our members quit. We also ask that you return countries. The way our groups work, is each ‘owns’ a few servers. When you had countries, each group would split the countries. Each one would get a few servers from the countries. Some groups would form alliances and control whole countries. The countries and old Dojo was the best thing Club Penguin could ever have. All the members in the Club Penguin gangs want this change. We would also like a snowball fight SERVER. This server would have different terrain you could fight in. For instance, walls that you COULDN’T walk through, bunkers you could hide in ECT… The server would also have different versions of Snowballs (rapid fire, large missile, small precision shot). It would also have a feature that if you got hit, the server would ‘reset’ for you and you would have to re-join the ‘fight’…. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me back and ask. I feel that I speak for a lot of people.


    Videogamer57 and the Club Penguin Army Community

    I encourage you to edit this e-mail or make your own! WE CAN MAKE CP BETTER

  17. I made it through the maze on my second try! Great post Matre.

  18. Wow thanks for doing this, very thoughtful of you 😀


  20. oh and boomer yesterday (November 26th)i starte a recruiting session by telling everyone on chat. we recruited through multiple rooms on Snow Fort. the session was led be my (Rock71) and Corymigs2. when i checked the acp site afterward i saw that there were 4 new join page comments, one from a guy i remeber seeing during the recruitment and he said “ill join” . LittleGuy04 said that he has some pics and will email them to u.

  21. I loved the maze!!!!!

  22. Do i Know you Green duck?

  23. thanks but I already beat it its pretty easy and a snowball server would be cool but will (probally) always be full there should be a few!I am helping people beat the maze though

  24. umm i have no ider when this is this happing?
    we all need more info next time MUCH MORE o.k?

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