Its a tie!

HA! Anyway, read below vvv

Boomer: As soon as I saw you on chat I was like I’m not gonna have this very long xD
Shab: And the war begins………

Recruiting Session

Let me start by saying I may not be able to attend this one, so I’m counting on our upper ranks to carry it out at the appropriate time.  What would be even better is if we had some unscheduled events before this as well.  Remember that in the early days of armies, there were no scheduled events other than a true battle (as in a war), so the activeness of the army came from soldiers being on Club Penguin constantly without even being ordered to.  Anyway, here is the info, hope you can all make it:

When: Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Plaza [Other good rooms: Ski Village (many people because of the maze), Town (limited by space), Snow Forts, Dock]

Chat: ACP Chat


2:00 pm PST

3:00 pm MST

4:00 pm CST

5:00 pm EST

10:00 pm U.K.

Comment if you can make it, and remember to work in some unscheduled events like patrols with your fellow soldiers!


With this post, I have passed Oagalthorp for having the most posts in ACP history (296) 😀

Here’s the Top 5 for no apparent reason:

  1. Boomer 20 – 296
  2. Oagalthorp – 295
  3. Shaboomboom – 171
  4. Fort57 – 85
  5. Dryvit – 71