Recruiting Session

Let me start by saying I may not be able to attend this one, so I’m counting on our upper ranks to carry it out at the appropriate time.  What would be even better is if we had some unscheduled events before this as well.  Remember that in the early days of armies, there were no scheduled events other than a true battle (as in a war), so the activeness of the army came from soldiers being on Club Penguin constantly without even being ordered to.  Anyway, here is the info, hope you can all make it:

When: Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where: Snow Fort Plaza [Other good rooms: Ski Village (many people because of the maze), Town (limited by space), Snow Forts, Dock]

Chat: ACP Chat


2:00 pm PST

3:00 pm MST

4:00 pm CST

5:00 pm EST

10:00 pm U.K.

Comment if you can make it, and remember to work in some unscheduled events like patrols with your fellow soldiers!


With this post, I have passed Oagalthorp for having the most posts in ACP history (296) 😀

Here’s the Top 5 for no apparent reason:

  1. Boomer 20 – 296
  2. Oagalthorp – 295
  3. Shaboomboom – 171
  4. Fort57 – 85
  5. Dryvit – 71

40 Responses

  1. I probaly will make it! MOO(1st maybe?)

    -Brig.General Ninja Shodow

  2. moo. Coolio

  3. CONGRATZ boomer 😎 and i might be able to make it!


    The fact of the matter is, will I remember?


  5. its to late for me nvm 😦

  6. I don’t think I can make it but I might be there at the end. I’m not sure.

  7. well bad news, cp filtered search!

  8. I will be there towards the end, hopefully!

  9. Nice. I’ll be there if I’m not watching Fantastic Mr. Fox D:

  10. I’ll probably be there only for a little while

  11. I will report for duty!!

  12. my retirment, please post it. I retired a month ago and hardly anyone knew that i did xD

  13. I can probably make it.

  14. I’ll be there! Ive been so bored today.

  15. i can make it!

  16. im coming


  17. I might be there for half the time. And I ran a patrol and recruiting groupe I looked on the join page and I got 9 people to join ACP. :O

  18. i should be there. i need to finish writing a paper before then, though, but i have almost an hour and a half to do that. cya then, and congrats to boomer!

  19. i can make it

  20. I can make it

  21. i might be able to come 😉

  22. Hi, this is Btime6, retiring The Army of Club Penguin. This is my retiring comment. First, by saying why I am retiring is because people have called me a noob, and also a f****t. This recruiting session is my last, and I am not going to be joining a different army. Besides, you don’t get coins, or anything out of it, but maybe new friends, who always turn out to be bad friends. I will say to myself, how do I make this battle? Sometimes I think Boomer will demote me. I thank Oagalthorp for creating this army, Saint for being the first girl leader, and Dryvit Babs, who helped my buddy out by making him my rank. Goodbye, fellow soldiers.

  23. I can make it. There better be no more n00bs!!!!!
    -Waldo Frost

  24. can make it

  25. I’m there. xD

  26. ninja rebels are creating a alliance againts you guys i just saw their site

  27. I made it!!! 😉 YAY!

  28. Club Penguin doesn’t let the word search show anymore! It is going to be hard for you to recruit.

    Qjx2b -Retired-

  29. sorry i didnt come, i wasnt home.

  30. i couldnt make it

  31. I made it.

  32. i cant

  33. i will try

  34. i was there

  35. nope 2 late

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