ACP Interviews, With Larry Guy

Hey ACP! It’s about time we start some sort of news programs here. So I will now be doing atleast one interview a week, with special soldiers, and ther special stories. To start off my segments, I have Dragon720, or how me and many of you know her, Draggy. Draggy has just announced today that she is leaving chat for good. The retired soldier of two month wanted to do this interview first to share her thoughts on ACP as she leaves for good. Here it is… DRAGGY UNCUT AND UNCENSORED:

L: How did ACP change your life?

D: Acp changed my life completely

L: How so?

D: I met a new world, new people.

L: Why did u retire?

D: When they overthrew meat, they overthrew  the rest of the leaders.

L: How did that make u feel?
D: I felt bad, being leader was my second biggest achievement, plus I wanted to help ACP.

L: Who has influenced your life the most here?
D: Interesting question, first off Nessa, I got mad because there was an invasion and no one believed me, then I was banned for being “rude”. She helped calm me down and unbanned me. I will never forget that.

L :Who else?

D: Dry was a good owner and kind to me, and listened. Kevin was leader at the time and was very organized and friendly.

L: How did it feel to be one of ACP’s few female leaders?

D: Being leader was always one of my goals in ACP. Not for the rank, but so that I could help it.

L: How did it feel being demoted?

D: Well first of all, I was mad at meat because he didn’t control the situation. I also got a little mad at eric and the other leaders. I didn’t have to opportunity to defend myself.

L: Speaking of Eric/boomer, do you have anything special you want to say to him?
D: I think he’s a good friend, and think he’s very sweet.

L: Any final words?
D: Well, I would like to thank these people in ACP for standing beside me, for understanding me,   for taking care of me, and for trusting me. Here in ACP, I made the friends  I never made in real, and I feel happy because of them.

L: Draggy you will always have a special place in my heart. You truly are an ACP LEGEND.

D: Thank you Larry, Good luck in the future guys!

Ladies and gentlemen, the great Draggy!

I hope you enjoyed this interview. This is just one of many that is to come. If you feel that you should be interviewed or have a good story, please email me at Thanks, and until then Larry out!

Promotion Day

Here are the promotions for the month of November.  I can guarantee you I missed people, so if you think you deserved a promotion and did not get one, you can leave a comment with:

1. Your CP Name (The one on the Ranks)

2. Your Current Rank

3. Why you think you deserve a promotion

Without further ado, here are the promotions:

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