As it turns out, Pink was actually Mpenguin123, another ex-UMA Leader.  I made a comment to Shab that Pink’s grammar was as bad as Mp’s and Shab was ALL OVER IT.

I guess all it takes is a little bit of pressure to force the truth out xP

ACP and the Nachos have both pulled out of the war as well.

Ownage by Shab!


The Pink Mafias-Watex Story

As man of you know, “Pink Mafias” and Watex has returned. I am planning to tell a story about it, explaining how this could be true and fake. First off, I’ll edit Pink’s post with correct spelling and grammar. Corrections are in bold. This could help us find out if it’s really him, considering he’s suppose to be in 9th + grade. CORRECTIONS IN BOLD!

Hey guys its Pink here, and yes its true im actually back. I am going to try to make UMA back to its golden age. But before we can do that I say we invade RPF’s most beloved server…. Walrus. Now most of you are probably saying why is he invading RPF if they’re dead? Well to tell you the truth RPF attacked UMA everyday for almostmonths until we were forced to make a peace treaty. So lets just say this is for ruining my name and ruining my army. Hmm what do you guys think I should do with Walrus? Oh! I got an idea! I think I’m gonna build my palace there. What do you guys think of this?

Boomer: Wow, a 10 year old just schooled a 15 year old in grammar xD  And Thom you gotta be the smartest 10 year old I know 😛

If you want to see the post Pink made, click the following link:

Next, Watex. To be honest w/ you, I think Watex is real. He has remade the cheats, and he is really acting like Watex. I believe “Pink Mafias” might’ve been trying to return when Watex does. I do not know much about this Watex convo, though.



WATEX IS: Probably Real


Let it Be Known


I would like to make it known, if any armies help UMA invade Walrus (that includes the Nachos), ACP will enter the war on the side of RPF .  You should not need a major army to fight an one that is just trying to rebuild.  I’m kind of disappointed the Nachos would support that kind of thing to begin with considering we just helped them rebuild their own army…

Mark this down, if it’s not called off, we will be defending Walrus.  We already share two servers with RPF, and I don’t want a war on our territory.  Pink says he’s not a bad guy anymore, but anyone who declares a war on an army just barely hanging on does not look very favorable in my book.  Pink said he wanted a war anyway, as does everyone else, and UMA’s behavior thus far under Pink’s leadership seems like the best reason we have had in a while…

When: Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where: Walrus Snow Forts

Armies: ACP vs. UMA

Chat: ACP Chat


4:00 pm PST

5:00 pm MST

6:00 pm CST

7:00 pm EST

12:00 am U.K.

Comment if you can make it.  I personally hope for once an actual war happens…


hmm what do u guys think i should do with walrus? oh! i got an idea! i think im gona build my palace their.

~Pink Mafias